Trash Disposal May Become More “Convenient” In Clarke

Disposing of trash in the Northeastern portion of Clarke County may become a much more convenient proposition in the not too distant future. The Clarke County Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday (6/23/2010) to discuss and vote on the initial phase of work required to build a Citizens Convenience Center off of Route 7 at the intersection of Quarry Road.

The parcel that is being considered for the new facility is owned by the Stuart M Perry Corporation. Buckmarsh District Supervisor David Weiss has worked closely with the owner to develop an agreement that would provide the land required for the facility at no cost the county. Mr Weiss stated that, “Stuart M Perry   has been extremely cooperative,” and added that, “They are very pleased that we came to them

Proposed site would be similar to Double Tollgate facility

and very pleased to offer this site.” The only compensation being requested by the owner is signage in the new facility that the property is “Donated by Stuart M. Perry Corporation.”

The parcel is an 8.27 acre wooded lot just west of the Shenandoah River. It is considered a convenient location for use by residents because of its proximity to Route 7. Also, the densely wooded lot is considered particularly suitable because it would conceal the operation with little or no additional landscape buffering.

The County estimates that it will need approximately 2 acres of the 8.27 acre parcel for the new facility. The option agreement for the study gives the county full access to the 8.27 acres to determine the best location for the 2 acre facility on the larger lot. During the study period the county hopes to find a location on the parcel that would take advantage of natural terrain for the construction of the ramps and roads that are needed for this type of facility.

Currently the only sites that can be used by Clarke County Residents to dispose of trash are:

  • Greenwood: Located near the intersection of Greenwood and Senseny roads behind the fire hall
  • Clearbrook: Located on Martinsburg Pike at Clearbrook Park
  • Double Toll Gate: Located on Front Royal Pike, just south of the Route 340 intersection
  • Regional Landfill: Located on Landfill Road off of Sulpher Spring Road

After some discussion on fences and other site considerations, the consensus was strongly in favor of moving ahead with the agreement. The motion to approve the option and authorize the chair to sign the agreement passed unanimously.

In closing Supervisor David Weiss said, “Stuart Perry has been great to work with and hopefully the work can be done without any detriment to the neighborhood and also provide a service that everbody needs.”


  1. Right Winger says:


  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Great, first flying rocks, now smelly trash and lots of extra traffic. Thanks Stuart Perry! And thank you David Weiss for proving why I decided not to vote for you!

    • Right Winger says:

      Do you still get flying rocks? I thought that was a one time goof due to improper explosive use.

    • Lonnie Bishop says:

      Awww…come on. It’ll cut down on travel time to get to any of the other centers for that half of the county. If you’re going to Greenwood, you might as well head on over to the landfill proper; it’s the same distance.

      It’s no more odorous than the Opequon plant when the wind shifts. Honestly, folks need to get over their “NIMBY” mentality. Modern society requires certain things to handle what we toss out. Give ’em a chance to make it work right.

  3. Hay zoos says:

    Trash is OK, but a solar panel farm is a hot topic? Also, isn’t this kind of close to the local winery?

    Only in Clarke . . . .

  4. I’d like to know is there anything that can be built in this county without a lot of hoo hah “poor me and mine.” How many years will this be talked about?

    A nice convenience. I hate driving to Greenwood; And also, it really doesn’t smell there. But the car sure does by the time I get there.

    Why is everyone in Clarke supposed to go to Winchester if you want a decent grocery store, a trash center, shopping for clothes (I love the thrift shops here tho). Really people. Surely this can happen without the usual fuss and muss.

    Yes, thank you Stuart Perry.

  5. I, for one, cannot think of ANY more appropriate place for trash than that.


  7. Its nice that Stuart Perry likes the idea but has any contact been made with the owners of Vermar which is becoming a major tourist attraction.?

    • If I’m not mistaken, didn’t the guy who owns the vineyard run against Weiss in the last election? Probably just a coincidence though.

  8. From the way the story reads, it will be directly on route 7 by that cell tower.

    Although it may be convenient, I certainly concur that it could cause an abundance of traffic at that intersection. I guess it all depends on how the county plans to route the traffic…if they have even thought that through.

  9. Long past due, for twenty-five years I have been driving my trash to Frederick County, from the eastern end of Clarke. I also tried to lobby for a facility at the Blue Ridge Fire Hall, like the Greenwood facility. I always assumed anything we citizens of Clarke really needed, we would have to drive to Winchester for, like trash disposal,after hours pharmacy (Walgreens at 7&81) I just wish a deal could be worked out to send my kids to a real high school, like Millbrook!

    • A deal’s already been worked out, it’s called tuition. Actually there are alot of outstanding housing deals currently in Frederick County! It’s a straight shot up Rt. 7, hit the road. We won’t miss you in Clarke County.

      • Lonnie Bishop says:

        Well…ain’t that just a friendly retort? “If you don’t like it, get out!” Yeah…THAT attitude solves things.

        The fact is that this convenience site would afford CC residents another alternative to having to make a long drive to Frederick County.

  10. Alterific says:

    I would possibly be more of a proponent of a recycling drop off but not allowing household waste. Household waste should be handled by the trash companies – many of which do not offer recycling pick up. The household waste is going to create odor for the surrounding residents while it waits to be trucked out, not to mention will no doubt lead to increased litter on the nearby roads as it is trucked in and out. If you don’t like carting your garbage to one of the existing drop off points, then hire a trash collector…you’ll be getting rid of your garbage and stimulating the economy/providing local jobs at the same time.

    Is this a done deal or do residents get to weigh in on and have a say in the matter?

    • MIke Dowling says:

      The option that the BoS agreed to is a two year period to study the suitability of the site. The process will require a Special Use Permit that entails a public hearing process. Everyone will have their day to speak.

      Mike Dowling – CDN

  11. It’s about [redacted] time!

  12. Michelle says:

    Wow, so much “trash” talk about refuse! Sorry, sorry, somebody had to say it, go ahead and give your “thumbs down” votes! Seriously, I would like to see a recycling center here that offers more options than our curbside recycling does, that may help encourage people to recycle more if the option is a little closer to home than Frederick.

    • Right Winger says:

      For goodness sake, folks, Greenwood and Double Tollgate have recycling centers as well as trash drop off!! I would think that the same would hold true for the Perry site as well.

    • Rebecca says:

      I think the Convenience Centers always have recycling, which is exciting! I live in the county so don’t even have curbside recycling. I live near the quarry so it would be wonderful to not have to drive all the way to Greenwood to recycle. Hopefully it would encourage more local people to do the same.

  13. Recycling is not new here in Clarke. Years ago there was a recycling stop at the parks and rec. However, so many people dumped their trash in it, that the county had to stop it. Of course, the recycling was not monitored as are the trash sites now. Anyone could just stop by and dump anything they wanted. I live in town and pay taxes for my recycling. If you choose to live in the county go to the dump.The dump now has extended hours.

    • We in the eastern end have to drive about 20 miles, yes to another county, just to get rid of our trash, or recycle. This center would be a welcome blessing for all of us. I have been to all of the Frederick county convience centers, several times, and they really don’t smell, do to the fact that they use enclosed compactors, and not open dumpsters, and the frequency they are hauled out replaced with an empty one. Every good taxpaying citizen needs to hold on while our little county slips into the 1980s era of modernization.