Turkey Soup It Is

Thanksgiving feast is completed.   Family have departed to their various homes.   And the turkey carcass is sitting in the roasting pan just waiting.

Waiting for what?

This turkey carcass reminds me of the apple tree in Shel Silverstein book The Giving Tree, it just keeps on giving.

This incredible, huge bird has done its duty on this day and touched the lives of many people.   It has kept my daughter up late, marinating and seasoning and putting it in the oven to roast.   It woke me up early in morning to pop in the oven.   It was there for hubby to carve in preparation for the day’s feast.  My whole family consumed the prime pieces and then the leftovers were packed up for all to have some to take to their homes, to await consumption, again, maybe as a turkey sandwich.

Now, back to the carcass still sitting in the roasting pan awaiting its fate.   Do I  â€˜just trash it’, freeze it, or make it into turkey soup?

Turkey soup it is.    Here’s the way I make it…

Put the carcass in a large pot with water and boil for a few hours.

Let the mixture cool. Then I take the bones out of the broth, and ‘pick off’ the minuet little pieces of meat.  Divide it up in three containers, freeze the broth and meat to become future meals on a cold winter night (Turkey Noodle Soup, Turkey and Barley Soup, or Turkey Rice Soup).

Oh yeah, the bird keeps on giving!

Middle Grand (age 13) commented, “How do you make soup out of bones?” Teachable moment. And the fowl continues on giving.

What else did this traditional bird give us? (me).   It gave me time to have my family together around the dinner table.   It was a time where we could all sit together, to laugh, share, chat face to face (not on Facebook), and catch up on each other’s lives.

As we gather around “the bird’ we, the ‘older children’, have to chuckle as we watch the ‘younger children’ and say… ’Were we like that?” Oh my, what we put our parents through.   And then the conversation slips back into remembering times gone past and meals shared with those who are no longer with us.

Remembering is good.

Thank you bird for the memories…