Vandal Crime Spree Needs to End

If you read the Berryville weekly police reports, you may have noticed the strings of “vandalism” for the past several weeks. This has been the act of minor theft of yard lights and other various items (including scooters) that has been happening in the Battlefield Estates area of Berryville (aka the Food Lion houses.)

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I am writing to CDN because I am trying to raise awareness and catch the suspects who have been jeopardizing the safety of our neighborhood. Not all acts of vandalism have been reported or noticed, but from what I’ve read, talked to from the police, and asked my neighbors, this has to have affected at least 20 homes.

Please help stop these teenagers!



CDN Editor: The author of this letter requested anonymity because, according to the author, “I also spoke with the chief of police who says that the same vandals are ringing doorbells in the middle of the night then running away.”


  1. Listen up! says:

    Walnut Street and Rice have been targeted as well. I think extra patrols are needed. If you see any kids out after 10pm I am calling the police because they are out after the town curfew. I would encourage the whole town to do the same…… Also please call the police if you notice anything missing out of your yards. Don’t just assume its being handled. It all needs to be reported, so when these kids are Caught, and they will be Caught, they will be dealt with accordingly!

    • James Kerby says:

      Clearly all of us teenagers are bad apples who do nothing but vandalize public property. We should all be locked up just for the sake of crime prevention.
      Who’s to say this isn’t the work of old people in Buicks? Nobody ever suspects them.

      • Most of the old people drive Cadillacs or Camrys anymore.

      • Old people in Buicks … Is that anything like slackers playing video games, dancing flower children, bottle-throwing rockers, or duck-tailed greasers on loud motorcycles? Or even rock-painting high schoolers, to keep it local.

        Stop whining about the down-trodden youth. Yours isn’t the first generation to feel the heat.

  2. hoopsfan says:

    same bunch that throws chocolate pudding on signs?

    • I’m sorry, but for some reason that struck me as kinda funny

    • been here a long time says:

      are you sure that it is pudding on the signs? I think it might be paint balls.

      • Hopefully it’s not soemthig else that’s brown and splatters…………………….

        • That’s exactly what I thought too, Sarge.

          Don’t the people that do those “snack pack attacks” know that there are starving people in the world?

          • Anonymous 1 says:

            Really is that what they are doing? I sold two kids two full boxes each of Snack Pack pudding at Food Lion a couple weeks ago….thought it was a little weird, but didn’t know it was for vandalism! I will have to alert the authorities next time! Which I almost do regularly, as the kids are not supposed to, and not allowed to just hang out in the Food Lion parking lot.

  3. Duh...winning! says:

    Parents, keep a closer eye on your kids late in the evening. AND…if and when they’re busted, don’t cry “Foul!” and try to blame others or otherwise get them off the hook. It’s about respecting the property of others and the Golden Rule.

  4. Aimee Evans says:

    Yeah they threw chocolate pudding at our door too…I understand from other teens that that’s call snack pack attack,or something like that….It dried up,before I saw it(we use back door alot) and then it was a real pain to remove!

  5. lovethisplace says:

    Now here is a fairly decent argument for year round school. 3 week breaks throughout the year and only a month off. Poor babies are bored so sit their buttinsky in a classroom

    • Travis Goodwin says:

      Yeah…because the vandalism is only happening between the hours of 8AM and 3PM? Really??? Gimme a break…year-round schools has its benefits, but it doesn’t take the place of parents actually parenting their kids and keepin tabs on the little blighters.

      • nancy martin says:

        “little blighters”? Mr. Goodwin, if you were my parent and I your child, I would be slipping out the window away from you and anyone in that household who referred to me as a blight: a curse, scourge, a plague. Yeah, we may be your future, but you are definately our past.

        • Righteous indignation and age in a reverse correlation … Unique.

          Nancy, like I posted earlier your’s is not the first generation to feel the oppression of your elders. Btw, the Brits don’t place such a negative connotation on the term blighter as you suggest, and it certainly is of British origin.

          And please don’t slip out the window in the middle of the night. Some of the more irrationally zealous among the posters have their weapons at ready. But then again, you wouldn’t be the first to suffer a blast of rock salt from some old codger for raiding his truck garden. Take that one from an experienced elder. 🙂

          Finally, if the youngsters posting want to be a part of the solution, help out by discouraging your peers (or at least don’t encourage), or better yet work with a local adult in the neighborhood to help with late night watchdogging.

        • Travis Goodwin says:

          Wow…a little hypersensitive, aren’t we? It’s British slang for rascals.

          blight·er –noun (British Slang) .
          1. a contemptible, worthless person, especially a man; scoundrel or rascal.
          2. a chap; bloke.

          Perhaps a bit harsh, but perhaps rather apt, given the mischief these teens are getting into. Ding-dong ditch. Snack pack attack. Whatever it is, it’s a nuisance, shows a lack of respect for others, and reflects poorly not just on them but also on their parents.

  6. Teenagers? I instantly assumed the vandalism was the work of bored 50-somethings! If you see ANY suspicious activity it should be reported to the police regardless of the assumed age of the perp. Curfew (I could be wrong on this) is 11 or 12 on non-school nights (I.e. summer) and 10 on school nights. Again, don’t quote me on that. Maybe you anonymous adults are trying to take the heat off yourself.

    • Tammy Lanham says:

      Hey Reid- good point! Could be anyone… although scooters may be a bit hazardous for the 50-somethings so we must indeed look out for each other:)

      I am all for staying alert during the summer months, looking out for your neighbors, behaving appropriately after dark AND locking up the outside toys… we are having our own problems up here on the mountain…. but am not so sure it’s all about boredom. Some people are just downright irresponsible and know for a fact it’s not just teenagers- glad to see an article to make neighbors aware of the problem.

      I’m not so keen on the year-round school idea (some of us needed these nine weeks to re-energize, connect with family and take extra classes/camps and explore the world beyond Clarke County, ‘ya know?)

      Here’s to long days, relaxing vacations/staycations with family and lasting friendships despite the odds…

    • livein22611 says:

      Stop whinning. We “50-somethings” are in bed when these things happen because We Have To Go To Work. And participating in a snack-pack-attack is beneath us. Really.

    • Poor Reid … There’s little call for adolescent comedy writers, but A for effort anyway. Keep trying mister.

      • You’re kidding, right? That wasn’t even REMOTELY funny.

        Besides, if it is the work of non-teens, then they have absolutely no imagination whatsoever.

        • another view says:

          It must be teens. Adults would use the old fashion, instant pudding you have to mix with milk.

  7. Naked Truth says:

    Walnut and Dorsey is the hotbed of late-night activity. Always a group of kids hanging around. I’ve seen these kids knocking on doors and running away many times. I have also called the police to report them many times. I would like to see this area patrolled more.

  8. hoopsfan says:

    rumor from my high school er its pudding…

  9. Walnuter says:

    Walnut? a hotbed of late-night activity? Really!? I need not sleep so deeply on this quiet street!

    • Well, in the current Berryville Police report, 3 incidents were listed on Walnut Street:
      Juvenile offenses
      Fireworks complaint

      There was also a Suspicious Activity on Walnut Street reported to the Clarke County Sheriff’s office recently.

      Better lock your doors and keep your firearms handy!!

    • Naked Truth says:

      I’d post the address for you but it would get redacted. Though I did give you the corner.

      • Rice St. Resident says:

        well, the police drove by at least 4 times last night (4pm-10pm) on Rice Street alone… so I would say the patrols have increased.

  10. Mystery Inc says:

    For those who are arguing against the vandals being teenagers, I just want to state the it is the Police confirming they suspect a group of young white male teenagers, not 50 year olds in Buicks.

  11. Because I Care says:

    And for those of you insinuating that Buicks are exclusively for old people, my first car was a 1970 Buick Skylark that I got when I was 16. It was fast and I made it loud. The old neighbors still complained about it, despite it being a Buick.

  12. Oh Yeah says:

    If I see someone in my yard, its gonna be some trouble for them…. And trust me, Walnut Street and Rice Street is on the look-out. The house on the corner of Walnut and Dorsey is where they all hang out if I am mistaken…. Call the police if you see any group of teenagers out and about in the areas of Battlefield Estates and Walnut Street past 10pm!!!!!! Call them ASAP!

    • Naked Truth says:

      There must be 10-15 kids at the house on the corner of Walnut and Dorsey on the weekend. These kids come and go all hours of the night. I don’t think the parents are even aware, or they don’t seem to care. It almost seems this house is set up for troubled teens. I’m fine with teens unless they are ringing my bell and running through my yard. I did have chewing gum all over my car windows and my side mirrors knocked out of place. I have seen basketball hoops lying in the middle Walnut st in the early morning hours.

  13. sargewillis says:

    The problem is we don’t have anything for kids to do after the pool closes, too bad the roller rink is gone. I believe most kids try to be good, but they are just bored.

  14. Bored, or not very creative?

    If the adults who post about punitive action and arming themselves really care, they’ll do what Jim Hartung did many years ago.

    [If no one pipes up with an explanation, I’ll post about Jim. He was the best!]

  15. Mystery Inc says:

    Having grown up here, I can tell you the roller rink was not a popular hang out for teenagers.

    • Jessica says:

      I have to disagree…when I was a teenager in the mid 90’s that was the place to be and had been for years previous and I do think it gave kids something to do…at least on a Friday night.

      • Mystery Inc says:

        Well growing up in the late 90s, early 2000s…I can say roller skating was no longer a thing.

  16. I grew up on the streets. Without destroying peoples property. At times I did get bored, but I had been taught to first respect myself and then to respect other people. A lot of younger folks today have not been taught to think in this manner or else they choose not to listen. Some parents just don’t care. They find their children and others to be a burden. So if their kids are out of sight their out of mind. When trouble comes, it’s why are you picking on me.

  17. Why did it take a resident to write about this? This is headline news for 2 days on another local website!
    How are we suppose to be on the look out if we dont know anything about it? CC police reports come out way past the fact/crimes. The residents need more facts and need the info when it happens, not weeks later.

    The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office is reporting an increase in the number of day-time burglaries.

    Sheriff Tony Roper says jewelry is being stolen from residence.

    More than 16 burglaries have been reported since June 17, 2011.

    The burglaries have happened on Allen Road, Castleman Road, Browntown Road, Carters Line Road, Stringtown Road, Gun Barrel Road, Senseny Road, Red Gate Road, Pyletown Road, Salem Church Road, Swimley Road, Millwood Road, and Wickliffe Road.

  18. Mystery Inc says:

    The burglaries is serious business. I know that the police department has had it’s hands full but when it comes to the vandals, They were caught in the act of “door bell ditch” and the police just gave them a two minute talk and let them go. Maybe next time you could at least drive them home since it was after curfew and let their parents know what they were doing.

    If our police can’t handle small time vandalism, how are they suppose to handle bigger crimes like the burglaries.