Top five things to do on a snowy day (or three of them)

Chances are everyone will have lots of time in the house over the next few days so I thought I would take this opportunity to give you some ideas to pass the time and have fun with family and friends. So put down the game controllers and enjoy some old school fun.

Number 5 – Board Games
1226904_parcheesiThat’s “Board Games” not “Bored Games.” Everyone has at least one old game stuffed in a closet around the house. Under normal circumstances these can seem like a chore to pull out and play, but add them to a day when everyone is housebound and you have a formula for fun.   Maybe it’s an old standard like Scrabble, or Battleship or something new like Apples to Apples. Whatever it is, these games are a great way to enjoy some time together.

Number 4 – Arts and Crafts
574982_camelJust mentioning this can send shivers down the spines of some parents, but with ample time on your hands it is a golden opportunity for creativity and honing everyone’s clean up skills. It can be as simple as coloring and drawing, or more elaborate like painting and sculpture. Use whatever you have available in the house. One of my favorites is origami. There are many websites and instructional videos on YouTube that provide step-by-step directions for simple creations as well as complex. Best of all, the only supplies you need are plain sheets of paper.

Number 3 – Movie Time
851310_dvd_casesIt’s a no brainer and everyone gravitates to this anyway but why not add some spin to it. Dig into the classics and share movies you love that family and friends have never seen. It may require (heaven forbid) digging out a VHS and finding a deck in the house but that just adds an element of scavenger hunting to it. Or if you have broadband use your NetFlix on demand account to find old standards that are undiscovered territory for other people in the house.

Number 2 – Read
1176512_few_books_3No I’m not kidding. All the things you wanted to read that you never have time to, now you have time. Try reading aloud. It’s fun and you can pass the book around and let everyone have a turn. It’s surprising how much kids, as well as adults, enjoy listening to a good book read aloud. Can’t find one in the house? Have no fear, a good book is only a mouse click away. You can read the full text version of thousands of books free online. I like The Online Books Page . It has a nearly endless collection and has great search tools to find something you will like.

Number 1 – GO OUTSIDE
1123183_snow_path_2This should be a storm of historic proportions. Bundle up and go for a walk, sleigh ride with the kids, or just stand outside and witness the wonderland. It may end up being a story you can tell everyone for years to come.

Other great ideas out there? Add your suggestions in the comments area below.


  1. Baking cookies, bread, homemade pizza, all things the kids can help with and everybody can enjoy!