Valley Bistro Takes Farm to Fork to New Level

Berryville dining options have expanded once again as the Valley Bistro opens its doors. Taking advantage of a great location, the owners have moved into the space on 24 W Main St that has housed several restaurants over the past few years. This new venture is the brainchild of a group of agriculturally minded  food lovers and one determined, and self-described, hard-headed woman.

Hope Cather launched the endeavor as a return to her roots in the restaurant business. “I grew up in a restaurant and felt like now was a great time to return to the business.” Hope and her family operate and live on a farm in Clarke County and the path to the new establishment is grounded in their agrarian lifestyle. Her vision for the Valley Bistro is to serve great home-style cooking with healthy options throughout the menu. “People love chicken-fried steak, but sometimes they want an alternative or a side to balance out their meal with fresh fruits and vegetables.” To that end, the second hallmark of her business is reliance on local suppliers for fresh products. “Many businesses use local products in their supply chain, but we really want them to play a major part. We plan to use Gore’s for hamburger and sausage, as well as fruits and vegetables from several local farms and baked goods from well known locals for desserts.”

Farming even played a role in the start-up as Hope was securing funds for the fledgling business. Her business partner, Brenda Klepper lives on a family farm with her husband Johnny and when she heard what Hope was doing she wanted to be involved. Klepper’s stake in the business was actually a steak in the business. When she decided to become a partner she sold five steers on her farm to come up with her portion of the investment. Brenda said, “We call that our living savings account.”

Hope’s deep connections to agriculture through the Ruritan and 4-H have not only created great connections for local products, they are also creating a connected labor force that she has seen grow up in the community. Family members are pitching-in shifts and children that she has watched grow up on farms will have employment opportunities in town.

The newly renovated space is bright and clean and adorned with family pictures and handmade crafts that make it feel like home. The menu includes homemade soups and seasonal salads that leverage produce as it is picked in the area. Entrees include a variety of tastes from Italian Chicken Parmesan to Mexican Fajitas. There is also a “Pasta Your Way” entree that allows patrons to choose their meat, pasta, and sauce options in whatever combination they like.

“Quality is everything,” Hope stressed. “If it’s not a quality product then it is not leaving my kitchen.”

The Valley Bistro is now open for lunch and dinner through out the week and also provides breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. Specials listings will be available on Facebook.

The Valley Bistro is open:

Mon: 11:00 9:00
Wed – Thu: 11:00 9:00
Fri: 11:00 10:00
Sat: 08:00 10:00
Sun: 08:00 9:00


  1. Blossom Butt says:

    I had dinner there the other night and was very pleased. A comfort food for me, grilled ham and cheese was very good and the mac and cheese is to die for. The fries were ugly and I thought that was a mistake, but trust me, what is inside is what counts, because they were delicious. I plan to make this a regular stop in and well be asking for mac and cheese as a side each time, even if I am only there for dessert, LOL?

  2. I was not happy with my dinner from there at all. The potatos were overly lumpy and dry, and the entree was not good. Even my children did not want to eat their food, and they eat just about anything. We will stick with the other choices in town since there are so many of them already. Unless they get their act together, I will be shocked to see them last.

    • Blossom Butt says:

      It would seem that you are either too picky and shouldnt be eating out if you cant get satisfied, or you are a closet enemy and simply wanted to public bad press to get a jab at someone. You dont mention what you ate, when, who you really are, etc. which leads me to believe this is a false post.

    • Valley Bistro says:

      I am so sorry you had an unpleasant dining experience with us. On the up side, we do mash our potatoes with the skins on, however; we don’t want them dry for sure. I wish you had taken the time to tell someone you felt this way before you left. I have been here every open hour since last Wednesday and would have immediately discounted or replaced your meals. Please accept my apologies for your disappointment. Hopefully, your dire prediction will not come true. We are very grateful to our many diners and their wonderful compliments through our opening week. It makes my day seeing the many returnees. I would also like to let it be known that both of our “line” problems should be solved late this week or early next week. The drink company is repairing and flushing our soda machine lines as they were not ready for service when we open and Verizon should have our lines ready for the credit card terminal in the same time period. Please stop in and try us out! Our chef Tyler Sponseller is excellent:-)

  3. support bville says:

    I had an all white meat chicken salad with grapes and pecans that was terrific! Not drowned in mayo, just the way I like it….The 3 potato salad was surprising…..the purple potatoes could have been cook a little less but otherwise it was yummy. I wish them well. We need another reliable go to spot in town.

  4. Dear BUTT… just an FYI… I ate there, had the overly lumpy dry mashed potatos, along with the steak and cheese which was rather tasty, except the meat had a lot of chewy fatty parts, I do like the fact that it was real beef and not steak ums, but I couldn’t eat it with out pulling all the meat out all at once. The dessert was great, but for the price I could go to foodlion and get the same microwaveable variety for less. I DO UNDERSTAND that they JUST OPENED. All I was stating before was if they did not fix a few things they would not last. Apparently you must work there or you wouldn’t be so defensive. As a business owner, you should (or they should) be able to handle some criticism and grow from it. Not have their employees slandering the public that will or would have paid their wages.

    • Blossom Butt says:

      Dont work there, never worked in Bville at all, but I hate seeing people run down a small business after one trip and then complain that they could go to Food Lion and buy the same thing. If you could buy the same thing then do it. Too many people expect everything on a menu to suit THEIR tastes perfectly. I do work as a waitress in another town and I deal with your type every day.

    • In-the-Know says:

      Just a thought — how can you expect them to do better unless they are given specific, timely feedback? Also, any good eating facility will either comp a meal or make some other arrangements
      to satisfy unhappy customers. Posting an on-line rant is definitely NOT the way to help them do better.

  5. Valley Bistro says:

    You are right about the steak and cheese subs on both accounts. We have addressed that issue since a couple of people mentioned it to me over the weekend. Please don’t attack blossom butt there, I can assure you that they are not one of my employees. From the meal, I do believe it is a close friend. And, God bless ya Blossom Butt!!! I can assure you Valley Bistro is not going to play the “plant comments” game. We are going to listen to all opinions and go with the majority foodwise. And, many of our dishes can be picked up in the freezer section at Food Lion, however there not Valley Bistro’s homemade ones and we put extra special touches in there…thanx to our great kitchen man Tyler Sponseller:-)

  6. sargewillis says:

    O well you should have told us Tyler Sponseller was your chef before, I will be in for dinner for sure now!

  7. BB,
    Who are you to tell this person what they thought their dining experience was or wasn’t. Good is in the eye of the beholder, not someone else. What is good for you is good for you, not necessarily someone else.
    I will tell you this much, because the Bistro chimed in and apologized, I am more likely to go in and try it as they want to take responsibility for their product. Everyone makes mistakes and if they are good, then this person’s experience was a one off.

    • Blossom Butt says:

      Exactly, they apologized but should have been given a chance to correct the problem at the time, instead of having the person not say a word, if they were truly all valid complaints. Instead, she didnt say a work, left and decided to voice her negative opinion in a public forum, after ONE visit.

      • My 2 Cents says:

        Oh please Blossom! Stop it, people can write whatever they want! Quit being a HOMER! Just because something opens in Berryville it doesn’t have to be 5-star like you make everything out to be………. If you want something good, order a Steak and Cheese from Mario’s!!!!!

  8. My husband and I had a great dinner there and my mashed potatoes were fine. We will be going back. The prices were great too. Didn’t have enough room for dessert but will remember to save room next time. Loving the fact that we don’t really need a fast fod place here in Berryville.

    • My 2 Cents says:

      Just as you have your opinion on No Fast Food, there are plenty that does want that! There have been many high hopes for these flash in the pan eateries in town, and they never make it! Don’t get your hopes up people! Just saying…. Welcome to our one horse town Emily! Glad you fit in with the rest of the newbies that want nothing here…..

  9. Teacher says:

    chef (shf)
    A cook, especially the chief cook of a large kitchen staff. One who was trained by a chef or school.

    So what Culinary School was Tylor trained at ??

    Seems like eveyone is a Chef these days just cause they slap some food together.

    • Rice St. Resident says:

      Guess it all depends on the definition:

      1. the chief cook, especially in a restaurant or hotel, usually responsible for planning menus, ordering foodstuffs, overseeing food preparation, and supervising the kitchen staff.
      2. any cook.

    • Valley Bistro says:

      Tyler was trained at the Cape Fear culinary institute in Wilmington, NC.

  10. Teacher, thank you, I agree, and saying the name of a past mayor’s son is apparently supposed to make things better. ONCE AGAIN… let me clarify for those that can not take what I say very well….. That is the feeling I got when the name droping began….. IF he DID go to CULINARY SCHOOL… then that is WONDERFUL.

    Butt, All I did was say what I did not like, and that if things were not changed they may not last. Food establishments are not known to last in town UNLESS they are VERY good, or they are a one of a kind in town. For examply we only have ONE mexican place. There are other places to go that serve the same types of food. Also, last time I checked I had the right to say what I want, when I want, and where I want thanks to this little thing called freedom of speech. Because you have failed to be able to read the positive things I have to say about the new place let me help you see them…. THE PEOPLE ARE VERY FRENDLY, THE SERVICE WAS FINE, THE INSIDE IS MUCH CLEANER THAN THE LAST PEOPLE HAD IT, THE FOOD WAS TASTY FLAVOR WISE. My issues were just the “make of the food” and not everyone likes all the same things made the same way..but I did mention what I didn’t like here so deal with it.
    Valley Bistro…thank you for taking the time to address the issues I had. Let me apologize for not saying it sooner. I would like to give your establishment another try once you have been open a bit longer. I understand every new business has growing pains, and I was in no way HOPING your business would fail, just stating an opinion.

    To anyone else that feels that my opinion is WRONG, could you please make up my mind for me next time, or write to congress and see if you can get something done about that darn FIRST AMENDMENT thing that PROTECTS MY freedom of speech. Let me know how that goes for ya.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  11. Only in this town would people quibble over mashed taters and what a chef is.

    Good luck to the new restaurant!

    • Indeed, if this is what people lose sleep over the county has nothing to worry about…
      Good luck to the newest downtown business that combines business and agriculture in Clarke.

      Win win!

  12. Teacher says:

    Maybe the Mayor Kirby and the Town Council will make a town ordinance that we must all eat there because of Tylor !!! Seeing how we are only permitted to have one pharmacy, one flower shop, one grocery store one strip mall (ie. Radio Shack ) .. hmmmm ???

  13. Bobs Sports Store says:

    Happy to have a new menu in town, can’t wait to eat there! Folks, come on by and support downtown Berryville.

  14. Valley Bistro says:

    Not dropping Tyler’s name because he is a past mayor’s son, but because he is known as an excellent cook/chef by many…….quite a few tables have been filled in the past week by his friends and followers. As for the pessemistic comments, it all remains to be seen. We are going to try as hard as possible, and keep on trying…….

  15. Another View says:

    I hope the restaurant succeeds. Let the free market reign!

    • My 2 Cents says:

      Spoken from a true Republican/Tea Party! Surprized you didn’t think it was a government cosp!!!!

  16. Wheeeeew!!! Glad that got worked out…. My comment is the hours posted in the article seemed to be incorrect. The Valley Bistro is closed on Tuesdays not Thursdays, my husband & I went there yesterday the posted hours show Tuesdays they are closed. No worries VB we will be back we have experienced Tylers fare & look forward to trying his again in a new environment! Welcome to the neighborhood! 😉

  17. Teacher says:

    Cape Fear Community College

  18. sargewillis says:

    Teacher: No not Cape Fear Community College, Cape Fear Culinary Institute, same name but different institutions. I have eaten food prepared by Tyler many time in the past and have found him to be a excellent Chef, not a cook, but a class A Chef, there is a difference.

  19. I had one of the best new York strips of my life from chef Tyler , I sure hope you add steaks to your menu, good luck valley bistro, can’t wait to try one of Tyler’s creations.

  20. A Neighbor says:

    We went to the new restaurant to support a new business in our community.
    Sadly, the food was not very good.
    We will give it another try because we believe strongly in supporting Berryville businesses. I read somewhere that 70% of each dollar spent in Berryville stays in Berryville.

  21. The Bold Truth says:

    Welcome VALLEY BISTRO- have enjoyed 2 very good meals- love the mashed potatoes, french fries and my entire family has enjoyed 2 very good meals there in the last 2 weeks. Can’t wait to for all the fresh vegatables and farm raised meats to be served. Like the fact that I can get a real meal at 830 or 900 pm at night-some of us working family’s like late hours. Great JOB so far- love that corn salad too- Bring on the Steak dinners- and the credit card machine. Not sure who Tyler is -but am enjoying his creations so far- I love that you are using recipes from Clarke’s own -guest Chef’s would be cool too!!!

    To the rest of you negative losers-who find it necessary to put your crappy comments on a website and not communicate verbally to a manager of your dislike- (so they can improve)- go eat somewhere else- and leave more room for us- and oh yeah it’s called constructive critism- don’t be SCARED to share it- it’s called being a mature adult. Born and Breed CC- love to support family owned and operated business’s in Clarke-

    • Dmaxnjackson says:

      How can someone be born in Clarke County? Do we have a hospital that I do not know about?

      • Realistic Joe says:

        I know of a family that out of their 4 children two were born at home in Clarke Co. It does still happen.

      • LongTimer says:

        Most of my family was born in Clarke County. No goin’ to the hospital to have a baby!!! No siree. And remember, lots of women choose to use midwifes. I know some of ’em!!!

  22. A Neighbor says:

    I didn’t realize that stating my opinion and communicating that my meal was less than appealing qualified me to be a “negative loser”.
    Not that it is any of your business; however, I did verbally communicate my concern to the server and she was extremely responsive and apologetic.
    I would respond with a similar attack on you and your myopic point of view however you really aren’t worth the time. “Born and Breed CC” … pretty funny. Probably meant born and bred unless you have a slew of children in your wake.
    You seem to have quite an emotional response to someone’s objective opinion. You, sir, are the reason that many people within this town refuse to share their personal and objective opinions.
    Mature adults don’t attack another’s opinion for no reason … it’s called boorish. That’s in the dictionary under “B”.

  23. Reality truth says:

    How do you know they didn’t let them know? Not all taste buds are the same and it is their opinion.

    Do you really know what constructive critism is? I believe thats what they gave smarty pants.

    Telling someone to go eat somewhere else is rude and not your place to say. If somebody doesn’t like the food there is that how theyre going to be spoken to in the bistro? GO EAT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!
    You need to grow up and have some manners.

    Theres 2 other resturants that serve until 9pm, their food is real. But obviously not owned by someone close to you. Why would someone be scared? You’re not cool.

  24. The Bold Truth says:

    Funny Stuff- I am not close to anyone at that restaurant and enjoy many food establishments in Berryville- I am just proud of the “Farm to Fork” method and believe that people are to quick to judge without appropriately following courteous protocol. Talk about manners – must of struck a nerve on my opinion and should have not used the word loser-but my point was made. Constructive criticism is criticism kindly meant that has a goal of improving some area of another’s person’s work-you provide this as a method of feedback in order for someone or something to improve- not place hurt or negative comments that can impact someones business in such a way to defame or put an idea out in public view that allows it to become a negative impact on thier business without thinking through the process first!!!!!

    I serisously doubt in the customer service world that you would be told to eat somewhere else by the employee of such an establishment- that’s why I put it out there myself- I have been called lots of “B” words in my life- but boorish- never-LOL I will use my uncultured ways and say “Thank you” Neighbor for the comments. “Please” go eat somewhere else- and if you wish to communicate your opinion feel free to do so-“Please” just ensure that you have given it a fair shake- “Pelase” go transplant yourself somewhere else if you dont like the people and establishments here from us “Born & Breed” who make this community what it is- “safe-secure-beautiful-clean-friendly-family orientated”. and oh yeah -don’t want to be boorish like so i will say “thank you” for allowing me to contribute my sentiments out loud!! Have a great day

  25. A Neighbor says:

    “Pelase” go transplant myself?
    For what? Sharing my opinion in a civilized manner?
    Welcome to Clarke County! God forbid constructive criticism is levied and an opinion shared to try to make things better.
    Maybe you are the one that should transplant yourself to Never-Never-land where everything is perfect and where no one says anything that you don’t want to hear.
    The day I need direction from you on how to communicate I will indeed transplant myself … to the loonie bin.
    Further proof positive that our schools need additional funding for textbooks so that the youth of Clarke County can join the real world and not be mired or doomed to Never-Never-land.

  26. Reality truth says:

    Theres the true colors of a BREED!! LOL Go transplant yourself somewhere else if you dont agree with a Breed.

    This is a fine example of the welcoming newcomers get. You’re clueless who is new or RAISED here.
    Thank you for giving me more proof on what the attitudes are here towards anyone that doesnt agree with a breed.

    Tell me what was friendly about your comment/attack? Name calling yup thats friendly!!
    Safe and secure 7 homes were robbed in my neighborhood of 20 homes last summer.
    Clean lol theres beer cans thrown all over this County! You’re out of touch!

    As for your first comment here on CDN, you’re not fooling anyone!

  27. The Bold Truth says:

    Seriously- You 2 are very funny!!! Pinched a big nerve!! It’s like desperate housewives. yep that’s right %$##@ with one of our own and we get a little red- just like all our beer cans and robbery’s around this slum area that you moved to!!! Cracking me up – us hillbilly’s need A edumakation- that’s why you moved here right? I like PBR and Boone’s Farm Sangria WINE -[redacted]- No one was saying you couldn’t have an opinion but make it fair.[redacted] Your gonna have to get up really really early in the morning if you think you are ever going to insult me by insinuating that we have problems with our way of thinking and protecting our own. Have a great day!! 🙂

    P. S. Some people who were not born ( Yes ~Dmaxnjackson- not all people give birth in hospitals) -and raised in this county are happy and blend well with us- you don’t even know that they were transplanted.

  28. Realistic Joe says:

    And then, a warm deep voice resounds with “Now kids, if you can’t play nice together then everybody can go home”.

    Hey, it worked for my granddaddy.

  29. A Neighbor says:

    Bold truth …. my original post:
    “We went to the new restaurant to support a new business in our community.
    Sadly, the food was not very good.
    We will give it another try because we believe strongly in supporting Berryville businesses. I read somewhere that 70% of each dollar spent in Berryville stays in Berryville.”
    I don’t believe that was an unfair post. In response you referenced “negative losers”.
    One of our own? pfft
    Have another porkchop.
    Honestly not worth the time or effort. Have a nice day.

  30. Valley Bistro says:

    Wow! I am amazed that all of this is still going on. To A Neighbor, I am so sorry your meal did not go well. Please do come by and try us again. If there are any problems, just let me know I am here almost every open hour of the day. To everyone else, I am so appreciative of your support. However, I did not open Valley Bistro believing everyone who walked in our doors would love the food. I am just hoping the majority will. We have had very positive feedback from our diners and many returns. Thanks! and….come our try our homemade desserts, sides, and delicious meals.

  31. Stonebroke says:

    I can’t believe that CDN continues to allow these post to continue against this business. (Good or No Good Just do the right thing and delete the whole post—totally classless on your behalf to let this continue!

  32. hhmmm... says:

    I’m with you there Stonebroke. It’s nice to be able to comment and discuss different opinions but this is getting a little silly. It’s fine to have different opinions. No law that says you have to agree…but there’s also no reason to act like children.

  33. Seriously, I at there recently. If they do not make some major changes, the place will only be there 6 months. The menu offers no “farm to fork” foods. Where are the local meats, eggs and veggies? French fires, mac n cheese, store bought sandwich meats and cheeses? Not healthy and local to me, just another greasy Mackenzies, IMO.

  34. Valley Bistro says:

    Dear John,

    Cole slaw – fresh cabbage from Clarke
    Strawberry shortcake – Fresh strawberries from Clarke
    Hamburger – from Frederick Co
    Sausage – from Frederick Co
    Zucchini and Squash in stir fry and pasta – fresh from Clarke
    Scallions – Fresh from Clarke
    Pies – fresh from Clarke
    Corn and blackberries on menu this weekend- fresh from Clarke

    I will gladly accept anyone’s opinions on our food. However, I draw the line at ignorance of my menu ingredients leading to lies. And, all of your food was served by young adults fresh from farms in Clarke. And, prepared by family members fresh from Clarke. If it is in season, we are using it from Clarke. Just haven’t found any macaroni farms yet.

    • Mr Mister says:

      It is great that you are using local products. It is about time someone stepped up and opened a storefront using local. I hope you do well because if you do then the locals do as well. We’ll be by soon.

    • Okay, corn is no where ready for harvest in Clarke. Please be honest. Pies can be made from ingredients anywhere. Cheese, bread, sandwich meats? I agree some of your stuff comes local, but, c’mon, no where near the majority. Steak, ham, chicken? Young adults fresh from farms in Clarke? That means nothing as far as the food goes.
      Your improvements are welcome

      • jennifer says:

        Sorry you missed the farmers’ market last week John. Corn IS in and we DO HAVE local farms that raise beef, chicken, lamb and pork. I just bought a fresh farm chicken from Life Abundant Farm on Saturday. The pies at the restaurant are made fresh locally, I believe by Geneva Jackson (she is at the market too). Can’t necessarily say where all her ingredients are from though. Heck, you can even get locally milled flour here in Clarke.

        Check it out sometime

        I had lunch there the other day and the blt was wonderful. Lots of fresh bacon from nearby, I forget the name of the farm now but they told me at the time. The fresh cut fries were like boardwalk fries but deliciously seasoned.

        5 stars imo.

        • jennifer, i go to the farm market EVERY Saturday. If you’re talking about that “early” corn, it’s not very good. To correct you, there is no local pork at the CC farmers market. There used to be when Briarsfarmstead was there. Now you can get chicken and beef. I doubt the bistro gets it’s chickens locally. But hey, it’s something they can set as a goal. I buy all of my meats locally (it’s the only meat I consume) so please spare the education on local farms supplying beef etc.

          5 stars? you need to get out more often, IMO

          • jennifer says:

            Sorry John, you said that corn was “no where ready to harvest” in Clarke county and that was simply incorrect. I purchased some of the Mackintosh’s “early” corn last weekend and it was good IMHO)

            I don’t see how you have any way to know where the Bistro gets its chicken. There is local chicken. They say they use local meat as available so you really have no way of knowing. You are basing your opinions on what exactly? And just because there is not currently local pork at the farmers market does not mean it is not raised locally and sold by other means.

            And by 5 star, I mean in a local way not “Hell’s Kitchen”. I get out as much as I care to thank you.

          • Jessica Ross says:

            We buy chickens from Life More Abundant Ranch, too, and they are our close friends. He plans on selling his chickens, quail, and rabbits to local restaurants, and they are delicious. He’s already selling to the Locked Store, and they love doing business with him.

          • Rabbits? that’s terrible. pets not food

          • Actuall, when properly prepared, rabbit is quite delicious!

          • You could say that about any kind of meat, doesn’t mean we should eat it.

  35. Valley Bistro says:

    Call MacIntosh Farms, that are having corn and blackberries ready for this weekend:-). I know this because I am in contact with the farmers weekly to check up on what’s coming up. Sorry about the lunch meats, they are what they are for now. Steak comes from Shenandoah county:-). And, we are raising hogs and feeding out beef and lambs ourselves so we can take care of some more of your concerns. As for the children from farms, yes it does concern farm to table. One of the biggest challenges in the Ag industry in Clarke County is trying to keep our youth interested in staying in our community and continuing farming traditions. By seeing how using local products is viable, these young adults are learning they can have a future here. I support local agriculture and children in this community and will put everything I have in continuing to do so. Love Clarke, love farming, and love our kids!!

    • Well Hope you always said you wanted to help people understand agricultural in Clarke County and it look like you are well on the way with that as well 🙂 Maybe John will see this as a learning moment.

      Good luck with the restaurant!

    • Seriously, good luck to you. Hopefully as the season goes on, you’ll have more to offer locally. And you’ll find ways to offer local sandwich meats. There are plenty of local chickens as well. You should post on your site or wall where your food comes from. I’ll be back.

  36. Another View says:

    Why are some so down on this restaurant? Do you have no other troubles such that you must constantly criticize this place? If you don’t like the food, don’t go!

  37. Uncle Jessie says:

    Valley Bistro-
    No need to reply to some of these fools on here- they’ll never be satisfied.

    Just keep offering a good product at reasonable prices- with a clearn and friendly atmosphere. The rest will take care of itself.

  38. Right on ,right on ,uncle Jessie. someone has too much time on his or her hands.

  39. Blossom Butt says:

    Just one more comment, I can think of no place in Clarke, or the surrounding counties, that provides fresh from the farm sandwich meat. Just doesnt happen because there isnt much of a market for it, because the prices would be too high.

  40. Teacher says:

    I sure hope that the local products all come for approved source per the USDA …The Laws Reads..

    Meat and poultry business operators who wish to sell their products to other businesses are required to be under continuous inspection. This means that their process is inspected every day during operations to ensure they are producing safe food. For example, in a slaughter operation, every animal must be inspected to determine that the meat comes from an animal free from signs of disease.
    Continuous inspection is required for any business that wishes to sell their products to other retail outlets, such as grocery stores, restaurants or other food service institutions. Virginia businesses that need to have this type of inspection have two options for inspection.

    I think MR. Clarke County Health Dept Agent needs to check into what they are serving the public !!!

    • greenhouse supporter says:

      Really…….you are trying awfully hard to harm the reputation of the Valley Bistro…..I for one wonder why? Do you really think that they are not aware of the regulations regarding meat production?

    • Blossom Butt says:

      No, they do not have to be inspected daily. Can you imagine the manpower that would take? I supposed to cut corners they probably drive around until they see some stray chickens, grab them up, stash them in the back in a coop, and they wring their necks each time there is an order……”dripping sarcasm”. Honestly, it would really be nice if you wouldnt hide behind your computer and at least explain why you seem to have such an ax to grind with a new business. Perhaps you are a local competitor?

  41. Valley Bistro says:

    The meat we get from Gore’s is bought from their retail store on Rt. 340 going into Stephens City on the right and is used by many in our area both restaurants and the general public. They are USDA approved. Our vegetables come from MacIntosh Farms on Russell Road who has their own kitchen facility on the premises. I would never dream of putting anyone’s health at risk by using shoddy buying methods which is one of the main reasons I went with Gore’s. They have been around forever and have a wonderful reputation in our area. I got to know them through the livestock sale at the Clarke County Fair where they buy multiple animals from the children there. They are wonderful people all the way around and i wanted to support one of those who support our community. thank you for your concern and I had a perfect inspection before opening and have had one of the agents eat here several times…. 🙂

  42. Another View says:

    Oh yes, please. Let us sic the government on these folks. We need more government.

  43. I don’t read these posts on a regular basis but I have to say something.. Just let them do their thing! To have the guts to even open a business in these trying times says something.. A restaurant will never be all things to all people but let them get their legs and see what happens… I applaud the fact they are trying to do local.. It is not easy..I Know! Stop with the bashing, I’ve been there …please let this rest and give them a chance..

  44. kellcsmith says:

    The vitriol found in the Comments Section of the Clarke Daily News never ceases to amaze me. As a citizen of Clarke County, I am embarrassed. What should be a “feel good” story about the seat to our home county has been allowed to devolve into a nasty, juvenile free-for-all. CDN, I’m just about ready to give up on you as a professional and well-intentioned news source.

    • “…CDN, I’m just about ready to give up on you as a professional and well-intentioned news source.”

      You are assuming, of course, that they really ever were?

  45. Mr Mister says:

    We ate there last night and I must say, they are the best in town! Now there is a place in town that we will frequently dine.

  46. Sam Card says:

    I wish Valley Bistro the best of luck. WELCOME to Berryville! I came by on a sunday after church and the restaurant was totally full. That tells me something. The owner was very polite and inviting and the fruit looked fresh. The customers looked happy and satisfied. Despite a lot of competition, Valley Bistro is taking a risk . They are meeting high standards of quality, service and cleanliness. I applaud their effort to serve locally produced food. Geneva Jackson sells delicious home made pies at the saturday morning Berryville Farmers Market. Maybe Boyce could have a friday evening Farmers market.

  47. This whole thread is amazing. And, sadly this stuff has been going on in Berryville/Clarke for years.

    I moved away from it, to east of Wilmington, NC. Funny.

    Tyler, I have had what you have prepared. It was good. Keep going forward. Don’t let this BS get you down. BTW, CB, Wilmington is great, isn’t it?

    VB, keep moving forward too. When I pop back into Bville, I will stop in for a bite.

    I wish you all the best.