Went to the Blue Ridge VFRC Sunday Buffet

Busy weekend in Clarke County for two of our volunteer fire departments. I missed the yard sale, auction and feast at Enders but I did attend the Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company all you could eat buffet on Sunday.   I forgot that I could no longer eat all that I think I can eat. But what I did eat was wonderful.   What a feast! The stuff on the grill was cooked to perfection and the choices on the tables inside where overwhelming.  I love socials where cooks contribute their best-tried and true recipes to share with friend and strangers alike.   The art of cooking good tasty food is alive and well.   Thank you to one an all for a yummy meal.   If you missed it they have another one coming up in the fall.

Eating at the Social Hall brings back memories of my youth (Shrimp Feast, Bingo, and Fourth of July Fairs).   My father was a volunteer (when Fairfax had volunteers) at Great Falls, Company 12.   He retired early and only lived a mile from the firehouse.   He had two fire radios, not one but two. One in his workshop and then one in my parents’ bedroom.   (Mom was not pleased with this intrusion).   I thought it was kind of cool because you knew what was going on all over the county, that is, if you spoke ‘fire radio’.   It was a unique language all its own.   This was the way they communicated, before pagers, cells and texting.

Back in the late 60’s we only had one family car to share between 4 drivers.   The rules were simple if you drove the car you:

  1. Need to back it into the driveway, because when the house siren went off Dad was out the door and did not have a moment to spare backing up the car up.   To this day I always back my cars in parking spaces.
  2. We always had to hang the ‘family’ key on the hook in the kitchen.   Now it was many years later before I realized that dad actually had his own key to the family car.   But that was the rule and you just followed it.
  3. You did not bring the car home on empty.   We had an account at ‘Buck’s’ Store and all you had to do was sign for the gas. There was no excuse to bringing home an empty car.   Never knew how far that car would need to go, or if the gas station would be open.

With all this said, you would think, Dad would be understanding and believe my story of why I did not make curfew (do kids still have curfews these days?), because my boyfriend (who is now hubby) just had to go on a fire run (because he kept a fire radio in HIS car along with all of his gear—doesn’t everyone?).   He volunteered at Company 13 Dunn Loring.

My hat is off and a humble thank you to all of our volunteers and to all of the families that love, and support them emotionally, and wash their smokey, sweaty clothes.

The rest of us can do our part and support them financially to make sure they  have the funds to receive the latest training and purchase the safest equipment out there.   I hear they are accepting Volunteers, and they train you!   Think about it.

Contact information’s: http://www.blueridgefire.org