Twelve Students Participate in 8th Annual Black History Dramatic Reading Program

The Eighth Annual Black History Dramatic Reading Competition sponsored by Josephine School Community Museum on Saturday, February 18 at the museum saw a field of 12 eager participants in grades 2-5. Students read from a variety of materials written by and about African Americans.

Grand prize winners (I-r), Kayla Sprincis and Aislln Ogata

Participants were James Perkins, Kayla Sprincis, Devon Owens, Addie Radford, Brynna Wert, Aaramus Cooney, Charles Casey, Aislin Ogata, Derek Sprincis, Kathryn Shoemaker, Stephanie Miller and Taliyah

Twelve entrants in the Eighth Annual Black History Dramatic Reading Competition held February 18 at JSCM

Second and third grade winners were: First place, Brynna Wert; second place, Charles Casey; third place, Aaramus Cooney. Fourth and Fifth grade winners were: First place, Stephanie Miller; second place, Derek Sprincis: third place, Taliyah Brown. The grand prize winner for grades 2 and 3 was Kayla Sprincis. The grade prize winner for grades 4 and 5 was Aislin Ogata. All participants were awarded a Certificate of Participation. Winners received a gift certificate to The Berryville Old Book Shop. In addition, grand prize winners received the Helen O. Carr Dramatic Reading Trophy. Helen Carr, a retired librarian, was instrumental in organizing the Reading Competition in 2004.

An enthusiastic audience of parents, relatives, friends and educators attended and supported the students.


Helen Carr and Aaramus Cooney


Helen Carr, the originator of the Dramatic Reading Competition, presents Taliyah Brown with a Certificate of Participation

Helen Carr and Derek Sprincis read his certificate


  1. Roscoe Evans says:

    This is a sweet story for all involved. Congratulations to the participating students, Ms. Carr, The Berryville Old Book Shop.