Teen Music Friday Night at the Barns of Rose Hill

The Barns of Rose Hill is staging a teen coffee house event on Friday. The event will feature live music, dancing and refreshments for Clarke County’s young citizens in an effort by the County’s new arts center to offer something for everyone.

“Part of the mission at the Barns is to ‘create a space to celebrate life, the arts, and our culture and to offer enhancement of the quality of life to our community’” said Barns volunteer Amy Barley.  “As you can see, offering a Teen Coffee House showcasing the talent of our local youth is perfect for the Barns and our community! Coffee houses have not been held at the high school in recent years, so we hope to provide this opportunity for the current students. Mostly we want to make young people in the community feel like the Barns is “their” place.”

Khalil Nasar (l) and Zach Bartosiewicz are Mevlana - Photo Edward Leonard

Barley said that music lovers throughout the community have joined forces to make the event possible.

“The performers are signing up at the high school. Dr. Keebaugh was kind enough to let me introduce the idea to one of his classes, and to leave a sign-up sheet in his room,” Barley said. “Also Todd McDonald, a favorite local music teacher, is assisting with the sign-up. We will meet this week to determine the order of musicians (and magicians!), based on past experience, music style and instrument played.”

The Friday gathering is the summer’s only planned coffee house although additional music events are being contemplated by the Barns.

“With the summer coming on and people traveling, it seems best to wait until school is in session again,” said Barley. “If there is interest – and I think there will be – I’d like to produce one in the fall and again next spring.”

Barley said that she came up with the coffee house idea at a Barns program committee meeting last fall. After combing the calendar, June 8th seemed like the perfect weekend to stage the get-together.

“It seems to me to be a wonderful way to get many young people in the facility, both on stage and in the audience, Barley said. “It will be terrific to share our great sound system with these performers. We will have two professional sound techs to make the show run as smoothly as possible.”

Barley said that several of the performers planned for Friday night’s event also performed at the Barns of Rose Hill’s grand opening last August.

“We are excited to bring back the band Mevlana and their original music compositions. Susan Kennedy will sing and play guitar. She has a lovely voice and is popular in the area. We are lucky to have Breanna Leach play piano. She is a tremendous talent. Taylor MacIntosh’s band Out of Forever (they are reported to be very good and very loud) will be the final act of the night,” Barley said. “I don’t like to list particular acts, though, because we are thrilled to have all the performers on our stage!”

Friday’s music night is open to anyone. Given the list of talented performers, Barley expects a full house.

“Anyone can attend, but if it gets really crowded, students take priority as an audience,” Barley said. “I would love for it to be all kids. Of course parents are certainly invited to see their children perform.”

Barley said that the event will also include adult supervision to help channel youthful energy.

“The ongoing music will keep the students entertained. The kids are there to be a supportive audience,” Barley said. “I have many years of experience as a teacher, and will have several other parents there to help make any needed reminders. I am confident the scene will be enjoyable for all.”

Barley said that it’s not too late to perform at Friday’s coffee house music night. If you are interested in performing or being an adult volunteer, please contact Amy Barley at amy.barley@mac.com by Wednesday June 6th.

“The coffee house event is free for students, but, as always, we will greatly appreciate any donations from adults,” Barley said. “Kids should bring some money to buy sodas, juice and water.”


  1. ProArte says:

    Wonderful programming idea! Hope all goes well.