Town Council Makes Quick Work of June Business

New bike rack installed in Rose Hill Park

Tuesday night’s meeting of the Berryville Town Council was fast and to the point as town officials made quick work of the June agenda. Here are the highlights.

Citizens Forum – Fran Black of Rice Street spoke to the council about neighborhood issues. She told the council that she has counted 26 dogs in a one block radius from her home and is concerned about constant noise. She also expressed concern about the levels of disrepair of some properties. She asked the town to become a little more proactive to make sure people are responsible for their dogs and properties.

Town manager addressed one issue pointing out that the town does have policy regarding blighted properties and is empowered to take some action.   He expressed that work on blighted properties is needed and council has given staff the tools to use.

Stan Kerns, project manager for the Barns of Rose Hill project also spoke during the Citizens Forum and told the council that the project is very near completion.

The Mayor pointed out during his report that the downtown lost another business as The Berryville Sewing Center closed its doors this month.

Planning and Zoning responded to a request to release a bond from D. R. Horton in the amount of $133,470.00. A motion was made to release and was passed unanimously.

Clarke County High School Update – The walking path is completely paved with the exception of a small break at the end where the path will meet the planned roundabout. Planning is awaiting final documentation for the greenhouse. Town manager Keith Dalton said there have been complaints about condition of property from nearby residents and that those issues have been addressed. Gordon Williams project manager for Shockey construction has contacted residents and Battlefield Estates Civic Association regarding issues pertaining   to work on the planned hammer-head terminus of Early Drive adjacent to the site. Completion of work on will require truck traffic through the neighborhood and Shockey is communicating the schedule of that work to the neighborhood representative.

Town Manager Report – The hydrant use policy was discussed at the Streets and Utilities meeting last month and is being amended. The revised policy document   will go to Streets and Utilities Committee later this month for final review.

Town Manager Keith Dalton made the council aware that the town has received a letter from the courts stating that Kenneth Liggins has   a grand jury review of the town’s annexation activities. The town has not been served any official documents and the indication from the court is that there is no action required from the town at this time

Last but not least, the town has installed a new bike rack in the Rose Hill Park. In an effort to encourage alternative transportation the rack has been installed at the edge of the park in the municipal parking lot.


  1. Since I am a relative newcomer to the area, who is Kenneth Liggins and what annexation might this inquiry be about? Something in the past, present or future?

    CDN Editor: Berryville resident Kenneth Liggins has stated that the Town of Berryville may have used an improper process during its annexation of Josephine Street and then subsequent annexation of a cemetery adjacent to the Josephine Street School. Mr. Liggins is seeking to convene a grand jury to hear the matter.

    • Because I Care says:

      Mr Liggins must like the practice of law. He sure does find ways to tie up the court system.

  2. Because I Care says:

    I can sympathize with the lady and the barking dogs. I have a total of maybe 9 in my area that seem to get going each night when I want to sit out on the porch for some peace and quiet or take a nice walk around the neighborhood.

    If you own a dog or like many people these days, several dogs, please be courteous to your neighbors. If they start barking please make them stop within 5 minutes or less. If you can’t get them to stop, please bring them inside. If you are going to be away, please don’t leave your dogs outside. They will bark and keep barking.