The Berryville Big Dig – Ground Breaking Ceremony For New Clarke County High School

It’s finally happening! Clarke County will gather together to celebrate the ground breaking for the new Clarke County High School on July 24, 2010.   CCPS has planned a slew of activities and treats around this historic event. We encourage everyone in Clarke County to attend and bring a shovel to show their support and enthusiasm for this milestone. The following are some highlights concerning the actual ceremony.

When: Saturday, July 24, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM for the official start of the ceremony.

Location: Across from D. J. Cooley Elementary School in the field where the construction will start.

Parking: D. J. Cooley Elementary and the current high school – handicapped attendees will be accommodated.

  1. The first 250 attendees will receive a FREE commemorative tee-shirt!
  2. SODEXO is providing 500 individually wrapped cookies
  3. Schwan’s is providing ice cream for attendees.
  4. Over 500 bottles of water will be available for everyone (Courtesy of COSTCO and others).
  5. The ceremony should last about 30 minutes.
  6. There will be a Clarke County High School mascot and the cheerleaders and all clubs and athletic teams will be in attendance.
  7. The SCA will be providing balloons.
  8. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own shovels to help start the digging.

SPECIAL NOTE: Former Mayor, Rick Sponseller, will judge for the best adult and child’s decorated shovels.   Get busy and decorate your shovels and bring them out for the Big Dig in Berryville.     Prizes await the winners.


  1. Right Winger says:

    Strike up the band!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  2. Travis Goodwin says:

    And…even if it rains…I’m moving some dirt on Saturday!

  3. More wasted tax dollars!

    • WAKE UP [redacted]! what tax dollar is wasted on donated items, or items purchased with fund raising money? even the shovels are BYOS, Oh I guess the simple fact that we are building a much needed, long overdue school in this county. I would like to know your idea of a well spent tax dollar.

      • Dave, perhaps YOU need to wake up. There is no need for this hubbub at this point in the game. This should have been done years ago. Time is money, and every hour this thing is delayed it’s costing me and the taxpayers of this county more. Perhaps you are a newcomer, from Loudoun, where the citizens are already taxed to death, but have not a clue. Not here buddy.
        It is overdue, WAY OVERDUE. Stop the playing and dig the friggin hole!

        The way I read it is the only thing donated is the water, courtesy of Costco. Provided by does not mean donated. So who’s the [redacted]? You are!

        • Point is Jim this very ceremony is costing us nothing as taxpayers, evrything is donated including the time of those who attend. I agree that the longer we wait the more it costs. And by the way I am not a (newcomer) nor do I discriminate against those who are, I welcome all new taxpaying citizens. So let’s not get too excited over a little hubbub that has been thrown together on a shoestring budget and a few volunters!

          • Dave, by the time the school is built, how many trailer classrooms will be in the back?
            I don’t descriminate, just pointing out your unconcern about TIME equaling $MONEY$
            Every day the school is not built is costing us money. You obviously have no real grasp on the “business” of government

          • Lonnie Bishop says:

            And you clearly have no clue as to when you should just stop wasting pixels on here. The bids are lower than the amount of money, both on-hand and promised by the BoS, to get it right. Currently, there are less than 800 students enrolled, and recent enrollment has shown a slight decrease. Thus, the new school should be able to accommodate these kids without those lovely “learning cottages.”

            That said, if the plan can be expanded to go ahead and build classroom space for 1000 students now, then there will be room to expand for several years and thus push back the need for the trailers.

            So…give your vitriol a rest.

          • [redacted] I would say it’s too small, and in 5 years after a housing recovery, and more sub-d’s added in Berryville, and hundreds of families move to Berryville to be in “the country” enrollment will in fact be up, because it never goes down permanently, no matter what town you’re talking about.

            Do you have kids that will be going to this school? I do.

          • Lonnie Bishop says:

            That’s a lot of uncertainty to base a rant on. Right now, enrollment is around 760. IF the new school is built out from the start with a capacity of 1,000 students, then that’s 240 students (roughly half of J-WMS’ current population) that can be absorbed before space becomes critical.

            Give ’em a chance to get it right, Jim. If they built it for 1,200, folks would lambast ’em for wasting money on unnecessary space.

          • Okay, that makes sense. I’m on board with that. I’ve read horror stories about these things and just don’t want to see this communty burned.

          • Travis Goodwin says:

            Where will these “sub-d’s” be built, Jim? Battlefield Estates has a few places left – but the new CCHS site wiped out over 70 lots. The Hermitage has a few places, but if you look at how many already-built homes are on the market, it doesn’t seemt o be rebounding any time soon. There are places wihtin the limits that could be built out, but that is so uncertain at the moment.

            For sure there won’t be anything north of Rt. 7, as there is no plan to extend water/sewer out there, so that eliminates those parcels for the foreseeable future.

            So, drink so decaf, and don’t be so negative.

          • I am now thinking posititve about the whole thing and will be there with my shovel.

  4. Ivan Lambert says:

    Grew up in Berryville, attended many a CCHS Eagles Football Game, Basketball Game, and Tennis Matches. Went away to college and lived there only a few summers, last time was summer of 84.

    Can you guys tell me when the new HS behind DG Cooley was built?
    That HS was built to serve how many CCHS students?
    Secondly, can you tell me why this newest CCHS is being built?
    Is there a number that is stated that the future CCHS will serve?

    Thanks Guys

    • Lonnie Bishop says:

      Well…I would imagine there are a few articles archived on this site, under “News” or “Education,” that could answer those questions. LOL!

      But…the short of it is this:
      1.) Current CCHS opened in 1987, with a capacity of 425 students. It opened with
      near 500 in it.
      2.) The new CCHS is necessary because the current CCHS enrolls over 750 students,
      in a school designed for 425.
      3.) The new CCHS will be designed for 800 (as far as initial classrooms go), 1000
      in the common areas (cafeteria, gym). The new auditorium will seat about 680
      or so. There are plans to add additional classrooms to accommodate 1000