Wendy’s is Coming to Berryville

Downtown Berryville is abuzz with the news that Wendy’s is coming to town. However the global hamburger franchise is not looking to open a restaurant in Berryville, instead they want to close Main Street for a new product roll-out. The event is being handled by Red Tree Productions, a film and interactive media company with offices in Boston and New York City. Contacts at Red Tree declined to comment on the event saying that it was still in the preliminary stages but news quickly spread of the downtown event. Several weeks ago a crew scouted the downtown block of Main Street as a possible location for the event. They approached the town and have been working with officials to secure permits for the closure of Main Street. Early last week several downtown businesses were contacted by the merchants association to gauge their reactions to the proposed closing of Main Street. The closure would happen on May 11th which is a Wednesday. According to town officials businesses seemed open to the idea.

Organizers have said the event is not a commercial but is an organized tasting. They expect to have approximately three hundred guests for the event which will be captured by video crews for marketing purposes. Guests will be served new products that Wendy’s is launching that reportedly include berry salads and berry flavored tea.

Late last year Wendy’s began testing a Berry Almond Chicken Salad in both the Salt Lake City, UT and Richmond, VA markets. The salad they tested contained blueberries, strawberries, almonds, and a fat-free raspberry vinaigrette made with açaî (ah-sigh-EE) juice. Industry insiders believe that Wendy’s intends to roll-out this new salad this summer and the Berryville event may very well be a kickoff.

Details are sketchy but town officials said the event would occur during business hours and have a rain date of May 12th. A professional caterer will be handling food service and the organizers have contacted Enders Fire Company for use of the social hall as a base of operations.

No information has been provided on how guests will be selected. In fact, with only eight days until the proposed event, organizers still characterize the event as being in the preliminary stages and declined to release any information for fear of having too many people show up for the event.




  1. Well I’m glad they are not opening a restaurant. The last thing we need is more unhealthy food options.

  2. I would love a good fast food reasturant in Berryville. Wendy’s would be a great addition.

  3. Stonebroke says:

    You almost had me there! I thought someone had let down their guard down, to let an actual food chain (worth eating) come to Berryville. I knew it was too good to be true!

  4. My 2 Cents says:

    Yeah Mark, maybe we need another Rug Dealer or Used Book Store!

    What a joke!

  5. RasputinSays says:

    Berry salad? Really? Doesn’t sound very appealing to me. On top of that a midday activity on a Wednesday in Berryville? I don’t think their problem is going to be too many people showing up.

  6. My 2 Cents says:

    With all due respect. I have never seen one rug go out that door. Also never see anyone at the Bookstore. With the occasional few on the weekends. A Wendy’s on the other hand would be a more obvious winner for the town. Just ask Subway how a NAME BRAND business is doing. You can barely get onto the parking lot no matter the time of the day. But, the Loudoun County Newbies love the fact that they can call this antique home and the Berryville BOS will never let something in that would mean good competition. Same old situation here in BeanTown as always……

    • I can’t help but address the fact that YOU have not seen “one Rug go out that door” I have personally bought numberous rugs (that would be more then one) for my own use and for clients of mine! The store is a great asset to the community!!

    • Mom4holmes says:

      It’s not just me? I’ve never even seen someone in the rug shop, and the only one at the book store is the cat because it’s always closed when I am downtown.

  7. Stonebroke says:

    If they wait till 500pm, everything will be closed down anyway! Won’t be any problems at all!

  8. Unwelcome Outsider says:

    Berry salads…berry tea…Berryville…certainly a catchy hook for an ad campaign.

    Perhaps they’re not filming a complete commercial here but will instead use bits and pieces of the tasting footage in a more traditional ad, playing up the “berry”-ville part.

    Who knows, maybe in the long run the national exposure would be good for the town.

  9. They will have to bus in three hundred folks during the day. Most everyone has to leave Berryville/Clarke County each day to commute to their jobs.

    • Yay they have to work out of town because Berryville wont let any good buisnesses come into town. I remember seeing a sign by the drive thru bank out by Food Lion that said Tastee Freeze coming soon. I was told the owner bought that property to keep other buisnesses out of town. The whole town is run by a bunch of crooks.

  10. Fly Swatter says:

    Springs’bury’ Road would make more sense – sorry, couldnt resist.

  11. NYCborn says:

    To My 2 Cents,
    Some of us make weekly pilgrimages to the bookstore, some of us send books far away that we buy at that bookstore, and some of us just go by to love the cats in the window and get the warm fuzzies, but it sounds like that is a foreign concept to you. Pitty.

  12. Stonebroke says:

    Congratulations! Keep going down there getting books and rubbing the cat. I think My 2 Cents would like to see some things come to town that would benefit the County/Town as a whole. The business/hobby shops downtown don’t do that!

  13. As long as we the people keep electing the current lot of stupidvisors. We the home/land owners will keep on footing the majority of the tax bill. We need places to work and shop in the county. Places that pay competive wages and offer more that a $5.00 shirt from a dollar store. One thing for sure we have enought places to eat. So we can all get fat. My bad… I have to pay my taxes I can’t eat out this month… So, we maybe closing a street for wendy’s to roll out a fruit salad? Sounds stupid to me. But thats the way our town rolls. If it makes sense might not want to go there.

  14. Sharon Strickland says:

    Hey residents – think about this. By showing off our town to others nationwide, we could possibly interest companies to come to Berryville and check it out. We do have a pretty town but we do need places for young people to work and help out some of the elderly that still need to work. Personally, I love Wendy’s but can’t eat much there because of health reasons. A salad like the one the company is proposing may get me back in the door! Why not be happy that our town is on the company radar. It will be a good thing for our town and if we win, the whole town gets a picnic paid for by Wendy’s. Yummy. Hey, Tony Parrott, I like a Wendy’s frozen shake too. Let’s all be happy for this opportunity. I tried and tried to get bagpipers to come to our town for our Christmas parade and was not successful. Maybe, if we win, we can now get some pipers and Irish dancers to recognize our wonderful Christmas parade and they might want to come to Berryville!!!!

  15. If the county and town would let some bigger buisnesses come in they would have a better tax base for buisness use and then they could tax us less and then we wouldnt have to drive 20 to 30 minutes to go shopping or to eat out. I think that my tax bill was printed wrong because my vehicle keeps getting older and my tax bill keeps getting higher. I think that there is something wrong with that.

    • My 2 Cents says:

      Thats been the problem for years Mike. Elected officials are buddy buddy with the local business owners and they don’t want them going under… Its ok, just more money flowing up the road into Frederick County.. It is what it is…..

  16. Clarke Eagle says:

    You could move closer to the places you want to shop or eat out at. Just saying.

    One reason that it might appear that your vehicle tax is going up is because the County added the vehicle license fee to the property tax bill. That has been going up. I can remember when the county sticker fee was $5.00. That fee is now $25.00 per vehicle.

  17. My 2 Cents says:

    Why is it that the people who live in Berryville or Clarke would have to move to shop? Why are you people so afraid of growth? Seriously, please do tell?

    • Clarke Eagle says:

      Why do we have to have growth? I moved to Clarke County 20 years ago to escape sprawl, traffic, crime, congestion and high taxes. So those would be the first things that come to mind that I want to avoid. Ask folks in those counties if they have low taxes and crime. All that growth has not been a magical elixir.

      Why does every county in VA have to be the same as the one next door? Why are folks that are in favor of all this growth afraid to move to Fairfax, Loudoun, or Fredrick Counties? Diversity is a wonderful thing and Clarke should not have to become the same as one of these counties just to please folks who want a Wendy’s or CVS next door to them.

      Sorry I just don’t see the point of creating another Loudoun, Fairfax, or Fredrick County in Clarke.
      That does not make sense to me and many other people.

      • My 2 Cents says:

        A decent name brand rest. and CVS/ Walgreens to me, wouldn’t call Clarke County the next Loudoun or Frederick! Its called giving the residents who live here, CONVIENCE! I would assume that you are the classic Old-Timer who is afraid of enhancing the lives of others by keeping the Cow-Fields alive…… And for the record, its mostly the Old-Timers who oppose anything with a name brand attached to it because it might hurt your buddies business’s!!!!!!!! We all have the likes of you people down to a science……..

      • I dont think that we all want it to be like Loudoun and Fairfax. Look at Berryville and a good part of the county and tell me how many houses there are now compared to 10 or so years ago. The town and county keeps letting people in but doesnt bring in any buisnesses to shop or eat other than small buisnesses. Im sure that Loundoun and Fairfax ‘s taxes are high but they have something to show for their high taxes like paid Fire and EMS and not just one or two for the whole county and I bet that they have more than one or two police officers working at night. So please tell me what the town and county have to show for their high taxes.

  18. BlossomButt says:

    I have to say, surprisingly, I have found that I am against big business in Berryville, but I would hardly call a McDonalds or Wendys out near the Food Lion a big business. You wont have massive traffic through town, only on and off Rt. 7. Not a huge pilgrimage the likes of Walmart, and your small town would very much welcome another food option that might be open *gasp* past 11pm. There is no one that can convince me that allowing one single fast food chain, out near Food Lion or perhaps near the funeral home, would be detrimental to our small town atmosphere. As far as those that say, “you let one, you must let them all”, no you dont. The town has a right to limit what can be allowed, the problem is, they have made it so restrictive, that no one even wants to come near. The only reason Wendys is even looking at our town is because of the name. How ironic that we are the one town in the area that seems to push them away.

  19. Stonebroke says:

    Yeah, I bet they wouldn’t be so receptive if the Wendy’s representative came to Berryville seeking permission to build a restaraunt up by the Food Lion. I bet it wouldn’t be so cool then!

  20. Just Curious says:

    Just received the monthly water bill and guess what???? Thats going up too! Whats next??? Berryville will want to charge for breathing air……………..

    • wow indeed says:

      You don’t have to go far, just outside of the town service area, and you too can have well and septic. If you don’t want to pay for the services, than do without them. For cryin out loud quicherichin!

  21. My 2 Cents says:

    Wow Indeed must be a local town official….. I have never in my life seen people sooo supportive of increased rates via Taxes and Bills than the people on here.. Wow Indeed as your name states, says it all…..

    • Clarke Eagle says:

      Wow is just pointing how you can save on fees and taxes. You missed the obvious. All that growth in Berryville has only resulted in higher taxes.

  22. My 2 Cents says:

    All that growth??? Thats the problem….. There is NOOOOOO Growth whatsoever, yet all these rates continue to climb……. Do explain

  23. Just Sayin' says:

    FIRST OFF: I would like to say that the Main Street business owners DID NOT get a letter about this event until TODAY.

    SECONDLY: I think it is pretty ignorant that Berryville is allowing these “outsiders” who are not at all affiliated with Berryville or Clarke County to come into our town and shut down the main artery from 5AM-Midnight. That is absurd! I wonder if Berryville is making a dime off of this because Berryville Main St. businesses will definitely be suffering this day.

    • My 2 Cents says:

      Gee, such a pity-party! Did u ever think that it could actually boost your sales for that day? From what I hear its gonna be a pretty decent event. I would venture to say, that you are just like all the other business owners in town, afraid of change and competition……….. Wendy’s come on down!!!!!!!!! We are actually painting curbs and fire hydrants to make you feel welcome!

    • Stonebroke says:

      Did you just say that the Berryville Main St. Businesses will be suffering on this day! Too Funny!

  24. Curious to know what the flow rate is for a red, white and blue fire hydrant?

  25. Ivan Lambert says:

    No longer residing in Berryville, where they love Berry tea and Berry salad.
    From a distance, it seems this story is nothing concerning Wendy’s or business coming to the ole home town.
    It seems to be only about a slogan, having fun with “Berry”.

    Am curious, what are main street businesses being promised to leave their doors closed for a day?

    Love the ole home town,

    • Just Sayin' says:

      IVAN- The businesses have not received anything, however, either the Town of B-ville or B-ville Main Street are being compensated. From what I know the businesses are not closing this day.

  26. I wonder if all the negative comments, basically about EVERYTHING, would be a little less ridiculous if you had to actually use your real name! It seems that regardless of the news article, somehow the same “negative nay sayers” bring it back around to the same old tiring conversation. It is really becoming embarassing.

  27. My 2 Cents says:

    Only one complaint I have on here, and it has to deal with traveling to Winchester or Charles Town for my every need. All because nobody will let any meaningful business’s come here. Other than that, you have a great day! Hope you enjoy your free salad!

  28. Capitalost says:

    I have to say, as a teleworker who gets out and about on Main St on a daily basis, i was soooo impressed last week when i say the town maintenance guys (butt cracks and all) working feverishly to beautify our down town.  I thought it was out of character, as i have never seen the level of activity from those crews, all scraping and painting the curbs.  They were even sucking the swill water out of the cesspool that surrounds rose hill park.  How nice for us and our children.  Yeah right!

    Now i know why- for friggin wendy’s.  A whole town government starstruck by 5 minutes- make that maybe 30 seconds- of exposure on a TV add to sell some lame salad.  “hey there america, we are here on the street in berryville, va rolling out our new pannus-producing gut bomb to these morons- hang on, they are going to try the salad…seriously…we are just waiting on the delivery from our restaurant thats 30 minutes from here”. 

    I cant help but see the irony in the fact that we are a rural farming community (some people dont realize this, but our farms produce food- not fast food garbage) with no major fast food chains, yet we are welcoming a major chain to use us for our name only.  And, they might as well, it seems everyone is ready to bend over for them. 

    Cant help but wonder who’s campaign fund is benefitting from this?  Or, more likely, who is directly lining their pockets?  Would be interesting, yet impossible, to follow the money, 

    Better idea- lets close the street once a week and everybody come out-mingle, meet your neighbors, and buy stuff from local vendors.  Once a week farmer’s market on a saturday is bunk, if we could rally around community in the way most are rallying around this ridiculous commercial, what a spectacular town we could be! 

    This Wendy’s thing cheapens us as a town and community, detracts from our agricultural heritage and focus, and is a downright slap in the face to see what kinds of resources our town will throw behind the opportunity to get a second on TV.  I would have expected this from Berryville, Arkansas.  But, our proud Berryville, VA??? COME ON PEOPLE

    • Tony Parrott says:

      WOW! Such an angry post.
      Company is coming over and we are cleaning up a bit. Even if you don’t like Aunt Wendy we still have to look presentable. Think positive, after your company has left you still got a clean house! Hopefully….

    • [redacted] Ever been to NYC or LA, they do these kind of promotions everywhere…I think it’s kinda cool that our town was picked to be in a roll out campaign. Get a grip and use your negative energy to promote something positive. I have been in the wonderful town of Berryville all my life and am thankful for something fun and different. Have fun everyone and enjoy!!! BTW Capitalost it is called Marketing…LOL

  29. Capitalost says:

    Not angry, more like surprised and disappointed. I appreciate your analogy, and I find the fact that you associate the concept of ‘family’ with a large corporation like Wendy’s is pretty telling. Let me know how Aunt Wendy responds when you ask her for help losing weight. Perhaps she will serve you a berry almond salad- I am sure the nutrition is on par with their burgers.

    Friend, my point is simply that they are coming here to use us for our name, nothing more. And, we as a town have had no opportunity to discuss the issue. Decisions are made in ivory towers by a select few, who likely have a financial incentive to let this occur.

    But, maybe i am all wrong, and since they are family let’s hope their profits are tremendous, I am sure she’ll leave you something in the will.

  30. Been Here A Time says:

    The stupid comment about the Town Public Works crew tops any I have ever read on this CDN site.If anyone hasn’t noticed how nice & clean the down town area & the park appears for the Memorial Day service every year is blind. I for one think our town’s Public Works crew does a great job the year round.

  31. DAWN PRICE says:

    I just hope wendys does not know about this little web site because this is crazy .. sit back have a little fun .. welcome to mayberry here is barney 5 .. coul do the town some good who knows .. who knows who may show up here and move on in … live laugh and enjoy what we have for today and be thankful

  32. DAWN PRICE says:


  33. youknowme says:

    It sounds Like Dawn Price (AKA) Makenzies… got paid off of by Wendys to Be Happy !! What person think it is a good idea to give away food in a town full of restaurants that need every dollar they can make to pay there Taxes, Water and Electric and Gas Bill.. I am sure The Town Got a BIG CHECK !!! Maybe they can use it to lower our water rate (BTW) is the Among the Highest in the whole Country !!! At the Rate Berryville is going … There will be No Buisness left.. And lest not Forget Main Street Org.. There is another Joke who gets 25K from the Town people Of Berryville Every Year !! Come On … You Know Me !!

    CDN Editor: According to Berryville Town Manager Keith Dalton, the town received $7,500 from the production company running the event. Watch CDN for more information in a upcoming story.

    • Mr Mister says:

      It sounds to me that a little bitterness was one block down from the Wendy’s fun. It was just one day. Breathe in-breathe out. And have a blessed day!!

    • I am the DAWN of Makenzie’s, you got the name wrong. I haven’t commented on this article and MAKENZIE’S WAS NOT paid off by anyone. The only affiliation we had with this production was catering breakfast for two days for the crews and we worked for every penny. We did not get paid to be happy. I have no comment on the production itself other than that after living in Clarke County for over 20 years, this morning around 6am, we got a glimpse of Main Street in the most beautiful form I have ever seen it. I think the production company did a great job making the town look as beautiful as it did. Good job Red Tree!

      • DAWN PRICE says:


  34. DAWN PRICE says:

    well all i can say is YES I AM HAPPY AND MOST OF THE TIME I AM MOTTO SMILE ON!!!! AND YOU DO KNOW MY NAME….just left down town and is nice and quite … what is wrong with a little fun this has nothing to do with taxs fire hydrents or water bills . it is to bring a berry salad to berryville , so in all that Smile on and yes i am happy have a good day

    • Tammy Lanham says:

      Hi Dawn! I am SO WITH YOU! Nothing wrong with a little fun- it was just wonderful to run into so many friends and neighbors on a beautiful afternoon and have something new to chat about at the grocery store, school, church and at home…. boy word does travel fast in our little town —

      AND it was a great turnout! The kids and I liked the merryberry salad too (and it did feel like Mayberry as we sat there chatting with the old-timers admiring the nice storefronts, babies in strollers, kids on bikes, the local Berryville antique fire truck parked on one end and a dalmation walking down the street with many admirers – a lovely picture:)
      Missed seeing you today in the crowd, but will look for you at the sports fields, grocery store, farmers market, mainstreet or at the shop sometime- Have a great week and let’s all be grateful for this wonderful community we live in- love to read your posts- KEEP SMILING GIRL!

  35. Cheryl Levi says:

    @ Youknowme,
    What is your problem? If you have issues with the Town then take it up with the appropriate officials. Dawn Price is not Mckenzie’s as she is my sister in law and a busines owner herself. Instead of pointing fingers and mud slinging maybe you need to re-evaluate your motives, What a pity you can’t even have the dignity to identify yourself like most respectable business owners would. The economy issues are everywhere and Berryville businesses could benefit if there is more people around to patronize them! Take you negativity and shove it somewhere else, possibly where your beef may hide!

  36. DAWN PRICE says:

    well i have to say what fun my children had downtown said the salad was good , and i did see people get carry out at the other food places in berryville this P M .. looked nice downtown good job workers ..

    • Travis Goodwin says:

      I enjoyed the salad, and it was interesting to see the crews and the boom camera. I chuckled when my daughter got excited that a “sport shop” had opened up…”Dad! They’re havin’ a sale!” LOL! Come to find out it was just an empty storefront filled with random sporting equipment in the window and a fake sign to hide the fact that the building’s vacant. Ah well…

  37. I seen the same thing the other day…made me a little excited to see that Berryville might be adding a sport shop to the downtown scene. Only to be disappointed when I found out it was only some type of display for a photo shoot. But not to worry you can always give me a call for all your sporting good needs…..SoftballMania Express (Sporting Goods on the Fly)

  38. Bobs Sports Store says:

    Y’all stop by today we are having our biggest sale ever, 100% off everything in the store!

  39. rhollin says:

    I live in a very rural county bordered in a triangle by Richmond, Charlottesville, and Fredericksburg. The nearest Grocery is about 20 minutes away after you start the car door to door. The nearest fast food is 25-30 minutes away (also the nearest restaurants). But you know what we don’t have: bumper-to-bumper traffic with a light every block. We make our trade-offs in where we choose to live, and some people choose the rural lifestyle; others choose the city (and they still get in their vehicles to go two blocks to the store). Clarke County is a nice county to live in and Winchester is a nice city to visit for shopping and entertainment. Enjoy the entertainment that does come to town, and be happy with that while it lasts.

  40. Stonebroke says:

    Yeah, but the problem is the current BOS run things like a dictatorship and make decisions based on what they think is right or wrong for the county.