Virginia Writers



Location:      Bon Matin, Berryville, Va

Date:              Beginning Saturday 21, Jan. then each following Saturday

Time:             9-11AM

Cost:              Purchase a cup of coffee or pastry

Contact Info:  Debra Gordon, 540-837-2902

Description: This is a jumpstart writing group to help you jump over the block, or to just gather for the fun of the craft.

Every Saturday, writers will gather at coffee shops in Berryville. Someone will pick a word or phrase out of a can, jar,  or the air, and everyone gathered must write a poem, story, paragraph, incorporating that word or phrase into their writing. We have twenty minutes to come up with something, and no, the time is not strict, but it is close.

This is to get your juices flowing, and to see what you can do. There is not much in the way of writer’s block that can withstand the imagination here, so come and join us.

At this time, we ask that people come who are 15 years of age and older. I am hoping that our group will include at least 7 people. I hope to see you .