Travel Time Pilot Project on I-66 May Scare Away Congestion

Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that beginning Aug. 22 motorists will see travel times displayed on Interstate 66 electronic message signs between the Capital Beltway and Gainesville. The effort is part of the efforts to address congestion on the I-66 corridor. If the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) two-month pilot project is successful, the agency will be expanded to provide travel times to key destinations along other northern Virginia interstates and ultimately to highways throughout the commonwealth.

“In order to continue to positively address our transportation challenges and bring additional relief to drivers in our most congested regions, we must use every tool available. This includes new technology that will help improve traffic flow,” Governor McDonnell said. “VDOT is using technology and lessons from other travel times projects around the country and in the Commonwealth to implement this pilot project in phases. VDOT will gather feedback from citizens on the initial phase to help ensure Virginia is providing the best service and value for this technology initiative.”

Starting Aug. 22, motorists will see travel times posted at three locations:
·                 I-66 East,   just east of Route 28, to display the travel time to I-495
·                 I-66 West, just west of Route 50, to display the travel time to Gainesville
·                 I-66 West, just west of Route 7100, to display the travel time to Gainesville

Travel times will be displayed weekdays from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

VDOT is using traffic data from Inrix and other sources to determine the travel times. Traffic controllers at the Public Safety Transportation Operations Center in Fairfax County will ensure the travel times are successfully relayed to the electronic message signs and are accurately refreshed every five minutes.

Motorists can learn more about the pilot project and provide feedback on the display times at


  1. More studies says:

    Ok great, sounds like a good idea but what’s that going to prove, that we need to STOP building sub-divisions!
    Can’t keep piling people up if we have inadequate highways.

    Who’s paying for this 2 month pilot project?