Traffic Alert: East Main Street Closing for Bike Event

East Main Street in downtown Berryville will be closed from Church Street to Chalmers Court for the Bike Virginia event being held on Saturday, June 23, 2012. The closure will begin at 12:00 noon and will run through  midnight.

Local access will be available for Washington Square Apartments on the east end of the closure.

Detours will be clearly marked. Additional parking for the downtown event will be available at Duncan Memorial Church parking lot.

Bike Virginia event information is available at here.



  1. Realistic Joe says:

    May have missed it in the past…what roads are the bikers traveling in Clarke and what days?

    Like to stay clear if possible.

    • CC TaxPayer says:

      There’s a bike trail in Loudoun Co! Dangerous for bicycles on Sensey and 601. I often come up on these bicyclers and they have no respect for automobiles. Often taking up an entire traffic lane. Yet the citizens in automobiles pay the taxes, and tag their vehicles. These riders should be restricted to bike trails only!

      • Mr Mister says:

        You really believe these bicyclist don’t pay taxes themselves? The next time you retake your driving exam, pay attention to the part where bicycles have the same right on the road as a car. How much respect should they show to drivers who speed by them, lay on the horn as they drive by, throw things at them, or refuse to understand basic driving laws?

  2. Why don’t you click the link provided in the story? I’m sure it will answer all your questions.

    • Realistic Joe says:

      RW, I did go to the link and all I found was colors of routes but not any routes listed- only a mention about the mill and another link to gps site. And nope, don’t sign up for stuff like that even if its free.
      Maybe I just missed it.

  3. sargewillis says:

    Actually this isn’t the regular bike group that comes into town every year, this group is coming Friday evening, parking at the fairgrounds, registering at the old HS where tents will be set up for sleeping if needed and Sat. a shuttle bus will be going back and forth between the town and the old HS for the celebration in town, we will be having a very large cup cake cake, wine tasting, a beer garden, outside bands, vendor tents and music in the Barns. This group is expected to generate over $1 million in revenue for the town and the town merchants. They leave Sunday morning to ride over to W. Va. And come back around Wed. through Fri. You should come into town saturday and enjoy the fun with the rest of us!

  4. Sarge — Rock Hill Creamery from Martinsburg is supposed to be on vendor row, which means real all natural real ice cream, which will be much appreciated (by me anyway).

  5. It's right there... says:

    The links aren’t hidden too well. I found the route maps on my first try…

    Roll your mouse over “About The Tour” and select “2012 Va.(sic) Bike Tour” -> “2012 Bike Routes”.

    Or if you’re lazy, click here:

    • Realistic Joe says:

      Thanks for the link and it was the same that I searched earlier. Thought maybe they updated and had a map showing road numbers or names and unless my computer blocks the info, the only thing found was pink, orange routes with miles and that give me nothing as to the roads traveled.

      Just looking for the roads they will be traveling to avoid any possibility of getting into a tight situation. Been there before and it could have gotten ugly from the other driver coming toward me. Not trying to be spiteful just want to stay clear.

      • Scroll down the page on the above link, CLICK on each of the following to see a map of the roads:
        Saturday Red – 25mi
        Saturday Pink – 47mi.
        Saturday Orange – 100mi

        • Realistic Joe says:

          Hey, Thanks! Finally got there. OMG! Guess no trash to dump by way of Senseny.
          That’s going to be a lot of spandex on very narrow roads. Scary.

  6. Justsayn says:

    Uuuuuggghhhh, the bikes are back. Who cares about the 1M revenue, if Clarke were to wake up sometime or another and generate much more needed businesses. The county residents would not have to worry about bicyclist who seem to think they own the road more than a vehicle does.


    • Don’t put a too big of a “Welcome to Clarke County” sign in your yard now……geeez.

      • My 2 Cents says:

        As my buddy Stonebroke would say:

        I think the Easter Sign would look better!


  7. Roscoe Evans says:

    Be grateful these folks are coming to Clarke to recreate and to spend their cash. Moreover, its their tax money, and the tax money from folks like them across the country, that is used to fill our potholes and repair our roads. Our local folks are few and too cheap to do it themselves. They’re spending our cash on horses, dogs, and scenic vistas, the kids be damned.

  8. sargewillis says:

    Wow, what negativity, these bicyclists are guest in our beautiful county, yes they can be a small problem on our narrow roads, but come on we are talking about a day or two a year, deal with it. As for the revenue they bring, great, but I will welcome anyone to come out here and enjoy what we have even if they come with empty pockets.

  9. Big Dog says:

    The horse people stopped the hot air balloons at the “Balloon Festival” because the balloons frightened the horses. Its well known that dogs don’t like bicyclists, so as a dog owner I don’t want my dogs upset either. You all can have your bicycle event but we need to keep the bikes off the roads so the dogs in the area aren’t upset. I suggest they set up a circuit in the Food Lion parking lot and ride around it, or perhaps set up some tread mills to ride on at the fairgrounds. SAVE OUR DOGS!!! Keep the bikes tethered!!!!

    • hhmmm... says:

      I wonder how many dog complaints there will be?…probably at least a few I’m sure. I like your thinking Big Dog! I can’t wait to see if Clarke actually gets the revenue they plan on. I can’t wait to get this weekend over with and hope the bicyclist have some common sense and courtesy. Do NOT stop on the other side of the hill in the middle of the road or around a curve. We will have courtesy but we expect the same in return. We can not stop our vehicles on a dime like you can a bike, but yet that seems to be what they expect.

      • Dmaxnjackson says:

        I went on their website. And under lodging, shocker there wasn’t any lol. OH excuse me one or two bed and breakfast lol. The whole 1 mil revenue is a joke. As is the whole event.

        • Right Winger says:

          Oh, they’re all camping out. I hope they call Fox’s pizza for delivery, or any of the other establishments in the area that deliver.

    • Sam Card says:

      Cars take up more space on the road than a bike. Cars pollute the air. Since cars are louder and bigger than bicycles, I don’t see how bikes would be more upsetting to dogs than cars.

      • Another View says:

        Dogs can ride in cars. Dogs cannot pedal bikes.

      • You are forgetting the people around here. Face it, this is not a “fun” county, people don’t seem to want to go with the flow, and have to argue if extra security is needed. No one seems to realize, bikers on the road know a car is there. You do not have to come to a dead stop and then go way over in the other lane.

        Welcome Bikers, Have fun! Be careful 🙂

        • Blossom Butt says:

          Actually, Virginia law states that you should pass a bike, just like a car, going completely in to the other lane.

      • His post was sarcasm, Sam.

    • My 2 Cents says:

      Big Dog must be the Rice Street owner that has the cops called on them every week! LOL

  10. in disbielf says:

    WOW there was THOUSANDS of people, thank goodness they shut down the street.

    The Police were so busy chasing after people they must be exhausted.

    It was so packed by 8:30pm the tables and chairs were being put on a truck.

    Sadly disappointed..

    • Blossom Butt says:

      Yeah, and I am sure we spent tons for the extra help, and got no where near the $million expected in extra revenue. I think the only people who got sales were the chuck wagon trucks that came in out of town and set up at the high school. A very sad affair indeed.

      • Eagerly waiting to hear how sales were on those $5 donation (are you kidding me?) water bottles — may have paid for a new cruiser…

    • Realistic Joe says:

      Supposed to last till midnight. Didn’t attend so, help me out here a little. Temperature and humidity dropped so, my thought was that it would help in the turn out. Where did they go?

  11. Apparently Winchester welcomed many of them with discounted hotel rates. I guess Bville B and B don’t do such things.

    Friday, they were out the door at 2 or more of our restaurants. And the Barns event was well attended but several of our locals were given horrible venues for their food.