Three Eagles Make Bull Run All District Teams

Congratulations to Ethan Emmart, Davey Hardesty & Sydney Chrane!

2012 Bull Run District All-District Basketball Teams


1st Team All-District

Noel Obusan-POY                   12             George Mason

Nate Ogle                                  12             George Mason

Travis Warren                          12             Madison Co.

Ethan Emmart                          12             Clarke Co.

Markel Williams                      11             William Monroe

2nd Team All-District

Philippe Griffiths                      12             George Mason

Jonathan Kloosterman          10             Strasburg

David Hardesty                        11             Clarke Co.

Travis Cooper                           10             Central

Gary Morris                               11             William Monroe


Player of the Year:  Noel Obusan- George Mason

Coach of the Year: Chris Capannola- George Mason




1st Team All-District

Stephanie Cheney-POY        11             George Mason

Lauren Kane                              12             George Mason

Alex Cave                                   12             William Monroe

Katelyn Poston                         10             Central

Brenna Cook                             10             Central

2nd Team All-District

Chandler Gentry                      10             Madison Co.

Sydney Crane                           9                Clarke Co.

Leah Roth                                   12             George Mason

Alexa Smith                               12             William Monroe

Katie Ayers                                12             Strasburg


Player of the Year: Stephanie Cheney- George Mason

Coach of the Year: LaBryan Thomas- George Mason



  1. Congrats to the Eagles….. proud of em all

  2. Tony Parrott says:

    Congrats to all the kids on a great season.
    Special shot out to Sydney; the only freshmen!

    • Tony Parrott says:

      Well, shot is appropriate considering its basketball but I meant to say “shout out”.
      I seem to have a problem between my chair and keyboard sometimes.