VDOT Briefs Town Council Before Public Hearing on Mosby

As snow fell in Berryville Tuesday evening, VDOT representatives appeared before the Town Council to brief members on the Mosby Boulevard project in a preview of the public hearing that will be held tonight. The project recently hit a snag as VDOT was forced to ask the Clarke County School Board for additional easements in order to complete the road. This resulted in a flurry of activity and discussions about the project. Negotiations have continued in the interim and according to Town Manager Keith Dalton, “I think probably in the last two weeks because of the good work from VDOT and their contractor RK and K, this plan has really started to gel”

VDOT resident engineer Jerry Kopp responded saying, “I do feel like we have come a long way in the last two or three weeks and it is more about the stakeholders coming together, working together real hard, and trying to…I’ll say compromise to try to figure out what’s best.”

There have been several changes to the preliminary design that was displayed before the council at last night’s meeting. The roundabout which will handle traffic at the intersection of Westwood and Main Street has been moved approximately 8 feet west to provide better alignment with existing roads. Also the multi-purpose path has been positioned on the inside (south side) of Mosby, closest to the school. This was sticking point in previous meetings with the school board as it would encroach on the school property and ball fields.

Images courtesy of VDOT

A high resolution PDF version of this image can be downloaded here

Councilman Alan Kitselman asked Kopp if there will be streetlights along Mosby in this plan.
Mr Kopp replied, “The only plan for street lights is at the roundabout. Whatever the requirements are for the lighting at the roundabout is all that we are including in this project.” He added, “We don’t have the funding in the project for the streetlights. If others want to include street lighting and wanted to pay for it we would be open to that discussion.”

Town Manager Keith Dalton said, “It was my understanding that the design did include street lighting but that if there were insufficient funds the lighting would be one of the first items to be cut.”

Kopp said he would look into the issue but was clear that at this point there is no street lighting along Mosby included in the design.

Current funding level for the project is approximately $3.3 million which represents a funding shortfall of $250K. VDOT representative Ed Carter told CDN via email that this is not a firm number stating, “We won’t have the exact figures until after the public hearing and all comments/issues have been evaluated, all options explored and a final design agreed upon.”

The public meeting tonight will be held at the Berryville/Clarke County Government Center from 4:00 PM until 7:00PM. The format is different than the typical public hearing approach used by local government. There will be no presentation. The hearing will be a collection of VDOT technical representatives who will be available to answer specific questions regarding the project. Jerry Kopp told the council, “Designers, right of way experts, and environmental experts will all be on hand to answer questions from the public.”

Citizens who wish to make their comments part of the official record may speak with the court reporter who will be available at the meeting or they may fill out a form and submit it by mail within ten days of the meeting to have it included in the official record.


  1. What, exactly, is the purpose of this road?

  2. Has there been a reason given stating why the Mosby extension must be completed, even though no more housing is to be built, besides that it was in the original plans for Echolsville?

    I look at this picture and cannot for the life of me see any reason to extend Mosby, but then I’m no expert on this stuff either.

    • Sharon Strickland says:

      I wish you had attended the many years worth of meetings about Mosby. It was never intended by the builders to be a road that would go through. It ended at a point designed to close off the road. mr. Echols has defended his position on this matter time and time again. The residents of Battlefield Estates by a large number are opposed to running a BOULEVARD through a very quiet neighborhood. Children and senior citizens live along Mosby and the road if opened will bring danger to all residents. The plan upon which the town officials planned this road has not come to fruition. They keep talking about the four quads needed to finish the town. Show me the traffic. I will show you how many cars will now come through our neighborhood and we will be hosting all the traffic from WV and other travelers that will want to travel through our neighborhood to get to the fairgrounds, the pool, etc., and avoid a few lights in town. And, to add insult to injury, we residents, after many meetings, decided to be a good neighbor to a new high school. That was when we were told that the entrance would be off of Main Street. We chanted “Keep Main Street–Main Street” at all meetings. Then, we were told that the road would stop after Beauregard Court and we would just have drop off traffic for students at a gate. Now, the plans continue as the town seems to want and we are facing spending money for a road that is not needed. Keep Main Street, Main Street.

      • Before you speak for the residents of Battlefield Estates (BE), maybe you should get to know your neighbors a little better.

        I live in Battlefield Estates and have not a problem with Mosby continuing for a “BOULEVARD”, yes it is a “quite neighborhood”, however, how many years have you lived in the BE, not as long as some of us. So please speak for yourself and not all residents of BE. It would be greatly appreciated!

    • Fly on the wall says:

      That’s never stopped you from pontificating on other topics.

  3. Please, Please, don’t clog up Virginia’s roads with all of these “silly circles” like they have in Maryland and other parts of the world. They are treacherous for large vehicles, and for all vehicles during wet/freezing weather. In Maryland, they have hindered (not helped) traffic flow, and they are very confusing to drivers unfamiliar with the area and directions (particularly after dark). I have 7 such stupid circles within a mile of my house, and numerous times I have had vistors unable to find their way to our neighborhood. There have also been numerous accidents in the circles. A SIMPLE INTERSECTION, with either stop signs at the two side-streets, or traffic lights, IS BEST!! Please take this from someone who grew up in Berryville (and still visits there very often), and who has to deal with this absurdity in Maryland every day. Please also pass this along to those who are designing this new school entrance.

    • I too, thought like David. When VDOT installed roundabouts about a year or so ago on route 50 East past Aldie, I was afraid.

      I have yet to see one incident in them, and they have cut 20 minutes off my commute.

      Traffic circles are WONDERFUL!!!!

    • The problem with them is that very few folks here know how to use them. When I was stationed in England they were all over the place, even double roundabouts.

      The rules are pretty basic, when entering, vehicles have to yield to whoever is in the circle. And you have to realize that medium to big trucks are just going to hog the whole thing due to their turning radius, or lack thereof

      But overall they keep traffic moving much better than stop signs or traffic lights

  4. Fly on the wall says:

    The town should pony up the money for the street lighting, since they’re so doggone set for this road to be built. The schools are paying for enough with this thing.

  5. livein22611 says:

    The town manager wants Mosby and you-know-what will freeze over before he backs down on this. He doesn’t care if it’s needed or not. It’s in some old plan the town did year ago. Why update things? Except for that waste-water facility. OOps, off topic. Gotta go sell my right arm to pay my water bill.

    • My 2 Cents... says:

      I would gladly pay your water bill, if only you could pay my electric bill……. Talk about having to get a 5th job???? REC is a complete joke.. I have never paid the amount of money for electricity than I have since this takeover………. Is anyone else in this same boat or what????

      • I hear ya. As a “member/owner” of said cooperative, I don’t believed I approved a $25 increase in my bill per month. What a scam! And yes, we must have some really good water at these rates. And they will go up 5% a year for the next 5 years is it?

        As for Mosby, I’m on the fence. A road extension around the school will make it easier to drive by and admire the $500,000 worth of landscaping! 😉

      • Affected Resident says:

        Yes agree with you and REC being a rip off. We all need to complain to the VEC. I was told that they just reviewed mine. I am on the budget and went from paying $101 a month to $197. They estimated my usage one month at like 2400 used and the next month 13 used. So, what does that tell you. They estimate high, review your usage and up your budget amount to pay and then tell you they can’t review for another 6 months. Rip off – you bet. Don’t miss paying either. If you are on the budget and you miss one month you will be billed your entire bill and expected to pay by the due date or they will turn your electricity off. A relative missed her budget amount by 3 days and when she paid it they told her she had $800 +/- that she had to come up with. She was no longer allowed to pay the budget amount.

  6. Dmaxnjackson says:

    Bring on the extension. I will cut another 5 minutes off of my commute. Hey can you do anything about the light at Mosby and Food Lion, It seems a little slow her lately. If we can speed that up a little bit, I would not have to sit there that long.

  7. If only we could turn right on red at that light!! I always have to sit at that light.

  8. Affected Resident says:

    Being a resident affected by this round about, I asked who the genius was that thought up the round about in a school area where there are students walking and driving, school buses, etc. It may cut the commute, Rightwinger, but that is not in a residential area where there are children walking when you area talking Rt. 50 and Aldie at Gilberts Corner. Round Abouts may be good in some areas but I feel that 4-way stop signs or stop lights could be just as effective if not more effective and to me less costly. VDOT stated that they would have to take more land to have stop lights because turn lanes have to be put in along with having to make sure drainage and grading is done correctly. Drainage is already a problem because anytime you mess with the lay of the land it messes with drainage. 4-way stop signs should not take any more than what is there other than the continuation of Mosby. I just don’t get it.

    • Roundabouts allow for the CONTINUOUS flow of traffic. Lights at intersections are nothing but a nuisance.

    • livein22611 says:

      People do not behave nicely at four-way stops. They rarely know how to yield. I don’t think our younger drivers could handle a four-way stop any easier than round-about.