Vogel Visits Clarke GOP

State Sen. Jill Vogel at the Clarke GOP Meeting. Photo Credit Mike Dowling

The Republican Committee in Clarke County welcomed State Sen. Jill Vogel as a guest speaker Wednesday evening at their monthly meeting on the eve of what many see as a critical moment in U.S. history as the Supreme Court of the United States decides whether or not President Obama’s healthcare bill is constitutional.

“It is a huge and significant watershed moment,” Vogel said.

The heart of the debate is whether the federal government has the right to compel citizens to buy insurance from private providers.

She expressed her opposition to the bill but said,”This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It is an issue of state sovereignty. Health care is not affordable and is not accessible, but states were working out their own solutions to this problem. It is the individual economies of states that makes us different and makes us unique and allows us to solve problems like this.”

Senator Vogel added, “If the Supreme Court says this is OK then that effectively means that there is no limit on the power of the federal government.  It means there is virtually nothing that the federal government can’t come into, occupy the field, and tell you what to do.”

The Supreme Court is expected to issue an opinion on the health care bill Thursday morning.

The Republican group also discussed plans for mobilizing in the upcoming presidential election.  Virginia is expected to play a pivotal role in the election and Clarke GOP Chairman, Andrew Nicholson said that the importance will wind all the way down to the tenth district.  “Our ability to get the vote out in Clarke County, Frederick County and Loudoun County may be what decides this election.”

Chairman Nicholson also announced a major upcoming local event scheduled for the August 25, 2012. U.S. Senate Candidate George Allen will visit Clarke County to meet and greet attendees at Veeramar Vineyards. Other Republican elected officials expected to attend include Senator Frank Wolf, Delegate Joe May, and State Sen. Jill Vogel.