The Pig Is On The Move

Spring is busting out all over Clarke County and the iconic pig figurine that adorns the front lawn of Mr B’s is just about ready to migrate north. On April 7th, Mike Brown (aka Mr. B) will set up shop in a new location seven miles north on 340, just outside the town limits of Berryville.

Mike Brown has operated his unassuming restaurant in White Post for the past 19 years. The smoky scent of pit barbecue has coaxed drivers off of 340 for almost two decades as they stop for a sample of Mr B’s addictive art.   His succulent barbecue ribs have garnered praise from locals and travelers alike with accolades coming from as far away as New York and North Carolina.

His White Post location bears a closer resemblance to an abandoned gas station than a restaurant, but looks are deceiving. Inside that humble storefront Mr B works his magic delivering time honored southern classics culled from decades of experience. Mike Brown launched his barbecue career in Clarke County in 1985 opening his first restaurant on Route 50. After a few years at that location Mr. B moved his operation to White Post and found a home. “We made a lot of friends here in White Post,” Mike said.

But after a 19 year respite the time has come once again to change locations. His building in White Post has been for sale for almost three years and this spring it was finally sold. Mr B’s would need to find a new home.

Mr B's new location at Pigeon Hill - Photo Mike Dowling

Mike Brown seized the opportunity and has used it to expand his operation into a sit-down restaurant located on the out skirts of Berryville. The move will take him approximately 7 miles from his current location to a new facility next to the train tracks in the area locals refer to as Pigeon Hill. The building is larger and will have seating for 18. Plus, with better proximity to the population of Berryville, his catering business will be more accessible for carryout and for events.

While the physical location will be changing, Mr B was quick to point out that the essentials will remain the same. “We’re going to have the same great food and same great atmosphere, but there will be few new things added to the menu.” New additions include a Maryland crabcake sandwich made fresh in-house, and hot wings prepared by Chef/Manager Larry Doleman using his own special recipe.

The new restaurant will be opening at 6967 Lord Fairfax Highway. Mr B said, “Everything is going along as planned,” which includes closing in White Post on the April 4th and reopening at Pigeon Hill on April 7th. Moving a business is never easy but this upgrade will provide Mr B with an opportunity to grow. However, after 19 years Mr B said leaving White Post was not an easy decision. “We’re going to miss the folks here in White Post and we hope they will make the trip seven miles down the road to see us.”

Mr B laughed and added, “We’ll have smoke flying at the new place on the 7th.”


  1. Looking forward to the move! Great food, generous portions, reasonable price. Nice to hear they will have seating.

  2. hoopsfan says:


  3. My 2 Cents says:

    Wow, who approved that from Berryville? I guess since it looks more like a house rather than a traditional business, it got the go ahead! Love their food and hope that it does well in that location!! Good luck…

  4. YIPPEE!!

  5. livein22611 says:

    Yea! Now that it’s closer to Berryville I can enjoy some great BBQ more often. Glad there will be some seating too.

  6. River Watcher says:

    Welcome to Berryville!

    Thank you for bringing real BBQ to Berryville!

    Good luck.

  7. Dog Lover says:

    Love their food. Glad they are moving in little closer. I am sure they will do well in this location!

  8. mighty posts says:

    White Post won’t be the same. Best of luck, but know you’ll be dearly missed.

  9. in reference to … “Thank you for bringing real BBQ to Berryville!”

    Berryville already has real BBQ—try the farmer’s market on Saturday morning in a few weeks, but great that they’ll be a second and year-round place!