Wee Angels Raise Funds for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Short row on left: Matthew Tuohig, Dawson Stidham, Gerry Roberts
Back row: Alyssa Thompson, Amelia Slavin, Evan James, Jackson Leach, Samantha Rosen, Ava DeGeorge

So many lessons learned from lemonade. On a hot and humid Tuesday morning, Ms. Susie Ebert’s Wee Angels school-age class of kindergarten and first graders set up a tent and banner, hung balloons, and poured ice-cold refreshments for the 3rd annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Held in front of the school’s location at Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church, the fresh lemonade was a big hit for passers-by hoping to beat the heat. The students did a great job announcing “LEMONADE 25 cents” to all within earshot. Students shared how they learned the money was to fight child cancers. If you donated 25 cents you received a drink and a special sticker. In addition to fellow teacher Carol Rion, Grandparents Susan and Doug Rosen also joined the group to purchase some lemonade and visit their granddaughter, Samantha. Even Pastor Dawson and Administrative Assistant Janet Moore took a short break from the workday to make donations and grab some cool lemonade.

“If you donate you get lemonade and a sticker,” says Alyssa Thompson

In 2000, Alexandra “Alex” Scott was four years old and had already been battling neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer, for over three years. Following a stem cell transplant, Alex announced she wanted to start a lemonade stand to help others the way she had been helped. Alex and her brothers raised $2000 that first year. They continued for four more years and news began to spread about Alex’s brave and generous endeavor. When Alex died at the age of 8, she and dedicated people around the world had already raised over $1 million dollars to help find a cure for pediatric cancers.  In two short, but very hot, hours the Wee Angels raised $120 to be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Ms. Susie, Matthew Tuohig, Alyssa Thompson, Evan James, Jackson Leach

Jackson Leach, Matthew Tuohig, Gerry Roberts “peddling their wares”

Grandparents Doug and Susan Rosen enjoy shade and lemonade with grand-daughter, Samantha.

Special customers! Reverend Dawson just made a donation and Ms. Janet Moore is making one, too!



  1. Sorry I didn’t come into town that morning to see this wonderful group and partake of their wares.

    Great job by “Wee Angels” and supporters!

  2. Great job guys, it was very tasty, especially on that hot day!!

  3. Tom and Susie Beyer says:

    Woohoo! Great job kids. We could sure use a cold glass of lemonade about now.

  4. Great Job Wee Ones!! The lemonade and your company made my day.

  5. Sharon Strickland says:

    Our three Wee Angels were out of town. We are so proud of all that participated. Thank you to everyone that helped raise money to fight childhood cancer.

    My Grandson Liam will be eight in August and he is a brain tumor survivor. Never stop believing because miracles happen every day.

    Eat at Chili’s often too because this restaurant pledged to raise 50 million for a new brain cancer research wing at Saint Jude’s. Eat there and money will be donated to the collection.