Town Committee to Propose Tourist Oriented Directional Signage for Berryville

The Berryville Community Improvement Committee wants to spread awareness of the businesses and activities that the town has to offer passersby who might otherwise cruise right through Clarke county on Route 7. The committee met on October 26th to discuss signage options for key intersections to perhaps capture traffic from the busy artery that now bypasses the town.

Assistant Town Manager/Planner Christy Dunkle spearheaded the research effort into the signage options and brought the information to the committee for discussion. VDOT strictly enforces control over signage on Virginia roadways and for tourism and wayfinding signage uses Virginia Logos ( as a contractor for these installations. Christy Dunkle

TODS signage example on Route 7 in Loudoun

presented the different types of signage available through the program and consensus settled around “Tourist Oriented Directional Signs” or TODS. This level of signage provides roadway users with directional guidance to business, service, and activity facilities available to them during their travels along highways.

The sign will accommodate up to four panels and each entity displayed would be charged an annual fee of $450. There is also a $100 application fee for each installation. Maintenance and upkeep is provided as part of the annual fees. Businesses and institutions that are interested in the signage would have to meet specific requirements in order to qualify. Requirements for each category include:

Establishments eligible for Category I;

  • Shall be located within fifteen (15) miles of the intersection of a non-limited access state primary system highway where the initial TODS panel is to be located at the nearest primary intersection along the selected route.
  • Shall have the name of the business prominently displayed on the premises in such a manner that it is readily visible to motorists from the public highway on which the facility is located.
  • Shall be open a minimum of six (6) hours, five (5) days a week during at least a twelve (12) consecutive week period each year, except this requirement shall not apply to certain facilities such as arenas, auditoriums, civic centers, farmers markets, farm markets, wineries and flea markets.
  • Shall be in continuous operation at least six (6) hours a day, five (5) days a week during its normal season or the normal operating season for the type of business.
  • Shall be licensed and approved by the appropriate state and/or local agencies regulating the particular type of business or activity.

Establishments eligible for Category I;

  • Shall be located within three (3) miles of the intersection of a non-limited access state primary or secondary system highway where the initial TODS panel is to be located.
  • Shall meet the Specific Travel Services (LOGO) Signing Program – Category II criteria for their respective type of facility.
  • Agree to be bumped in accordance with the Bumping Policy for a Category II facility. and must meet individual requirements as follows;
  1. Gas stations must: – Be open 12 hours per day 7 days per week to qualify. Provide fuel, oil, tire repair service or information on available tire repair service in area. Provide compressed air for tire inflation and free water for battery and radiator. Provide free drinking water and cups. Provide free restroom facilities with appropriate lock, sink for washing, flush toilet, tissue and sanitary towels or drying devices.
  2. Restaurants must: Be open 6 hours per day 6 days per week; Display valid permit from the State Board of Health in accordance with Section 35.1-18 of the Code of Virginia. Shall have a menu available. Shall have and keep in place easily accessible indoor seating at tables or counters to comfortably seat a minimum of 20 adult people.
  3. Lodging must: operate continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days per week; Possess valid permit to operate by the State Board of Health in accordance with Section 35.1-18 of the Code of Virginia Provide a minimum of 4 lodging rooms with off street parking for each room.

This type of signage would work for many businesses in Berryville but some facilities would need to adjust to the requirements if they wish to participate. Town Manager Keith Dalton pointed out that some business may be willing to make changes to meet the requirements if they are made aware of them and said, “Anything that pulls traffic off of the road is good for us .”

The committee is preparing a presentation for the town council to have signs installed in two locations. This would make a total of 8 spaces available for eligible entities. It was not discussed how the spaces would be allocated if there were more business interested than there were available spaces.

Inter-Town Direction Signage

Committee member Jay Arnold also brought up the idea of directional signage within the town. Referencing “paddle” signs that have been installed in the City of Winchester. These signs would provide broad information at key intersections to make drivers aware of, food, shopping, or activities.

The findings and recommendations will be presented at the November 9th Town Council meeting.


  1. Leaving this one alone!

  2. Mr Mister says:

    Can the businesses hire someone to just spin the paddle signs along the roads? Like the home builders do. That would be more entertaining. And I’d fell better about my job.

  3. Kevin Lambert says:

    Oh my gosh! Wow!!!! Now this is funny! I think I will take my ball and go home on this one to!!! LOL

  4. Frank Smith says:

    Hmmmm, will the owner of the Berrville Service Station advertise that he is almost 40cents higher on gas than anyone in Berryville or Clarke County? Has anyone else seen this price gouger or is it just me?

    • Kevin Lambert says:

      Oh my gosh!!!!!!! Don’t get me started on this guy! This business is a mess! Cars parked everywhere and they aren’t even being repaired! Is this a junkyard in disguise?????? The original owner is probably sick to his stomach!!!

    • Naked Truth says:

      But it is your choice to buy from them. They are not the only gas station in town. Obviously someone supports them though. Totally gouge. I don’t go there.

      • Frank Smith says:

        So when Red Apple sells a gallon of gas for $2.35 and this guy sells it for $2.85, that is not gouging?????? Come on Naked Truth! You gotta be kidding me…. Trust me, I bet you aren’t lined up at his pumps… I never see anyone there. As a matter of fact, you can’t even get on the lot to purchase gas if you want to….. Cars were parked in the gas pump lanes just this past weekend….. Oh, you must be a mechanic that works there, I see…… Wow, people that defend this poor town are beyond me……. You want the best, yet when you criticize something, people look at you, like you are crazy! I agree with you, Mr. Lambert!

        • Whoa now Mr. Smith, Naked says there is gouging in the post above yours. Interesting thread though, I was just wondering the other day how on earth that eyesore is permitted by the town, out of date tags, filthy, etc…

        • He obviously knows he’s not competing with the Red Apple or the 7-11’s for business. He’s just offering it because it IS a gas station. I know he is smart enough to know how much he can charge for gas before he loses money, and so he meets that threshold. His obvious bread and butter is the actual service station and he does a great job. I don’t buy my gas there, but I do take my car for maintenance.

          It’s only gouging if you are forced to buy it.

          • Frank Smith says:

            Yours would’t happen to be one that has been sitting there for 2 yrs would it? That place is an embarrassment to the Town and I hope they do something about it! You cannot even see to get in and out of Walnut Street.


        • Frank, it’s the consumer’s responsibility to do the research. It’s gouging if it’s the only station in the county. There’s one less than half a mile away. I don’t shop there, but many do.

          What are you looking for here, more government intervention?

          • Frank Smith says:

            No Government intervention here…. Just shocks me, at how that can happen, thats all? You Loudoun County newbie’s crack us old folk up….. Enjoy the eyesore! One would have thought, that you would have been the first in line, asking questions..

          • Naked Truth says:

            Looks like you are doing more than asking questions. It’s funny to me that everyone who is not jumping up and down with you is a “newbie”. Instead of spending time writing tag numbers and checking inspection dates, maybe go in and talk to the owner. Voice your concearns to him. Dosomething that an Clarke County Oldie would do. If not then set back with the rest of us enjoying the eyesore!

          • Clarke County resident 17 years. What is the “Newbie” cutoff?

          • Frank Smith says:

            Sounds about the time, the first wave of Echolsville came over the mountain and through the woods.

          • Get with the times Frank. Without some growth, this place would have dried up and blown away.

          • Frank Smith says:

            Sounds to me that people do want growth around here. I would say 95% of the ones not wanting any, are the LOUDOUN-Newbies…. AKA, ECHOLSVILLE and HERMITAGE!!!!!!!

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Dude…yellin by usin capital letters and exclamation points doesn’t add any more to your points. It just makes you look like a crank.

          • You’re no longer considered a newbie if your grandparents lived here.

  5. yousepeople says:

    Signs like pictured are really a no brainer and should have been done long ago. While the gas station in question is an eyesore I think there are some businesses that might actually make people want to stop, especially on the weekend.

    Battletown Inn
    Berryville Grille
    Oriental Rugs
    The Natural Pet and Food Store by the Cow
    Hash Auctions

    New High School…..oh wait, people who’ve been laughing at that story for the oh so many years might drive off the road in shock.

    Might pique people’s interest, might not.

  6. I would suspect the only signs you will see will be for businesses or properties owned by someone within the “good ole boy” network.

  7. livein22611 says:

    Seriously, are some of you that uninformed? The guy who owns the station you are talking about would like to clean up the site but the TOWN is balking and won’t let him use any other space around him. There was also a contract in place with the gas supplier when he bought the station. It has pricing guidelines in it. Maybe you should stop by sometime to discuss these matters with him. He’s a great guy and owns a good shop. He’s also really nice and helpful to the older ladies of Berryville who need help with their vehicles.

  8. Frank Smith says:

    Wants to clean up huh? Bud, take a look around his shop…. All the vehichles located there, have been there for over 6 months at least. We count. The tags are dead as well as inspections….. Its not a storage unit or junkyard. You are the one that has been mis-informed….. Trust me…. If he needs to keep cars/trucks there for parts, then he should move them to an off site facility! There goes another one, taking up for a price gouging junkyard! Wow, Berryville gets more interesting everyday!

    • Naked Truth says:

      It’s a repair business. The only time you should be concerned is when there are vehicles parked on Walnut st. Which there have been times, I agree. You can not see oncoming traffic from Buckmarsh, pulling out of Walnut. I don’t know what the intent of the cars are on his lot. He has crappy spot for a service station any way. Like I said, I don’t buy his gas and I don’t go there for repairs. But some people do. Maybe his service is great. Maybe thats why there are a lot of cars being dropped off. Maybe he doesn’t like the way your workspace looks. I don’t know.

      • Kevin Lambert says:

        Actually, I do live on Walnut Street! Its impossible to get in or onto Buckmarsh from Walnut. Naked Truth, I see your point about it being a repair shop. However, the cars-trucks in question, have been on his lot for a really long time. Seems to me, either these vehicles cannot be fixed? The owners cannot pay the fee? Or something… I have seen many gas stations in my day, and I have never seen one ran like this… Like you said, I don’t get my gas there, so who cares about that. Maybe the guy is an awesome mechanic! Thats great too! But come on, clean the place up already….

  9. I wonder how many (if any) business in Clarke County can even pass the requirements as most are not open on Sundays at all; close early Saturdays; and operate short hours on many weekdays. Just sayin’.

    • yousepeople says:

      Excellent Point. I sometimes wonder if Berryville businesses want only business from people who live there….and then complain about higher taxes.

      I went to the coffee shop one Sat at 2 pm. Closed! Now, that was a year or so ago, so maybe it has changed, but good grief people, keep the shops open. just sayin back

  10. Fly Swatter says:

    Well I rely on that gas station on the way home from work. Multiple times I’ve been in a situation where my car is running on fumes. Coasting down the hill on 340(S) is a rush. Thank you Berryville Service Center! (When my fuel pump needs replaced, I will go there too)

    • Frank Smith says:

      Wow, you must enjoy paying 30 to 40 cents more a gallon! Thats crazy to me! CLEAN IT UP BERRYVILLE SERVICE STATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • clarkehaven says:

        how about “we” take a look around your home/business and see if “we” find anything the “we” deem distasteful and then demand YOU clean it up………hey if you have really been heere for 33 years when are you going to learn the Clarke County way and mind your OWN business!

        • Fly Swatter says:

          Unfortunately, thats not the Clarke County way…….

        • Kevin Lambert says:

          Bud, if you think you can intimidate me, you are foolish! Its not gonna happen. I’m not gonna play the he said/ she said games either…. Just stating an opinion here, thats what this board was intended for. I’m not hiding under an alias either, as most do here on this board! If you are referring to the the Service Station in question, PLEASE……. I am saying aloud, what many, many residents have been wanting to say, but fear to do so, because of what you are doing now! So would the real CLARKEHAVEN please stand up….
          My name is Kevin Lambert! Nice to meet you! Please feel free to drive on up Walnut Street and have a look around! I- We have nothing at all to hide!

          Sincerely yours,
          Walnut Street

          By the way,
          I never insulted anyone, just commented on a post!

          • Captain Obvious says:

            First off the article was written about road signs for local businesses. They would be intended for tourist and people traveling up and down Rt 7. To get people into our quant little town and maybe spend some money here. It would be up to the individual to spend more for gas if they want. The businesses would purchase their own sign. So I would doubt it to be a good ole boy network thing, there are requirements.

            And second. Just because one is born and breed in Clarke County does not make one an expert. In fact gives you a narrow vision. The people that you mock and label Echolville have a thing called experience. They’ve experienced another school system, county/city government, tax base, ect. That doesn’t make them experts either, but they may have a broader vision. I lived in Fairfax City for 10 years. Do you know what it would be like to have contact with a School Board member there? We do have things nice and cozy here. But we do need more of other things too. Just sit back and enjoy your neighbors. And stop the “I know best because I’ve been here for 33 years “ thing. And BTW, I use an alias so that you would be interested in reading what I write. Got ya!

          • Kevin Lambert says:

            Its funny how I am the one getting attacked. I have lived here for 33yrs and never spoke a thing about Echolsville or the other spot. You got the wrong person….. However, you stick with the alias’s, the real people who post their actual names find them very humorous…. So quick to voice an opinion, yet afraid to put your name behind…… Its all good though. Have a great day Mr. Fairfax!