Updates from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

CDN Editor – The following press release was sent to us from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. We have contacted them regarding the power outages and will continue to work the story as it evolves. Officials from REC were not immediately available for comment.

Clarke County, VA – Overnight, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) continued to face issues with the line feeding its Berryville Substation. The main line between the Old Chapel substation and the Berryville substation in Clarke County failed again last night.  As a result of that failure, the substation supply was once again switched to an alternate, overhead feed coming from Double Toll Gate.

Crews determined last night’s failure to be the result of a splice in the underground line intended to be the substation’s primary feed. Splice failures were also the cause of Wednesday night’s outage and the one on Thursday afternoon. We have identified 12 more splices in that line and have determined that this section of our recently acquired system does not meet the Cooperative’s reliability performance standards.

John Crawford, manager of REC’s Blue Ridge District office based near Front Royal said, “Extra crews and equipment have arrived, and all remaining splices will be replaced. Today’s work, and the switching that will occur once it is complete, should not result in additional service interruptions. Crews from REC’s Culpeper District office will assist our local linemen to complete all repairs by sometime tomorrow. Please understand that REC is working nonstop to restore reliable service to all homes and businesses in the Berryville area as safely and quickly as conditions allow.”

To improve the electric service throughout our new service territory, REC will be routinely monitoring and maintaining its equipment. In addition to regular maintenance, we will work to improve service by targeting areas where other potential equipment problems have been identified. To best serve you when an outage occurs, please make sure we have your current telephone number on file. This will help us indentify your location when you report an outage. Please call us at 800-552-3904 to report an outage or to talk with a customer service representative.


  1. I just don’t understand why less than 30 days after Rappahannock took over from Allegheny, we are having all these issues. We didn’t have this problem with Allegheny. (Although we did have other problems) Is it possible that any of this is related to the new powerlines that are being installed around the Loudoun County area?

  2. Whatever is going on just s**ks big time

  3. Lonnie Bishop says:

    Part of it, I think, is that AP had a larger service area from which to reroute power in a quicker response time. The unseasonably hot weather has taxed these lines; let’s give REC a chance to prove itself.

  4. Sounds familiar, It’s all Allegheny’s fault.