Video Feature: Eagles Rock Main Street!

The Clarke County High School Screamin’ Eagles blasted out holiday cheer for hundreds of Berryville parade watchers on Saturday.


Clarke County's own Screamin' Eagles rocked Main Street on Saturday - Photo Edward Leonard







  1. This was a Christmas Parade, not a holiday parade.

  2. trailriderone says:

    Why is this being referred to as a “Holiday” parade, it’s a “Christmas” and nothing else. Who is once again trying to change something that has been around for so very long. If “Christmas” is offending someone, then don’t live here, or go and have your own “holiday parade”. Leave the “Christmas” parade alone. I’m so tired of having to bend to make everyone else happy, well you’re making me mad, don’t my feelings or the feeling of those who want it called “Christmas” count for anything?

    And by the way, how come there are never any horses represented in the Berryville Christmas parade, besides of course the santa horse pullling the sleigh?

    CDN Editor: Check out the video for some great horse shots!

    • Unfortunatly our society is too politically correct to refer to things as Christmas anymore…it is always happy holidays this or have a great holiday that. We need people to remember what Christmas is really about. I think there were only 2 religious floats in the whole parade out of 30ish!

  3. dlc111077 says:

    There were several groups of horses in the parade this year. I believe there 2 groups of 4-H horses as well as some western riders towards the end. I think all the participants did a great job and there was a great turnout and the weather was perfect!! All in all, a good day to be from Clarke County!!

  4. Why do people feel the need to nit pick every word in the article:? There are at least 3 holidays in the month of December. Why *not* call it a Holiday parade??? And let’s not get into the old supposed war on Christmas argument. I’m sure the pagans would have something to say about their holiday being co-opted from them to begin with!

    In any case, it was a great parade! My son and I loved it.

  5. Regardless of the parade’s name, the band was fantastic!

  6. Dogma Karma says:

    Nit pick indeed. After all, “holiday” is a contraction of “holy day”. No one owns the calendar. Whether it is Christmas or Hanukkah, it is still a time for peace and celebration.

  7. Tom Witmark says:

    I have no problem saying “Happy Holidays” because I know which holiday I celebrate – Christmas. However, I have friends who light the menorah for Hannukkah, and some who just celebrated Ramadan. Within Berryville, and Clarke County by extension, are citizens who practice a variety of faiths. I’m glad to see my community be inclusive and welcome everyone. “If you don’t like it, get out” – – – yeah, there’s a Christian attitude.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the parade, my kids got a LOT of candy, and the weather was perfect. Well done, Berryville!

  8. Woo Hoo state champ band! You guys rocked! Can’t wait for the concert on Wednesday 🙂

  9. Aly Kerby says:

    Go Eagles! I’m proud to be a part of this band!


  11. Screamin' Eagle says:

    The Eagles had such a great season! All of the hard work and looong practices/rehearsals definitely brought us closer together. I love being able to recognize each face in the video of the Christmas Parade. Not every band has the family relationship that the Eagles have. I’m so honored to be a member of this group. Thank you, thank you, thank you, band, for always being there for me! Love you all!

  12. Sharon Strickland says:

    I was not going to enter into this debate but I must. All the people at the parade were waiting for one important float and that was the one with Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus if you prefer. He is considered a Christian symbol of the high holy day of Christmas so therefor, we were watching a Christmas Parade. He symbolizes gift giving just like the three kings that came to worship the baby Jesus. May be a simplified statement but it works for my family.

    • I believe the official title is “Holiday Parade”. That’s the way it is. Get over it.

    • Santa Claus is not a “Christian” symbol. Are you for real? Santa Claus is a multi million (billion) dollar marketing figure. Any Christian should be offended by your proclaiming Santa Claus as a symbol of a holy day.

  13. Tom Witmark says:

    Santa Claus is not really the “Saint Nicholas” of yore…at least, not in the modern way he’s used. He has become a secularized and commercialized symbol of the generosity of the holiday…with little focus paid on the original “Reason for the Season.” Heck…”Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” was initially a marketing song for Montgomery Ward.

    Christmas, as it’s celebrated today, is really an amalgam of traditions from many different cultures: the evergreens were initially from a pagan celebration; the Romans had “Io Saturnalia” and other cultures all had festivals that have seen elements absorbed into what we have now at Christmas (nee “Christ Mass”).

    All of that doesn’t change the fact that, today, our community is made up of a host of people who celebrate different faiths…several of which all have holidays around the same time period in December. Thus, having a “Holiday Parade” is alright, as it is inclusive. Is our community largely “Christian”? Sure…but just look at the variety of “Christian” churches there are: Catholic, Episcopal, Luthern, Baptist, Methodist, and a couple that are more evangelical. There are also those who follow the Jewish or Muslim faiths, as well as those who are atheists or practice some other form of worship. To me and my family, it’s more about respecting everyone. We know where we stand, as do our friends and those we meet. Part of living my faith is showing respect to those not like me…not unlike what Jesus did with everyone He came across.

    Happy Holidays (Christmas, Hannukkah, Festivus, whatever), and may 2012 be more blessed for you and yours!