Town Makes Quick Repairs to Water Main

Yesterday’s water main break in Berryville was repaired quickly last night with minimal water loss and interruption of service.

Town Manager Keith Dalton said the town was contacted about the leak at around 4:30 P.M. yesterday by a contractor at the high school construction site who discovered water coming out of the ground. The town responded shortly thereafter.

“We suspected a water main break (10”) and expected the repair to take a considerable amount of time.   When we sent the notice out we also had not been able to see how well we could isolate the leak and therefore determine which water customers would be out of service.

The notice that was sent out by the town estimated that repair work could last through out the night and impact water service to the affected area today. However the situation turned out to be less problematic for the town than they had initially anticipated. Dalton said, “Things went very well and we were able to isolate the leak without any service disruption. This pipe section isolation did reduce pressure in portions of town. Further, the leak occurred in an air release valve which made the repair much easier.”

Public Works Personnel completed repairs by approximately 8:30 P.M. last night.