Virginia Makes it Easier for Vacationers to Reach the Beach

Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that beginning Wednesday, May 23, motorists will be able to take the quickest route to the beach by following new signs that will display real-time traffic times.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will unveil six new electronic message signs in the Hampton Roads region to help motorists choose the quickest drive time to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront or the North Carolina Outer Banks.

“The ‘Reach the Beach’ initiative will help VDOT improve the overall traveler experience by providing updated travel times at key decision points approaching and leaving the beach,” said McDonnell. “This system will help travelers by providing them with the most reliable travel time information available and where possible, encourage them to use alternate routes that are less congested.”

“The signs are part of an ongoing initiative to improve the quality of transportation services in the commonwealth, and are being activated in time for the summer vacation travel season,” said Transportation Secretary Sean T. Connaughton.

Using a system that incorporates data from roadway sensors, Bluetooth devices, and data provided by INRIX, Inc., VDOT will display comparative travel times (in minutes) for two routes.  The six static roadside signs are positioned at strategic decision points at the following Hampton Roads locations:

·         I-64 eastbound at Denbigh Boulevard (2) in Newport News
·         I-264 westbound at First Colonial Road in Virginia Beach
·         I-664 at U.S. Route 58 eastbound (Bowers Hill) in Chesapeake
·         VA Route 168 northbound Chesapeake Expressway
·         I-664 south at Dock Landing Road in Chesapeake

Travel time information will also be available at Safety Rest Areas and Welcome Centers in Fredericksburg, Skippers and New Kent County to help motorists traveling from the Washington, D.C. and Richmond areas.

“VDOT’s key priority is to keep traffic moving particularly during the busy summer season as travelers are headed to the beach,” said VDOT Commissioner Greg Whirley. “Providing travel times gives motorists the information they need to figure out the best way to reach the beach.”

VDOT’s contractor Iteris provided the technology services for Reach the Beach signs.

VDOT has installed travel time signs in other areas of the state, including Interstate 95 between Fredericksburg and Washington D.C. and on Interstate 66 between I-495 and Gainesville. VDOT will continue to expand travel times to key destinations along interstates and highways throughout the commonwealth.


  1. Roscoe Evans says:

    Thanks, Governor Bob!

    I have no intention of visiting a Virginia beach this summer, but I still am impressed. Governor Bob read a summary of a complex transportation plan, leaving the details for explanation by the SecTrans, who actually understood them. Governor Bob can lead, and he can delegate. Thanks, Governor Bob. I thought you might rest on your laurels, after signing that abortion procedure bill. (I understand you’ve turned a simple abortion in to a two day adventure for women in distress. Bad for the poor women, but so what? It’s a boon to the Virginia travel industry.) But you’re still on the job. Keep it up, buddy, because the Vice Presidential nomination still is yours to lose. WhooHoo!

    Of course, this work is not a legitimate function of government, according to the anti-Big Government folks. But much of what our Governors do is just fluff. And you do fluff very, very well.

    Keep your barber, buddy. And thanks again.

  2. When will the Johnny Blues be removed from the 2 Rest Areas on 95 and the restrooms be reopened?

  3. Not a legitimate function of government? Building and maintaining highways, and placing signage on said is not a legitimate function of government? The technology behind this method is simple and inexpensive.
    Making the trip to the southern beaches easier will attract some over the bridge in Annapolis.
    Save the criticism for things such as spending 10 million bucks on studying the sexual habits of San Francisco Bay caterpillars and calling that a stimulus for the economy during a recession.

    • jennifer says:

      exactly where in the constitution are roads and highway signs, and simplifying trips to the beach?

  4. If this were a federal matter,
    Section 8. The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;
    To establish post offices and post roads;

    So, if federal money was contributed, it would seem constitutional.

    I looked and also didn’t see anything about HMO’s either……