Warm Winter Likely to Result in Shortened School Calendar

Virginia’s abnormally warm winter – perhaps some would argue the lack of winter at all – has benefited the Clarke County Public School operating budget in several ways; increased food service revenues due to no missed meals caused by snow days, virtually no snow removal costs and lower heating fuel bills.

Now it looks as though students might get a break  as well.

Clarke County Public Schools assistant superintendent Rick Catlett told the School Board on Monday that five additional school days built into the school calendar to ensure that CCPS meets Virginia’s 180-day mandatory instructional requirement probably won’t be needed.

Catlett prefaced his comments with a big “if” regarding the possibility of no additional snow days (it is only March 1st after all!)

But inching out on a limb regarding the weather, Catlett said that if there are zero to five snow days during the remainder of the school year, parents, student and teachers should plan on the following additional days off from school:

April 9th – the Monday after spring break – followed by June 12, June 11, June 8 and  June 7.

However, Catlett also said that given the ongoing uncertainties in the FY13 budget that may or may not impact the length of the school year, CCPS administration recommends that the adoption of the 2012-13 calendar be delayed until the budget has been finalized.

Dr. Michael Murphy said that very few comments were received regarding the proposed calendar, with most having to do with the coordination (or lack thereof) of the start and stop days of other school divisions and the placement of spring break.

Murphy said that each of these issues are frequent discussion points during the calendar approval process.

View the proposed CCPS 2012 – 2013 DRAFT Calendar here: CCPS 2012 – 2013 DRAFT Calendar