Route 601 Open After Earlier Electric Line Problem

Residents living along Blue Ridge Mountain Highway (Route 601) in eastern Clarke County awoke to snow, ice and no electricity this morning. Power to homes along the road was disrupted around 9:00am and was not restored until 2:30pm.

Unlike the majority of Clarke County consumers who receive their electricity from Rappahannock Electrical Cooperative, most of homes along Route 601 are served by Dominion Power.

Dominion Power personnel said that electricity was disrupted when the top of a power pole was severed by the weight of heavy ice on the power lines. The Clarke County Sheriff restricted traffic to one lane on Route 601 from Route 7 south for approximately one-half mile while Dominion Power crews worked to restore power along the road.

The higher elevations along Blue Ridge Mountain Road regularly receive ice and snow when lower elevation of Clarke County only rain. Last night the area along Route 601 received approximately one inch of snow and a thin coating of sleet on top of the snow.

At one point five Dominion Power vehicles were on-site responding to the outage.