Thank You to “The Curve”

 HSCBA Treasurer Jim Wink presents check to Blue Ridge VFD Treasurer Mike Sprenger with members from both groups present.

This summer, the Horseshoe Curve Benevolent Association of Pine Grove held their annual fund-raiser for Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company. This was the 20th consecutive year that they have worked hard to raise money for the fire & rescue company.  They do this through auctions, raffles, food sales, and special auctions of items donated by members of our community. This year they raised $6,180.30.

The total over the 20 years of their effort is an amazing amount of $167,026 dollars! The money earned by “The Curve” has a direct and positive impact on our county. Due to their efforts, Blue Ridge Vol. Fire & Rescue has been able to purchase many things which help maintain efficient operations.

Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue expresses our utmost gratitude to “The Curve” for all they have done for our community. Truly, they are an example of our motto: Neighbor Helping Neighbor.


The Members


  1. Sargewillis says:

    Way to go Tracie, Jim and the volunteers behind the HSCBA, a shining example of community and civic responsibility and thoughtfulness.

  2. Sage of the mountain says:

    Great job guys.

  3. Tammy Lanham says:

    Thanks to Jim and Tracie, members of the HSCBA and neighbors who support the Blue Ridge Fire and Rescue Company every year. Hard to believe it’s been over 20 years of dinners, auctions and fire truck rides here on the mountain- kids have grown and time has flown.

    When we first moved into Pine Grove (and Mayor Louise came by to collect for the “stoplight fund”) Dave and I were sure to contribute to the community however we could. And then last December our volunteer emergency crews saved Dave’s life.

    With God’s help and timing, members of the Blue Ridge Department responded to our son Eli’s brave call…Louise’s vigilance with her scanner (along with our neighbor Jacob’s experience and quick response from Mount Weather) meant the difference between life and death.

    We have indeed realized the full meaning of neighbors helping neighbors.

    Remember to support ALL of our rescue personnel in Clarke County. Every little bit helps! Our local fundraising organizations are amazing, but public concern should also be focused on the budget needs of the police and fire services in all of Clarke County (and across the nation for that matter.) Some things we should not take for granted.

  4. That is a lot of money. I love Clarke County.