VDOT Announces Clarke County Road Plans

Last week the Virginia Department of Transportation presented its five year secondary road system improvement plan for Clarke County. The plan includes five major projects as well as a hard surface project for Ebenezer Road on the Blue Ridge.

The VDOT plan also identifies improvements for Allen Road, however, the funding for the two projects has not been identified.

“If funding for Allen Road becomes available the Board of Supervisors can authorize the work at its discretion” said Ed Carter of VDOT’s Edinburg Residency office.

Supervisor Pete Dunning (White Post) again voiced his opposition to replacement of the Old Winchester Road Bridge on Route 723.

“I’m on record against replacing that bridge” Dunning said.

Carter, who has faced Dunning’s ire in recent meetings over the bridge replacement was prepared with a response; “VDOT is looking at all options for repairing or replacing the bridge.”


Major Projects

Route 636 (Westwood Rd / Mosby Blvd) from 0.16 miles south Rt. 7 Business to 0.39 miles north Rt. 7 Business

Area: Town of Berryville                           Average Traffic: 560

Description: Reconstruction           Cost: $3,423,200                           Tentative Date: January, 2012

Comment: Approximately $150,200 short on funding


Route 604 (Ebenezer Road) from south Rt. 607 to.4 miles south Rt. 607

Area: Bluemont                                                           Average Traffic: 100

Description: Reconstruction           Cost: $815,559                                   Tentative Date: October, 2010

Comment: Fully funded under rural rustic concept


Route 761 (Old Charlestown Road) at Frederick/ Clarke Co line

Area: Average Traffic: 1200

Description: Replace bridge structure       Cost: $1,366,492                             Tentative Date: June, 2017

Comment: Federal Funds


Route 723 (Main Street) from 0.13 miles east of Rt. 340 to 0.16 miles east of Rt. 340

Area: Town of Boyce                  Average Traffic: 1000

Description: New sidewalk, curb & gutter                       Cost: $144,468     Tentative Date: September, 2011

Comment: Federal Funds


*Route 723 (Old Winchester Road) from.05 miles east county line to .05 miles west county line

Area: Average Traffic: 880

Description: Replace bridge structure       Cost: $1,258,038                             Tentative Date: October, 2014

Comment: Federal Funds (*listed in Frederick County Secondary Plan)


New Hard Surface Projects

Route 604 (Ebenezer Road) from 0.4 miles south of Rt. 607 to intersection with Rt. 605 (length 1.4 miles)

Area: Bluemont                              Average Traffic: 100

Description: Potential Rural Rustic                     Cost: $280,000                                     Tentative Date: May, 2012


Unprioritized / Unfunded Projects

Route 639 (Allen Road) from Rt. 611 to .09 miles west Rt. 611 (length 0.9 miles)

Area: Average Traffic: 170

Description: Potential Rural Rustic                     Cost: $180,000


Route 639 (Allen Road) from .09 miles west Rt. 611 to intersection Rt. 632 (length 1.67 miles)

Area: Average Traffic: 170

Description: Potential Rural Rustic                     Cost: $334,000




  1. ElinorDashwood says:

    I would appreciate it if someone could explain how one bridge has 880 in average traffic and the other can have 1200 average traffic when the two bridges are about two hundred yards apart and there is no where to turn off between the two.
    So Mr. Dunning is opposed to the bridge work. Not surprising as his farm is situated so that he has no need to ever use it. Meanwhile, some of us use it on a daily basis and would rather it not crumble while we, or someone we love is crossing it.

    • ElinorDashwood says:

      My mistake about the bridges. I misread and thought they we talking of the two both on Old Winchester Road.

  2. Dmaxnjackson says:

    I is obvious that Dunning has not even seen or crossed the bridge. I was by there the other day and really took a look at it. That thing looks like it is ready to fall apart,glad I dont cross it every day. Just goes to show you he does noty care about people on the other end of the county.

  3. CC native says:

    You both know where Pete Dunning actually lives, don’t you? Let me tell you, it’s not the other end of the county. My problem with the plan is that vdot wants to make the bridge 2 lanes. That is a very bad idea. There is this concept, i believe it is called TRAFFIC CALMING. Adding a lane is not going to help with people’s speeds, and people already fly through there like crazy. I know! We should make it a ford like it used to be! Then we wouldn’t worry about it “crumbl[ing] while we, or someone we love is crossing it”!

  4. ElinorDashwood says:

    I know exactly where he lives and the road he lives off of connects directly with rt. 50 so he has no need of going down Old Winchester road and over the bridge in order to get to Winchester, like those of us that live in Boyce proper. I also agree that the one lane/traffic calming is absolutely necessary on the road. I also imagine the torrential rains we have had over the last month have decreased the lifespan of the bridge (Old Winchester) exponentially.
    CC, when you say ford, do you mean like low water bridge on Dismal Hollow?

  5. Mimi Stein says:

    There are other options. The Hibbs Bridge and Aldie Bridge projects in Loudoun demonstrate that VDOT doesn’t have to build to the overengineered “current VDOT standards” which are best left to urban and suburban arterial and collector roads. Instead, it is possible to replace worn out infrastructure with modern engineering that retains the aesthetics of the original, including the single-lane crossing if that is desired by the community, possibly for a fraction of the cost. To my mind, this is the obvious win-win compromise.

  6. Richie Blick says:

    Personally I like the charm and feel of crossing low, single lane bridges. But I don’t have to cross them every day or in bad weather. It will be sad if they all disappear. I think the supervisors should ask the residents and not base their decision on their personal opinion or belief. They are in office to speak with the voice of the people. Not themselves. When someone is in office for decade after decade, they do things their way. It is habit.

  7. Richie Blick says:

    SO Town of Berryville, I have lived here for 13 years and have been told every year that Sidewalks, Curbs, Gutters and water runoff management for EAST MAIN STREET has continued to be on the 6-year plan, every year. Even when you built an industrial park off of EAST MAIN STREET without it having direct access to any highway, and then banned tractor trailor’s from WEST MAIN, sending them ALL of them down EAST MAIN STREET. ALL without even considering the impact on residents and businesses here walking or biking from the neighborhoods. Where is our sidewalks to keep us safe with these huge trucks whizzing by? You allow repaving and repaving to the point that the road is a foot higher in the crown than the land alongside it creating massive runnoff and standing water with no where to go. Where are our curbs and gutters? Yet you replace a huge area of sidewalks in front of county owned buildings (old library) that is rarely used and now Boyce is getting new sidewalks. Then the intersection improvements at Jack Enders and East Main – but then it stopped there. What are you doing for me? Put the tax revenue you get from this industrial park into a BASIC FEATURE like a sidewalk – we would settle for a gravel path winding around trees etc… We do not need formal straight concrete either. Is it going to take someone getting hit, run over or killed before you act?

  8. I live on W Main in Boyce (for over 10 years) and with the first heavy rain all those years ago, discovered that the sidewalk in front of my house becomes a river when it’s raining. Some maladjusted civil engineer, in his or hers infinite wisdom thought it would be a good idea to make the road a foot higher than the sidewalk. I had to put in a walkway from my driveway to the side of my porch because the water can be as deep as your ankles, no lie. Strangely enough, our sidewalk is the only property affected as it runs in at my neighbors driveway and back out onto the road through mine, which has eroded my entrance to the point of looking like a dry creek bed. The water that goes back out onto the road turns into a huge lake in front of the bank and post office. I’ve watched many a car lose control when hitting the water, so I am ecstatic that the county is fixing this.
    SO, I feel your plight Mr. Blick but have to say a big THANK YOU to whoever was helpful in getting Boyce sidewalks and the water runoff issues fixed.