Truck Rips Down Traffic Lights at East Main and Church Street

Late Tuesday evening Berryville Main Street was under police direction as the traffic light at Main and Church Street was out.   Two traffic lights hung just above the pavement after being ripped down by a tractor-trailer. The vehicle hooked the lights as it attempted to go through the intersection. As of 9:30 PM Berryville Police were still directing traffic through the intersection.



  1. George Archibald says:

    I witnessed the 18-wheeler hit the traffic light at Main and Church Streets about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday evening, with almost no traffic in downtown Berryville. The truck’s trailer sent the hanging lights flying. One light came crashing down into the street and the rest hung precariously low on badly damaged support wire, as Mike Dowling reported, shutting down the street for several hours as work crews responded and spent most of the night getting things cleaned up and back in order for the Wednesday morning rush.

    I talked to the driver, who was very calm and said he was on his way in the unmarked truck to Pittsburgh with a commercial load and 7 a.m. Wednesday arrival deadline. Having no idea whether the truck’s trailer was over-size, it seemed relatively new and similar to ones regularly parked at the old American Woodmark warehouse lot next to the railroad tracks at Josephine Street and Berryville Graphics, which is now leased by Home Depot. The Berryville police officer who responded checked the driver’s papers, which were apparently in order, and sent him on his way within about 30 minutes.

    There’s no doubt this incident proves that the hanging traffic lights in the middle of Berryville are too low for today’s commercial traffic and should be replaced. This being the county seat of Clarke County, with busy Circuit and General District Courts less than a block away from the Main and Church Streets intersection, our local government folks can certainly find some immediate state emergency funds, and probably an emergency federal grant as well, to solve our antiquated downtown traffic light situation right away.

    I urge the County Board of Supervisors and Berryville Town Council to get on the stick and get this done before the end of summer, when schools go back in session and traffic flow returns to double or triple the number of cars and trucks presently driving through town.

    George Archibald
    27 W. Main Street, No. 1
    Berryville, VA 22611

    • Mr Mister says:

      Where do you want to stop with up-dating the streets. It seems the streets are not wide enough for today’s traffic also. Would parking have to be removed from one side of Main st? I’m sure there is a lot of changes that would be required. The easiest fix would be to enforce a restricted area for large trucks. The locations you listed can all be accessed by other streets.

  2. Tractor Trailers are prohibited from Main Street – it is posted.

    • Then why do they keep driving through?

      • Good question…
        The ‘law’ went into effect a couple of years ago I believe. Signs are posted at the areas coming into town. They are fine on Buckmarsh but they can’t turn onto East or West Main. If they come in from Business 7 (east) then they can only go as far as Jack Enders Blvd. for the industrial park. There are exceptions – delivers, moving vans, etc. loading/unloading in downtown. I believe there are signs at the Buckmarsh/Main intersections as well and at the Business 7 W. exit.

      • And the last time a tractor trailer was stopped and ticketed in Berryville was when? Been here 20 years and still haven’t seen one pulled over. Prohibited but not enforced. Saw a driver’s school (from Hagerstown if I remember right) 18 wheeler a couple Sundays ago taking the turn at Main and going down in front of the new county office building.

  3. George Archibald says:

    Responding to Diane’s post, who knew there was a ban on tractor-trailers from Berryville Main Street? Where is it posted? It’s obvious that local police and Sheriff’s Department do not enforce any ban. I’m outside Sponseller’s flower shop right now, early Thursday afternoon, watching a huge long open dump truck full of debris driving by. Tractor trailers are continuously driving through town on Main, Church, and Buckmarsh Streets as I write.

  4. The signage reads through tractor and trailors prohibited. That does not stop them from going into town. It just means you should travel out the same route you used to go in.