Virginia Expands Special Plates

Virginians will enjoy more options this year to display their community spirit, college pride or something about their personalities or hobbies through their special license plates.

The 2010 General Assembly authorized seven new special plates during the recent session. The fees for special plates range from $10 to $25, and can be a one-time or annual fee. The special plate fees are paid in addition to the regular vehicle registration fees.

Most revenue-sharing plates are $25. After 1,000 sets of qualifying plates are sold, $15 of every $25 paid to DMV for the plate is “shared” with the benefiting organization. In fiscal year 2009, specialty plates generated $2.78 million for the 52 organizations currently receiving disbursements from the revenue-sharing program.

In the coming months, the following new revenue-sharing special plates will become available for purchase from DMV. Their benefiting organizations are also listed:

  • Virginia Kids Eat Free — Virginia Kids Eat Free
  • Professor Garfield Foundation — Professor Garfield Foundation Fund
  • Trust Women/Respect Choice — Virginia League for Planned Parenthood Fund
  • Buy Local — Retail Alliance Foundation Fund
  • Virginia Recycling Association — Virginia Recycling Association Fund
  • Washington Capitals hockey team — Washington Capitals Charities Fund
  • Friends of Coal — Coal Worker Safety Fund

In addition to the new plates above, Virginia offers more than 200 unique special license plates representing the military, emergency personnel, fraternal orders, civic or community organizations, colleges and universities, conservationists, hobbyists and even amateur radio enthusiasts.

The top sellers in 2009 were Friends of the Chesapeake, Animal Friendly, Kids First, Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, the Washington Redskins and VDOT’s Operation Wildflower, which each generated more than $100,000 in shared revenue for their benefiting organizations. The Virginia Tech special plate was the top seller for revenue-sharing college plates generating $258,795 last year for university scholarships.

To view and order special plates, visit Or, complete and mail the License Plate Application (VSA-10) also found on DMV’s website.