Welliver to Seek Re-election to School Board

Current School Board member Jennifer Welliver has announced that she will begin the process of collecting the signatures necessary to have her name placed on the ballot to seek re-election.

Welliver is the last of the current School Board members to announce her intentions for the upcoming election. Barbara Lee (Millwood) announced last month   that she would seek a second term. Lee’s decision came after the announcements by board members Robina Bouffault (White Post) and Emily Rhodes (Buckmarsh) that they would not seek re-election. School board member Janet Alger (Russel) announced earlier in the year that she will also run again.

Citing her concern over continuity Welliver said via email that, “My concern has been that there needs to be some continuity on the Board,” adding that, ” No one would be well served by another all new School Board.”

Welliver has repeatedly stated that member turnover between school board elections poses a challenge to new school boards who must quickly learn about both school processes as well as how to work together. She has however, expressed her reluctance to continue on the board. “I have had a number of friends and supporters who have suggested that I really should do it again. Since everyone who I have asked about taking my seat on the Board has declined, and I have not heard from any interested parties, I have decided to get the signatures necessary to get my name on the ballot.”

The official filing deadline for candidates is August 22nd.





  1. Naked Truth says:

    Of course her friends are telling her to do it again. She needs to ask the public, who is tired of hearing her puppet other’s opinions. We need original thinkers. Not someone having their strings pulled.

  2. Tony Parrott says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. Now I can’t say I’ve agreed with every vote she has ever made and she may be about as far to the left as I can stand, but I don’t hold that against her. As a matter of fact I like talking to her about her left leaning views, but I wouldn’t call her a puppet. I commend her for stepping up again and not just being a one hit wonder. It’s not an easy post to serve on and even harder to get elected to. It is the epitome of a thankless volunteer job. I know, ran for it twice. 🙂

    • Tony Parrott says:

      An election “is asking the public”; or at least it is supposed to be.

  3. Definitely will not be signing that petition! I have not been impressed with her and neither have many of my friends in our development.

    If it was such a thankless job the why did you choose to run for a second time, Tony?

    • Folks in my neighborhood are not impressed either. Wonder if she’ll get the same free pubilcity upon reelection ( as in lining all the staff cars out front of Primary on the grass with Welliver signs in the windshield)?

    • Tony Parrott says:

      Reason #1: My children and all the other kids in Clarke County deserved better.
      Reason #2: Glutton for punishment.

      With all due respect (and I mean that) if you can do better, run.

  4. Mr Mister says:

    All the kids deserve better. I just hope someone better than her runs. I was not impressed with Welliver at all. Like someone said earlier, I want somebody who speaks thier own mind. She came in carrying the same message as the last school Board, who by the way was voted out! She can’t think on her own.

    • Perhaps you haven’t walked in the shoes of a school board member. If you can do it better stand up!!!

      • Mr Mister says:

        If you make that blanket statement, then why do we need to have elections? Why not have infinate terms? I wish I had the time to devote to the job. At least nobody will tell me how to think.

        • Infinite terms … you mean like twenty or so years ago, when the school board was appointed by the BOS? Interesting concept, and it probably worked as well as the system does now.

  5. just another educator says:

    Amazing how harsh people can be when they are not in the trenches. Kennlynne is on the right track- election time means any of us can “stand up”! AND take on the countless hours of meetings and demands of a public position just to help improve our County – indeed a worthy cause (p.s. to everyone out there: PLEASE consider running for BOS!)

    And yes, Naked Truth is correct in that Ms. Welliver should talk to the public, and that she does (and always has) as an active and well-established community member. Mr. Mister is also correct in that Ms. Welliver came on to the board (as have past board members) with the intent of bettering our school system- and thankfully a new school is indeed under construction at long last.

    As far as the comments of “not thinking on her own” go, I could not disagree more. My goodness, have ANY of you even been to a school board meeting in the past three years??? I would say that several of the board members have indeed become stronger as individuals as they have upheld the views of their constituents in some very challenging situations – and that the current board has made great strides to work together to bring our little school system into the 21st century! If our individual board members had followed a certain lead like “puppets” none of this would have been accomplished. We would still be arguing over property entrances and parent organizations……..

    After reading the article above it seems that Ms. Welliver ran because no one else came forward. And continuity is indeed important as so much work is left to be done… it makes no difference to me who wins or loses as long as some current board members remain to keep the forward progress going. I suppose KAT and Lucy don’t realize our board members are not out to “impress” anyone. It is apparent from their progress as a group and by their individual work ethics that each of our board members feels strongly about their committment to the children in the Clarke County School System.

    I am personally hopeful for some change in members of the Board of Supervisors so the education of children may actually become a funding priority. And it would be wonderful if more community members ran for School Board too- so new ideas could be shared regarding curriculum and instruction in the years ahead.

    Here’s looking forward to another productive school year – one step at a time!

  6. “I am personally hopeful for some change in members of the Board of Supervisors so the education of children may actually become a funding priority.”

    Considering that the portion of the county’s budget devoted to education is significant you shouldn’t doubt that it is a priority.

    The real need is to broaden the tax base so that the real estate taxes are floating most of the boat. The candidate that can thread the needle on preserving the master plan while providing a favorable atmosphere for light industry can win in Clarke. And he/she should start by promoting sewer service and an industrial park for the Double Toll Gate area.

  7. Correction: “so that real estate taxes are NOT floating most of the boat.”

    CDN needs a post-edit feature.

  8. Mr Mister says:

    Wait a minute. I should vote for someone I feel is incompetent just to keep continuity? There are at least two other current members that are seeking re-election. And isn’t there a time in the near future when the School Board positions are going to be staggered? I am not going to vote for someone who parrots what the stronger board members say.

    CDN Editor: No action was taken by the Board of Supervisors on a recent proposal by the School Board to stagger elections of School Board members and Board of Supervisor members.