Vogel Says Broy is a “No-Show” for Debates

Virginia Senator Jill Vogel says that she would be pleased to debate her Democratic challenger for the 27th District General Assembly senate seat if he would only show up at a debate.

Vogel said on Friday that Democratic challenger Shaun Broy has missed two recent opportunities where both he and Vogel had been invited to debate.

“He has been a no-show” Vogel said.

Virginia Senator Jill Vogel (right) next to empty seats for Democrat Shaun Broy and Independent Donald Marro at Friday's Culpeper Chamber of Commerce debate - Photo provided by Vogel for Senate Campaign

Vogel’s statement was in response to an October 6th campaign press release issued by Broy challenging Vogel to “debate anytime, anywhere.”

“I look forward to the opportunity to participate with Senator Holtzman-Vogel and Mr. Marro in a series of good spirited discussions regarding important issues facing the 27th State Senatorial District and The Commonwealth of Virginia. The voters of our district deserve nothing less,” Broy said in his press release.

However, Vogel said that her office hadn’t been contacted by Broy regarding his October 6th press release. Even more puzzling, according to Vogel, Broy hasn’t managed to appear at several debate opportunities where he has been invited to speak.

“I think that it is very, very humorous because I just came from a debate where he was supposed to be” Vogel said Friday morning. “The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce held a two-hour debate Friday morning. All of the candidates had a chance to make an opening statement and answer eleven questions.  It was an awesome debate. But he was a no-show and I found that very interesting.”

Vogel added that Broy also missed a debate sponsored by the Loudoun County Chamber of commerce the previous week.

“In the interest of fairness and disclosure we’re having debates all over right now” Vogel said. “He issued a challenge for me to do his six debates but we have so many on the calendar right now that it would be nice if he would just participate in the debates that we already have scheduled.”

Donald Marro is an Independent candidate for the 27th District Senate race.


  1. I agree with Senator Holtzman-Vogel in finding it very, very humorous that she calls these “forums” actual debates, in which we were given questions to answer well before hand and told specifically that we were not allowed to deviate from the questions at hand.

    The Senator’s office already has very publicly declined to debate me and my opponent Mr. Marro. She also failed to respond to numerous requests from The Clarke Daily News, The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Northern Shenandoah Valley Tea Party, The Faiquier Times-Democrat, and The Winchester Star among other organizations who wished to hold an actual debate with the format agreed upon by the candidates.

    The forums that were recently held by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and Culpeper County Chamber of Commerce were scheduled in the morning. I am actually employed in a 40 hour a week job that limits me from being in places like Culpeper County at 8 a.m. for such a scripted forum event. That limits any sort of substantive discussion or rebuttal. Regardless, these “forums” are in no way, shape or form a true debate.

    The senator blatantly referenced me in numerous media outlets as “not serious” enough of a candidate to be worthy of an actually debate. She is on the record as such, and now it seems as though I am all of a sudden serious enough of a candidate to spend time chastising me as a “no show” to these recent events.

    Why? The answer is simply because of the backlash she received from the candidates, media, and citizens of the 27th District for her refusing to debate…. Rightfully so…

    She was courageous enough to decline my invitation to debate and ignored requests from the numerous other area organizations calling for her participation in actual DEBATES.

    Please don’t be fooled by this sort of political spin.

    I do not personally take offense to Jill Holtzman-Vogel’s statements. At this point, she seems to be awfully concerned about a candidate that less than two weeks ago was of little concern to her or her staff. I guess that maybe she is seeing the same sort of information that the polls in which my campaign has independently conducted seem to indicate. This race is a little too close for comfort… The “underdog” in this race in every possible aspect is defying the odds as her lead continues to dwindle.

    I can assure you Senator Holtzman-Vogel… I AM serious. Thank you for acknowledging the fact that you are not the only one in this race for once. It may be a little too late in the game at this point to matter…

    Your money won’t by you back votes from those who you have already succeeded in alienating. The voters are smart enough to see right through this…


    Shaun Broy

    • Hal Jordan says:

      Good to see you defend your campaign, Shaun, but…your post raises a few questions:
      1.) You do know that she also had to take time out of her law practice to attend those forums, right? If
      you want to legislate, you respond to what’s convenient to your constituents, which may or may not
      always be most convenient for you. Could you not take off from work?
      2.) Likewise, a state senator is required to essentially live in Richmond for 60-90 days each year (plus
      special sessions, whenever they may be called). Will your job situation allow you to meet that
      commitment should you pull the upset?
      3.) By scoffing at forums set up by 2 chambers of commerce in 2 large chunks of the district
      (particularly Loudoun), you – in a way – scoff at some prominent business interests who employee
      folks who live (and thus vote) in the district you hope to represent. Not sure who’s advising your
      campaign, but you really should try to avail yourself of any opportunity to give voice to your positions
      (scripted or extemporaneous).

      I wish you well with your campaign, and have seriously been considering voting for you. However, I need to see a bit more maturity in the candidate I vote for.

      • Roscoe Evans says:

        You’re a reasonable man, Hal. How about considering an alternative approach to some of your concerns.

        1. As an attorney, Vogel has far more control over her daily and weekly calendar than Shaun does as an employee. She can move appointments, continue cases, and have associates cover for her as necessary, because she’s a self-employed professional. As an employee, Shaun does not have that luxury and you know it. So why ask why? You’re not even being fair with this question.

        How about simply asking Shaun what he’s going to do when he’s elected? We’d all like to know that.

        2. Just like item 1. above. If Vogel is soooooooo busy as a lawyer, how can she afford to take those 60-90 plus days off to be in Richmond? By adjusting her calendar accordingly, i.e.: just like Shaun will do when he has the job. Plus, I can guarantee you that, if Vogel has a court calendar, every judge she deals with will be happy to grant her leave to meet her schedule. People in government accommodate each other. It’s reasonable, and that’s simply how things work. Heck, I imagine Shaun’s employer will be damned pleased to have an employee in Richmond, and will do everything he can to accommodate Shaun, too, if Shaun chooses to keep his job rather than move to a new position more appropriate to his elective status. So again why ask why, when you know the answers?

        3. Shaun has called out Vogel for refusing to address her competitors in an established debate forum, with conventional rules of decorum respecting questions, answers, and rebuttals on the issues. I have not seen or heard him “scoff” at anybody other than Ms. Vogel. But if he chooses not to kowtow to the Chambers, who cares? They have not lent their support to any sort of conventional political debate, and they’re unlikely to do anything other than what they do every electoral season: support the status quo, especially when, as it is with Ms. Vogel, there is an elected official who has made a point of protecting well-established businesses against folks who have suffered illness and death from their industrial processes.

        You seem to be looking for excuses not to vote for Shaun, Hal. Be reasonable. Stay reasonable, until it’s time to vote.

        • Hal Jordan says:

          Roscoe…easy there, friend. I’m not looking for reasons not to vote for him. I’m pointing out that the reasons he gave as to why he wasn’t there (i.e. had to work, it’s not a real debate, etc.) are rather weak, and perhaps not the best response from someone wishing to knock off the incumbent. Yes, I would hope his employer would be flexible and allow him to do the job in Richmond, but he’s got to get there first. Taking off a few hours to attend a chamber meeting and present his ideas doesn’t seem like such an onerous thing to ask.

          • Hey guys… I think you are missing the core of my response there… I will follow up with a little more soon. Thanks for the follow up!



          • goodgracious says:

            The issues discussed at the Culpeper forum were unemployment, foreclosures, education. Surely issues the public would like to hear about?

            You don’t call the shots. You make time to appear at these, as you are campaigning for a job, and this left leaning independant is totally unimpressed with the way you choose to communicate.

    • goodgracious says:

      You can’t take off work? Bit slim on the excuse there. IMO

  2. I'm voting for BROY! says:

    WELL SAID SHAUN! You get my vote. What has Vogel done while in office? It seems she has only done what benefited her or her “Oil Rich” father. I like ya, a good old fashioned man working hard for his dollars. I commend you and I will be voting for you on election day. Oh, BTW…………….LOVE LOVE LOVE the signs. They popped up out of no where, good play! Hopefully these signs won’t be vandalized by Vogel’s crew just as they were at the SU Hob Knob in the valley. ******************VOTE FOR BROY******************

  3. Wateredown says:

    Vogel is been very supportive of Law Enforcement… Vogel all the way!!!!

  4. Mr. Broy is the CHALLENGER. It is up to him to make the effort to attend events, whether he wants to call them forums or debates or whatever. To miss two events; one in Loudoun and another in Fauqier County, is unexcusable. I don’t care if they didn’t fit his schedule and he couldn’t get off work. What happens, if, God forbid, you become Senator? I am sorry constituent, I have to check to see if I can get off work.

    If Mr. Broy is not committed enough, or organized enough, to take advantages of events already on the docket then what does he expect? Everyone to drop what they are doing and come to his house to debate him?

    You are the Challenger. If you want the job, or are able to handle the job, then make the effort. If not, stop complaining.

    And yes I am a Vogel supporter. Jill is probably the hardest working Senator we have in Virginia. She works very hard for her constituents and represents us well.

  5. The core of my message is that Holtzman-Vogel has already refused to debate me, including a debate in which the Clarke Daily News wished to host among other debates that invitations were extended to her. She refused to attend any of these debates.

    I will be attending some of these “forums” among many, many other events over the next month.

    The other question seems to be centered on my current job commitments and what happens if I am elected senator when it comes to my job. I am employed by Shenandoah University and believe that it would impose an unavoidable burden on the university to try to juggle the two commitments.

    I would resign my job effective January 1, 2011 if elected to the Virginia State Senate and worry about trying to find a way to supplement my income in another way when the General Assembly is not in session. I would make serving my constituents my number one priority, without any distractions.

    I have made it a priority to not accept any money from special interest groups, political action committees, big business, and lobbyist as well. This is a main reason why I trail my opponents significantly in campaign fundraising. This is designed so that the voters of the 27th District can be assured that my focus will be solely upon them and I will not be distracted, or held accountable to any other entity besides those who have the courage to vote for me on November 8th.

    It is exciting to see so many of you expressing your opinions and engaged in the political process.

    Thank you,

    Shaun Broy

    • Mr. Broy states “I would resign my job effective January 1, 2011 if elected to the Virginia State Senate and worry about trying to find a way to supplement my income in another way when the General Assembly is not in session”.

      The position of Virginia Senator pays $18,000 a year, but the job requires much more than the 60 days spent in session. Senator Vogel puts in hundreds of hours every month supporting the 27th district. My question to Mr. Broy is: Have you honestly thought this thing through?

      I am still amazed the local Democrats, after having such a qualified person as Karen Schultz, the Director of the Institute for Government and Public Service at Shenandoah University, as their candidate in 2007, is now running a box office attendant.

      • Just curious as to how you would know how many hours Senator Vogel puts in each month? Maybe you have your blinds pulled to what actually goes on each month? I’m sure Mr. Broy didn’t suddenly wake up one morning and decide that he would give up his career and become a Senator!

      • Mr Mister says:

        “I am still amazed the local Democrats, after having such a qualified person as Karen Schultz, the Director of the Institute for Government and Public Service at Shenandoah University, as their candidate in 2007, is now running a box office attendant.”

        If you are so confident, then why do you feel the need to respond to this article?
        I don’t know if he can win the election. I just want to hear a fair debate, one that doesn’t have responses to canned questions. I want to hear them respond and base my decision on what I see and hear. I wish them both luck, and hope the best person wins. I’m not just voting for my party.

      • Mr. Broy is not a box office attendant and that should not matter in the first place. I find Mr. Broy to be articulate and knowledgeable about the issues that are concerning the citizens of the 27th district. It doesn’t matter if you are flipping burgers at McDonalds to run for state senate. I think your statement is a slap in the face for all the working people that might one day stand up and be brave enough to run for office. I think your choice of words shows ignorance on your part.

        • Sorry … Box Office Manager.

          I would think out of 100,000 people in the 27th district the Democrats would be able to run a more qualified candidate. Actually it looked like there wasn’t going to be a Democrat candidate running against Senator Vogel until Broy switched his allegience from the Ultra-leftist Virginia Green Party to the Democrat ticket.

          Personally I find many of Mr. Broy’s comments of class envy reflective of the Marxist dogma that plagued most of the 20th century. Maybe he should switch back to the Green Party ticket, or is this how Democrats truely feel about America?

          • Naked Truth says:

            You ought to be ashamed, really. You are swinging pretty low. I hope all other conservatives can keep it clean and fair.

          • What is not ‘clean and fair’ about pointing out the facts? Mr. Broy was running on the Green Ticket before being picked up by the Democrats. The Green Party IS an ultra-left wing group dedicated to socialist government. Visit: http://www.votejoinrun.us/shaunb.html for Shaun’s own words.

            How many times have commentators on this website openly lambasted Senator Vogel as “Born with a silver spoon in her mouth”, “a coward for not debating” and “Big Oil” yet you try to shame me into keeping quiet? You can’t have it both ways.

            Don’t expect conservatives to sit back this election and keep quiet.

          • “Personally I find many of Mr. Broy’s comments of class envy reflective of the Marxist dogma that plagued most of the 20th century. Maybe he should switch back to the Green Party ticket, or is this how Democrats truely feel about America?”

            His linking of the Elizabeth Warren video on his website is pretty telling. That is how a lot of Democrats seem think nowadays. The democrats urging on the hippie street agitators is telling as well

            About the last thing this country needs is more of that mentality running the show

          • No, the last thing this country needs is a divided Nation! I love this country with all my heart, but we are definitely not the model of democracy anymore! And it is people with political views as your own that keep the fire fueled!

          • Actually, we’re not a democracy, we’re a representative republic.

          • Once again, in your mind we are! Therein lies the problem!

          • Wow, you really believe we’re a democracy and not a representative republic? I hope you’re kidding.

            If not, then you are part of the problem with this country. How can you comment on anything if you don’t know about the most basic concepts on which this country was founded?

          • That makes people like you a big part of the problem.

      • Roscoe Evans says:

        I don’t believe for an instant that Ms. Vogel puts in “hundreds of hours every month” on her electoral position. Five full time weeks a month? Fuggedaboudit. Not even including all of the “work” that involves drinking coffee, eating donuts, and dining on rubber baby chickens. But if it makes you content to believe that, go ahead.

        I know enough about Mr. Broy. I don’t know enough about Ms. Vogel, even after all of this time. So how about telling me. What has she done, exactly? What are her 3 major accomplishments in office? Tell me, please, as I don’t want to waste my vote on a bankrupted haberdasher, an out of work actor, a baseball tycoon, or a drunken soldier. Oh, I mean a ticket taker.

        • You forgot a “Community Organizer”.

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            I’m sorry if I made my point so poorly that you cannot comprehend it, RW.

            The guy who raised me was an illiterate construction worker, who simply did the best he could given his severe limitations.

            I don’t believe in demeaning any man on the basis of his occupation, but that sort of personal attack seems to be the only real argument that clarke conservative, and now you, are eager to make. That’s shameful, in my book.

            Now, if there is a good reason, or two or three, for voting for Ms. Vogel, let’s hear it, please. Because if I were to vote based on what her supporters have to say so far, I’d be voting for Mr. Broy.

          • Roscoe, I’m sorry that my point was made so poorly that you couldn’t comprehend it.

            You wrote: “…I don’t believe in demeaning any man on the basis of his occupation,…”,

            And you wrote: “…Tell me, please, as I don’t want to waste my vote on a bankrupted haberdasher, an out of work actor, a baseball tycoon, or a drunken soldier. Oh, I mean a ticket taker…”

            So Roscoe, YOU tell ME….Name 1 major accomplishment that the current POTUS is responsible for. I’m only asking for 1. Enlighten us, please. You’ve hijacked the thread into this, so follow through with it.

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            RW, my comments were in response to clarke conservative’s insinuation that a guy who works in a ticket office (Mr. Broy) is fundamentally unqualified to serve as a state senator, as though his occupation were the only standard by which to judge him.

            I suggested those other occupations, because they were the former jobs of several U.S. presidents, each of whom was nonetheless elected to office; and, by his own standards, cc would not have voted for any of them, even though each in his own way was successful.

            This string of posts is about the candidates for Virginia state senator. I could care less what your opinion is of President Obama, because it is totally irrelevant to this discussion, as are his previous jobs and his successes and failures.

            Now, I was not asking you, but CC. Still, feel free to volunteer. Except for protecting the assets of major businesses by seeking to keep them from being sued by empoyees that they inured, what has Ms. Vogel done for the citizenry of her district? So far, I hear nothing.

          • Re-read the thread Roscoe, I think you’re confusing who you responded to.. So, are you voting for Broy because you don’t like Vogel?

            You said you didn’t believe in demeaning a man on the basis of his occupation, but yet you also said you didn’t want to waste your vote on “…a bankrupted haberdasher, an out of work actor, a baseball tycoon, or a drunken soldier…”

            Sounds like you were demeaning those men on the basis of their previous occupation. You did NOT state that you were using CC’s reasoning.

          • Roscoe Evans says:

            My suggestion, RW, is that in saying a ticket taker was not qualified for state senator, CC was setting a standard that also would have disqualified a slew of others, including the referenced elected Presidents of the United States, on the basis of occupation or degree of success in their previous, non-electoral positions.

            I am sorry that you can read for literal meanings only. I won’t bother to allude to any historical references in the event I waste my time with you again.

            Now, WHAT HAS SHE DONE?

            I’m not a lefty or a righty but a voter. Try, CC, to focus your narrow mind on the question and give me an answer. Telling me she is a lawyer, or a former government empoyee is not a compelling reason for getting my vote. I’ve been there, and done that, and I frankly think this sort of a position is a stepping stone to greater financial opportunities for most attorneys. I’d like to vote for somebody who 1) has solved problems for the majority of her constituency and 2) has standards for decisionmaking that are not limited to today’s fascination with with some sort of phoney class struggle.

            Finally, try to get over your “But he started it…” Mindset. It’s inane. Next time we speak it will be a new day, and a new opportunity to make your case.

    • White Post Voter says:

      Mr. Broy, let me relate a story from the last Vogel/Schultz campaign. The tenor of the Vogel mailers in the eleventh hour of that election were repugnant at best. I filed a complaint with the USPS to stop her mailings. Yet, she continued to pepper my mailbox with those mailings. Clearly, she does not care a whit about federal law or about voter sentiments.

    • “…I would resign my job effective January 1, 2011 if elected to the Virginia State Senate and worry about trying to find a way to supplement my income in another way when the General Assembly is not in session. I would make serving my constituents my number one priority, without any distractions. ”

      Wow, really? January 1, 2011 you would resign?

      I am stunned. You can’t even get your dates correct.

  6. Thank you for your follow-up!

  7. It’s funny how the crowd who will only vote for the person with the “R” is on here. I’m guessing they don’t want a debate to occur. What would be the point, they’ve had their minds made up years ago about Vogel or any other republican. This is their idea of a democracy, one (republican) party. I also find it funny how they cry about dirty politics, when Mr Conservative is the first to call names or insinuate that Broy is just a box office attendant. This is a bit humorous because if he was a plumber named Joe, the would all be behind him. This country is divided. It became more divided under the President, who ran under the “I’m a uniter, not a divider” G W Bush. They seem to forget when he said that during his first election campaign. How’d that go for ya? You talk about Broy flipping parties like it is such a horrible thing. How do you feel about Perry? It wasn’t too long ago he had a “D” behind his name.
    The main thing is that she has refused to debate this guy. Why? You all claim he hasn’t a chance. Is she afraid or is she that pompous? Let them have a debate. Since she walks on water, she should have no trouble.

  8. I stand corrected. Please forgive me for stating the incorrect date… In case there was ever any doubt, I meant January 1, 2012.

    Stunned??? Really?

  9. Ticket taker is a jab back at the repeated insults many on this forum take against Senator Vogel. Comments like ‘born with a silver spoon in her mouth’, or ‘big oil’, etc.

    Senator Vogel is an accomplished lawyer who is one of the hardest working legislators in Richmond. She served as Deputy General Counsel at the Department of Energy. Her law firm, which she is a managing partner, specializes in charity and non-profit organizations, election law and ethics. She was named a ‘top lawyer in her field’ in the Washingtonian Best Lawyers editions for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

    I also greatly respect her father. He built a company from the ground up that employs hundreds of people. We need more of them.

    It is amazing the left can dish it out … but surely can’t take it.

  10. n3utr0nRU says:

    Call me crazy, but I’m confused how you can lament use of ‘class envy’ in one breath, and mock someone’s means of making a living in the next. Comments, by so-called ‘conservatives,’ that Shaun Broy’s profession (a management position) makes him beneath the worthiness of participating in the democratic process completely contradict the most basic of conservative values. I have disagreements with ALL THREE candidates for the 27th district on different issues (and of different importance.) But, the one thing for which I applaud ALL of them – is for putting themselves out there and being a part of the process. Active participation BY ALL in our democratic republic (clearly going awry,) is the only saving grace that we have to restore the American dream, to live up to the challenge of the founding fathers, & to be a better nation. I’m not aware of any conservative principle that involves degrading that process.

    When I read the tit-for-tat here, it troubles me to see that some would rather spend time on this politics-chess non-sense than having a clear discussion on where we need to go. I am a conservative… I don’t claim to speak for all conservatives… but for me, the time for this kind of bologna has long passed. The candidates absolutely owe it to the voters to get up there and have an OPEN debate at a neutral forum, and present the voters with CLEAR CHOICES. It should be a requirement, for those seeking public office, to openly debate all legitimate opponents. Voters don’t need cute press release ping-pong and sound bytes, we need choices and transparency! To each respective campaign: Do us all a favor and get a debate scheduled! Do it so voters can compare and contrast our THREE FINE CANDIDATES based on their abilities, desires, and ideas as presented in person. And.. let’s save the sideshow bickering for when the circus comes to town.

  11. Roscoe Evans says:

    I’m disappointed.

    24 Hours after I asked for a synopsis of Ms. Vogel’s in-office accomplishments, I have had no answer. I won’t bother with this question again, as it seems to only provoke mindless political chatter, neutronR0’s excepted.

    • Sorry. I have a job.

      Jill is on the General Laws and Technology, Privileges and Elections, Rehabilitation and Social Services committees. Below are the bills Jill Vogel introduced in 2011. She also introduced equal amounts of legislation during the 2008, 2009 and 2010 sessions.

      •SB418 : Infrastructure in Urban Development Areas Loan Fund; created.
      •SB419: Property Owners’ Association Act; control of association by declarant.
      •SB599: Electronic tracking devices; unauthorized installation or placement in motor vehicle, penalty.
      •SB1244: Common Interest Community Board; provisional common interest community manager licenses.
      •SB1245: Registered nurses; provisional licensure for applicant.
      •SB1246: Presidential primary; moves date to first Tuesday in March.
      •SB1247: Commonwealth, Secretary of the; acceptance of certain electronic signatures.
      •SB1248: Passing a stopped school bus; punishes as reckless driving.
      •SB1249: ABC; designates distillery licensee certified as an organic distillery to be an agent of ABC Board.
      •SB1250: Firearms; regulation by state entities.
      •SB1251: Electronic tracking devices; prohibits person from placing in or on vehicle, penalty.
      •SB1252: Voter registration; certain overseas voters.
      •SB1253: Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act; control of association by declarant.
      •SB1254: Uniform Statewide Building Code; locality to reduce permit fees levied for construction, etc.
      •SB1255: Freedom of Information Act; exempts certain records provided to Attorney General from disclosure.
      •SB1256: Authorities for development of former federal areas; dissolution.
      •SB1257: Real property; DGS to inventory all property owned and update at least annually.
      •SB1258: Prisoners; mandatory testing for human immunodeficiency virus.
      •SB1259: Virginia Fusion Intelligence Center; changes requirement that data be reviewed every three years.
      •SB1260: Child pornography; possession by law-enforcement agency.
      •SB1261: Fair Housing Law; concurrence of Office of Attorney General to determine housing discrimination.
      •SB1262: Va. Fraud Against Taxpayers Act; designee of Attorney General may issue civil investigative demands
      •SB1263: Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security, Secretary of; establishes position.
      •SB1264: Income tax, state; farm wineries and vineyards tax credit.
      •SB1265: Professional Soil Scientists and Wetland Professionals, Board for; licensed soil scientists.
      •SB1405: Alcoholic Beverage Control; allows retail licensees to give gifts of alcohol to patrons.
      •SB1406: Impounding structure; definition, exempts certain dams.
      •SB1476: Charitable gaming; progressive games shall be sold and priced separately from other bingo games.
      •SB1483: State and local government entities; limitation of authority over certain charitable organizations.
      •SJ88: Local government reorganization; joint subcommittee to study.
      •SJ358: Cancer Prevention Day; designating as February 4, 2011, and each succeeding year thereafter.
      •SJ359: Auditor of Public Accounts; joint committee to study method of selecting.

      And no I do not work for her. Found this information compiled at: http://www.richmondsunlight.com/legislator/jhvogel/

      • … and I am sure someone will find something they don’t agree with that Jill has done. I don’t either. Facts is Senator Vogel is a very qualified hard working Senator who deserves our support.

      • Introducing legislation is not the same as what Roscoe is asking. He’s asking about her accomplishments.

  12. Roscoe Evans says:

    Thanks for giving it a good shot, CC.

    I am unlikely to check this list to see which items she wrote and which she merely co-signed, but I will try to be open minded about this race. I remain interested in her actual accomplishments, which, for any politician, can be readily summarized. I have been troubled by articles [redacted] that focused on her private party bills, but perhaps they are anamolies. We shall see.

  13. If you visit the Richmond Sunlight website you will see they give her credit for introducing all these bills.