Update 3:00pm Traffic Alert – Signal Damage and Business Route 7 Road Closure at Railroad Crossing

3:00pm Update: As of 3:00pm VDOT officials have moved a portable traffic alert sign to alert westbound Route 7 traffic of the road closure at the railroad crossing in Berryville. VDOT officials have a signal repair contractor on-site and say that they hope to have the damaged eastbound Route 7 traffic signal repaired before dark.

As of 1:pm EST time Clarke County motorists should use caution on both Route 7 and Business Route 7 east of Berryville.

At approximately 12:30pm a vehicle heading eastbound on Route 7 at the east intersection of Route 7 and Business Route 7 struck and disabled the traffic signal in the eastbound lane of Route 7.

Clarke County Sheriff deputies are on scene directing traffic  as of 1:30pm EST .

Signal damage on Route 7 at east of Berryville, VA - Photo Edward Leonard

If the traffic signal problem weren’t enough, motorists turning westbound onto Business Route 7 will reach the railroad crossing in Berryville only to find the crossing closed for roadwork.

No signs alerting motorists to the railroad crossing closure are visible prior to reaching the railroad tracks. The lack of road closure signs is causing westbound Business Route 7 traffic to reach the railroad crossing then turnaround and drive back to Route 7.

The poor road signage compounded with the traffic signal damage will cause problems today for motorist who attempt to use the road between Route 7 and the railroad tracks.

Virginia Department of Transportation did not immediately return calls requesting further information regarding the poorly marked road closure.

Sheriff deputies direct traffic on Route 7 at east of Berryville, VA - Photo Edward Leonard

Business Route 7 closed at railroad crossing - Photo Edward Leonard


  1. Very grateful for the warning!

  2. berryville says:

    i saw this happen! the canopy on the truck flew up and hit the lights, one fell right in the middle of the road and the other to side. luckily no one was hit.