The Cyclists Are Coming, The Cyclists Are Coming!

The Potomac Pedalers will be holding their annual fund raising cycling event in Clarke and Jefferson Counties on Sunday, 23 September. Approximately 2,000 cyclists from as far away as New York will be riding the bucolic roads of the counties. While most will do a full century of 100 miles, others will ride half the course for a half century, 65 miles for a metric century (100 kilometers), or 25 miles for a quarter century. The rides start and end at the old Clarke County High School and traverse north to Middleway, WV and south to Rockland past Burwell Mill and White Post.

Like any special event, this one does not come without some downsides. Traffic will be a challenge the day of the ride. The Club has done its best to stress safety, the rules of the road, and Virginia law to the participants along with splitting the rides up between northern and southern routes. The northern route should be clear by 1 PM but the southern route will have cyclists all day long. We ask you to be patient with the abnormal road congestion and think of the positives. The Club is purchasing most of its supplies locally and our presences helps the High School Band Boosters and a number of churches in the area.

For those wanting to see how the rides will affect your travels, maps of the routes with cumulative mileages area available at Or just plan on taking a bit longer to get where you are going and enjoy the beautiful weather and countryside. As in the movie of which the title of this article is a paraphrase, the two groups once they take the time to get to know each other, will find that we have more in common than not.


  1. Looking forward to this event. As I have stated before this area is a cycling paradise. That is why so many travel so far to ride here. I hope that other Clarke County and Berryville residents will be joining me as we ride through our area.

  2. How does this event help local churches? If there are ministry opportunities that I am unaware of, I would like to know. Thanks.

  3. I have the pleasure of having bicyclist riding past my home every weekend weather permitting because of our beautiful country roads. Nice to see people enjoying what we residents sometimes take for granted. If you ever have ridden a bicycle in a congested built up area then you know what a pain it is and dangerous also.