VDOT Warns of Delays on Route 7 in Loudoun

power-line-pole3State transportation officials are warning commuters traveling Route 7 in Louduon County that construction of Dominion Virginia Power’s 12-mile, high-voltage power line between Hamilton and Leesburg   will require periodic traffic stops of up to 15 minutes on Route 7 from mid-May through September.

Dominion Virginia Power is building the line from a new substation northwest of Hamilton, near the intersection of Berlin Turnpike and Route 7, to a substation off Cochran Mill Road east of Leesburg.   The work will require crews to string electric lines along about nine miles of VDOT roads, crossing them a total of 15 times.

All lanes of traffic in both directions will be stopped for up to 15 minutes when wires are pulled across roadways.   These traffic stops will be permitted only on:

  • Mondays from noon to 3:30 p.m.,
  • Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and
  • Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon.

“We are keenly aware of how these stoppages will create backups,” said Howard Massey, VDOT Permits Inspector for Loudoun County.   “Therefore we are limiting the hours of operation on weekdays and will not allow any road closures during rush hours, at night, on weekends or holidays.”
While the schedule for traffic stops is not complete, motorists can expect delays throughout the summer at these times and locations:

  • May 17- June 4: expect periodic traffic stops on Route 7 near the interchange at Hamilton Station Road in Hamilton


    Pulleys that will be used to install new power lines

  • June: expect periodic stops on Route 7 near the interchange of Route 9
  • July:   expect periodic stops on the Route 7 Bypass between Dry Mill Road and Route 15
  • August-September:   motorists will experience the most delays in this timeframe as workers string lines along Route 7 and the Bypass between Route 15 and River Creek Parkway.

Route 7 carries about 38,000 vehicles a day near Hamilton and 72,000 vehicles a day through Leesburg.

Dry Mill Road will be temporarily closed starting May 10
Dry Mill Road, from Route 9 to Woodburn Road, will be closed to thru-traffic for about five days beginning on or about May 10 while crews bury a transmission line under the road.   A six-mile detour will be in place while crews mill the road, dig a trench, install conduits, backfill trenches and repave the affected area.   Dominion will provide each resident along Dry Mill Road with specific details on the closure and its impacts.   Traffic volumes on Dry Mill Road range from 3,400 to 4,500 vehicles per day.


  1. Bubba D says:

    Why can’t they set themselves up to do the work outside of rush hour(s) and/or at night? Everywhere else seems to do this except Northern VA.

  2. Doug Gibson says:

    Probably because the daylight hours are more conducive to being able to see the connections, insulators, and other such things located that high up – and thus eliminates the blinding flood lights requisite on nighttime work that would impact neighboring homes.

  3. How did this project ever get approved? It is the most hideous travesty perpetrated on the skyline in recent memory. When people sleepwalk through public hearings things like this happen. This should be a lesson for PATH

  4. Will the times and dates of the “expected periodic stops” be announced on radio stations, etc. “WTOP traffic report”?

  5. Up North (the NY tri-state area) they do these kinds of major projects at night and on the weekends. But I guess we do not have the funding to pay the workers this way or to shift their work schedules for a 4-month stretch. They really should, considering that this is the main artery for commuter traffic coming out of Winchester and points North; like Frederick, Charles Town, Martinsburg, etc.


  7. Lineman 304 says:

    Do you like your ac in the summer? Do you like your heat in the winter? Do you like your electric at all? If you answered yes to any of these questions then STOP COMPLAINING! These guys are out here working there tails off in these miserable conditions to help inprove your electricity and all you want to do is complain. This powerline is for you. These guys come from hours away to do this. You could atleast have a little respect for them. I would almost guarantee that all of you that complain about it would be the first to call and complain if your power ever went out! I happen to be one of the guys thats building this line and all of us working on it are getting sick and tired or being yelled at, cussed off, and having people give us the finger just for building this line! We have to work for a living too! If you dont like the traffic being stopped for 15 minutes then take a detour! There are so many inconsiderate people in this area its not funny!

    • “This powerline is for you”, aah, sure it is. That’s like saying that power plant is for you, or that dam is for you. We should complain when the power goes off, that’s what we’re paying big $$ for. Hey lineman, you obviously have no concept of big business, and how they are using you to risk your life, (if that’s what you really do for a living) so go climb a pole!

  8. lineman 304 says:

    Well obviously the powerline, power plant, and dam are for you! Without them you wouldn’t have power at all… Hey John obviously you have no idea what your talking about. Ok I don’t know what big buisness is. Is it sitting in an office chair all day long in the a/c talking on the phone? Yea we might risk our lives everyday at work, but if we didn’t like what we do we would quit and find another job. Apperantly we like what we do for a living though, because we havn’t quit yet. They aren’t making us risk nothing. We are doing it because we want too. We’ll be back hard at it again in the morning, so maybe I will go climb a pole then. I doubt it though. Thats why we have condors and crane baskets on this job, so we dont have to climb nothing. Have a nice day sitting in your office chair talking on the phone in the a/c doing your ” big buisness” We’ll be sure to laugh at you while your cussing us while driving by, because you got stopped in traffic and had to wait 15 minutes. Lmao!