Virginia Community Colleges Increase Tuition and Fees

784495_graduationThe State Board for Community Colleges, in a unanimous vote, set the 2010-2011 in-state tuition and mandatory fee rate at $109.50 per credit hour.   Further, the board voted to use federal stimulus money to offset that fee by $2.00 per credit hour.   As a result of those actions, in-state students will pay an additional $7.50 per credit hour beginning in the fall for a total of $107.50 per credit hour.   A full-time in-state student, taking a total of 30 credit hours, will pay an additional $225 for the academic year.

State funding has decreased for Virginia’s Community Colleges by $64 million through FY2010.   That is mitigated, in part, by $52.6 million directed to Virginia’s Community Colleges under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.   By the end of the next biennium, Virginia’s Community Colleges will have lost a total of $105 million in state funding.

“As a father of a student in Northern Virginia Community College, I can tell you that our community colleges are the most reasonably-priced option in Virginia higher education and that remains true with this new tuition rate,” said Mike Mohler, a member of the state board.

“This tuition rate is a responsible decision that will allow Virginia’s Community Colleges to balance the critical demands of affordability and accessibility,” said Gary C. Hancock, chairman of the state board.   “Our community colleges are pursuing an aggressive public agenda of increasing Virginia’s college graduation rate.   We are pursuing a large-scale effort to reengineer the way they operate.   We are staying true to their mission during a time of shrinking public resources.”