Town Council Round-up

The Berryville Town Council approved a new used car lot on Tuesday night and acknowledged the hard work by many people in dealing with damage from the recent wind storm. The Council also took steps to resolve a financial dispute with Clarke County over unpaid utility bills.

Need a Car?

Looking for a used fleet vehicle at a good price? If so, the address “3 Cattleman’s Lane, Berryville, Virginia ” can now be added to your list of possible places to purchase your dream vehicle.

Last night the Berryville Town Council approved a request by Chris Hansen to sell government surplus fleet vehicles he obtains online through his business located on Cattleman’s Lane. According to the application, Hansen expects very few people to come to the business’s physical location to test drive the vehicles. Hansen expects the bulk of his sales to be conducted online.

Last night the Council unanimously approved space for up to twelve vehicles on Hansen’s lot which will be open for the business from 9:00am until 5:00pm.

The Town of Berryville allows vehicle and machinery sales and rentals with an approved Special Use Permit in the L-l Industrial zoning district per Section 609.3(k).

Inter-Government Utility Dispute

The Berryville Town Council is hoping to avert a showdown over a budget dispute with the County of Clarke involving $140K of funds being withheld from the Town of Berryville by the County and a retaliatory withholding of $58K payment to the County by the Town.

At a recent Joint Government Center committee meeting attended by both Town and County staff, tempers flared over which entity has financial responsibility for a 2008 power bill associated with the final phases of construction at the joint Government Center.

At last night’s meeting, the Town Council directed Berryville Mayor Wilson Kirby to reach out to Clarke County Supervisors Chairman Michael Hobert (Berryville) to resolve the matter if possible.

“I don’t think that it’s important how we got here at this point,” said Councilwoman Mary Daniel (Ward Three). “The important thing is that we just get the issue resolved.

Thanks and More Thanks

Berryville Town Manager Keith Dalton offered sincere thanks to the many people and organizations that responded to the damage and destruction caused by the recent wind storm. Dalton said that he did not envy Rappahannock Electric and Verizon work crews who labored to clear limbs and brush while wearing heavy protective clothing in last week’s record breaking temperatures.

Dalton offered special thanks to Berryville first responders.

“Enders Fire Company did incredible work immediately after the storm hit that first night,” Dalton said. “The work of so many volunteers was invaluable; It really showed how this community pulls together.”

Dalton also thanked Town staff member Rick Boor for his quick work in noticing and combating a fire that struck Santorini Grill on July 3.

“Rick saw the fire, made sure that the people in the restaurant evacuated, then fought the fire with the help of Town police Chief White and officers Frenzel and Hollins,” Dalton said. “Rick and the three officers hit the fire hard and kept it from extending into the building.”

“Rick went the extra step of checking for a problem when he saw the smoke and it made all the difference,” Dalton added.

Mayor Wilson Kirby offered his thanks to all of the people who he said had worked hard to orchestrate the recent “Bike Virginia” event that brought hundreds of cyclists to Clarke County.

“I want to thank Bike Virginia for choosing Berryville and I am thankful that everything went well,” Kirby said.

Kirby expressed gratitude to many people and groups who made the Bike Virginia event possible including Town of Berryville staff members and police officers, Berryville Main Street, the Barns of Rose Hill, the Clarke County School Board for hosting the “tent city” and the many volunteers who helped.

New Face on the Town Council

Douglas A. Shaffer, the new Ward One Councilman, attended his first Town Council meeting last night. Berryville Mayor Wilson Kirby offered Shaffer a warm welcome and wished him well in his new position.


  1. Right Winger says:

    Speaking of Bike Virginia, any idea on how much money was pumped into our local economy because of it?

  2. Former resident says:

    Congratulations Doug!

  3. Gone but not forgotten,just in case you didn`t know a community activist has no address.why did he wait tell i left to give up his seat.Just asking.