VDOT Notifies Contractors That Budget Impass May Stop Road Projects

Lombardy Street bridge, Support steel delivery. I-95 Richmond Bridge Restoration Project. (Photo by Tom Saunders, VDOT)

RICHMOND — The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) today began notifying its contractors they must prepare to suspend work should the state budget impasse continue.

The suspension could impact 473 construction and maintenance projects valued at $2.7 billion across the state. These are interstate, primary, urban and secondary road and bridge improvement projects.

VDOT is providing contractors with a two-month notice to wind-down their operations on a site. Since the current state budget will expire June 30, 2012, the two month wind-down period will begin May 1, 2012. VDOT has to begin the work suspension process in advance of the June 30 deadline so contractors have adequate time to stop work and get paid. It takes weeks to shut down construction projects because of extensive coordination involving VDOT and contractors regarding materials, heavy equipment, crews, work zones and several other factors.

The wind down period would be suspended and/or projects would resume once a state budget is in place for the next fiscal year beginning in July 2012. Should the state budget be approved Tuesday all projects will continue uninterrupted.


  1. Would that impact the work on the roundabout there by the new high school?