Weather May Dampen Fireworks Celebration

The flashes and booming over Clarke County this evening are not signs of an early Fourth of July celebration but rather the result of a large area of moderate rain with embedded thunderstorms moving across our area.

As of 7:30pm area radar indicated rain falling over much of northern Virginia with a strong storm cell moving south at 12 mph located near Martinsburg, Virginia.   Radar also indicated additional isolated storms throughout our area.

A severe thunderstorm watch covers the southern two-thirds of Virginia until 10pm this evening.

Calls by CDN to Enders Fire Company and Clarke County Central Dispatch failed to identify when or who in Clarke County would make the decision whether the scheduled 9:20pm fireworks display will go forward or not. Similarly, a search of the Clarke County Government website did not reveal information about the status of tonight’s event.

A fireworks  announcement on the Town of Berryville’s website had not been updated regarding weather delays or cancellations as of approximately 8:00pm.

As the evening progresses, Fourth of July revelers are reminded to stay alert to changing weather conditions as storms move through the area. Be prepared to move to shelter if thunder or lightning is present and avoid standing under trees, near poles or towers in a storm.

When thunder roars go indoors.



  1. sargewillis says:

    Since the fireworks are funded by tje Bank of Clarke county you should have all the prez of the bank. Luckly the rain ended about an hour before the fireworks were to start. Wow, the Zs did a great job on the fireworks, out did themselves again! Thank you Bank of Clarke County!

  2. Bville-Bud says:

    The weather didn’t slow the festivities down one bit!! I know as citizens, friends, and neighbors, we don’t always see eye-to-eye on every issue, but seeing the community together like yesterday’s celebration warms my heart.

    Genuine thanks to the BOCC, Clarke Community Band, the Ruritan, and all of those who contributed to a great celebration of our Independence.