The Clarke Weekender – July 22, 2011

With a heat advisory posted and at least two more days of oppressive heat in the forecast the weekend looks like it’s shaping up to be an exercise in staying cool. The hardcore re-enactors are fighting the good fight over in Manassas but temperatures have risen so high it stopped the Civil War. The Park Service has cancelled outdoor activities from 2:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. on Friday.   As for the rest of us this looks like a good weekend to catch up on shopping and movies. So once you get your outdoor chores done in the morning here are some suggestions for beating the heat this weekend.

Friday evening as the sun goes down and the temperatures become more tolerable, head to the pavilion at Rose Hill Park in downtown Berryville for another installment of Music in the Park.   Bring a blanket, a friend, a cooler and your dancing shoes.   You won’t need money – the shows are free!   Music starts at 6:30pm. This week enjoy the music of Matt Szechenyi and Cornelius Conway.

Saturday morning the Clarke County Farmer’s Market opens at 8:00AM sharp so stop by early and get the best pickings. Peaches are in season and tomatoes are busting out everywhere so cruise by the municipal parking lot and get something good, but do it early. The Excessive Heat Warning has been extended into Saturday starting at 10:00 A.M. Officials are warning residents to take precautionary measures to beat the heat like: stay in air-conditioned rooms, drink plenty of fluids, and replace salt and minerals. How about a movie? You can knock out the AC, fluids, and salt in one fell swoop with an outing to the local cineplex. But what to see…

If you haven’t caught the last installment of Harry Potter, you should check it out. It’s breaking box office records left and right but has been out long enough that the crowds have abated. For fans of the book series it’s a must see but even for the casual observer the end of the epic series is well worth the price of admission.

Also out this weekend is Hollywood’s latest installment of comic book to screen hero Captain America. Early reviews are positive and the film is positioned as the beginning of an Avengers franchise. It looks like it merits some attention.

So whatever you choose to do, be safe and stay cool. The heat advisory remains in effect for Saturday but the heat wave looks like it may begin to dissipate on Sunday.


  1. Correction. There was no music in the park last night, and no announcement that it was cancelled. Just spectators sitting, waiting, waiting, waiting………..

    CDN: We were informed Saturday that the event was rained out by the thunderstorms.

  2. Tammy Lanham says:

    We saw “Captain America” in the new theatre in Leesburg (behind Wegman’s off of Rt. 7)- fantastic lobby- nice seating – pretty good movie too!! (and cooooooooool……)

    Next up: Wednesday’s Concert in Berryville

    Then the PAGEANT OF STEAM!!!! Always fun no matter how hot it gets! (the hot bean soup is always a winner— believe it… or not!!)