UVA President Reinstated

Seventeen days of tumult at the University of Virginia, including threats by the Governor to intervene,  ended Tuesday with a unanimous vote by the board of visitors to reinstate Teresa A. Sullivan as president. The 15-member board voted to give Teresa Sullivan her job back during a  brief meeting that was broadcast live over the internet.

After the meeting Sullivan was greeted with wild applause by a large crowd on campus.

“While many believe that the past two weeks have threatened our great institution, I believe that we have been strengthened by the experience,” Sullivan said. “It has, in fact, propelled our academic community to a new place and made it ready to face a quickened pace of change.

“My goal is to harness the enthusiasm that has been generated and use it to the University’s competitive advantage.”

Since the announcement of Sullivan’s forced resignation, the Universtity has been under intense scrutiny on the national stage. The firestorm of criticism has spurred a public discourse on transparency and a opened up the debate about the best way to operate public universities in an era of tight finances.


  1. Right Winger says:

    Good. Now replace the entire Board.

  2. Another View says:

    Fire Sullivan and the entire Board of Visitors. And clearly the protesting students do not have enough homework.

  3. Roscoe Evans says:

    I am so excited that Governor Bob threatened to do something about the academic tumult at the University, and actually almost did something. My guess is that he pays a couple of advisors whose jobs are just to hold him back when he gets his dander up. That’s government restraint in action.

    Governor Bob. Sounds almost as good as Vice Presidential candidate Bob. And waaaaay better than Vice President Bob.

    My guess is that Governor Bob already has offers to sit on various corporate boards, once the 2012 election is over, and his term as governor winds down. Then, he and George Allen can sit together, and play tic tac toe while the “activists” on the boards conduct corporate business. They’ll make a great pair.