Traffic Alert – Route 7 Eastbound at Blueridge Mountain Rd

An accident on Route 7, in the vicinity of Blueridge Mountain Rd has snarled the morning commute. Officials are reporting heavy traffic which is now moving but remains congested. The east left shoulder and right shoulder are closed. Traffic backups are approximately 1.0 mile.

Last Updated: 10/26/2011 07:59:59


See traffic conditions on Mount Weather here : 511 – Traffic Cameras.




  1. Bobs Sports Store says:

    The leaves were just awesome!

  2. Current resident says:

    What leaves? It was dark when we were trapped in the back up. 🙁 Sat for 45 minutes on the mountain.

  3. Mr Mister says:

    Hey but the traffic only affected the people leaving the county to work. 🙂