White Post Gets New Planning Commisioner

Robina Bouffault had been appointed to the Clarke County Planning Commission

White Post’s former School Board representative, Robina Bouffault has a new job in Clarke County government.

“I nominate Robina Rich Bouffault to the remainder of the White Post Planning Commissioner’s term,” Clarke County Supervisor Bev McKay (White Post) said at the Board of Supervisor’s regular meeting on Tuesday. “I think that she’s an excellent person for the Planning Commission. As we move forward doing some economic development at Double Tollgate she has a business background. She has managed to help get a school built and I think that she’s got a wonderful background to help the Planning Commission proceed forward.”

McKay’s motion was unanimously approved without discussion.

Bouffault will now serve the remainder of McKay’s term which expires in April, 2012.

Bouffault formerly served twice as the Clarke County School Board chairman during the Board’s 2008 – 2012 term.  Although Bouffault chose not to run for a second term on the School Board, she is currently still the School Board “authorized owner’s representative” (AOR) and continues to manage the school construction project.

With the high school construction project 97% complete and the School Board preparing to turn its attention to renovating the division’s existing buildings, the likelihood exists that the current School Board may elect to end Bouffault’s term as AOR and seek new construction leadership at tonight’s special construction meeting.

Bouffault says that she is in agreement with the County’s position on managing residential growth through zoning and believes that commercial development needs to be properly channeled as well.

“I believe that the county’s Comprehensive Plan and the sliding scale zoning have been instrumental in avoiding the massive influx of residential ‘McMansions’  that have so plagued our neighboring counties,” Bouffault said. “The county has also laid aside well-determined areas for commercial development – including the Waterloo area – Route 340 and Route 50 – and the Double Tollgate area (Route 340 and Route 522), which need good planning decisions to appropriately develop their areas. The solar farm project at Double Tollgate I believe to be a very good project to be encouraged. We could use more of that type of project.”

Bouffault says that she doesn’t view the Planning Commission spot as a “political” position because the Commissioners must follow well-defined county ordinances, state statutes and the County’s Comprehensive Plan which outline planning and development she said.

“As I am in total agreement with the principles of the county’s Comprehensive Plan, and also have six years of experience on the board of the BADA (Berryville Area Development Authority), I believe that my experience can be helpful to the County’s Planning Commissioners in dealing with future planning applications.”

Bouffault says that one of her goals for the Planning Commission is to bring to Clarke County the best possible elements of development in agreement with the Comprehensive Plan and the County’s ordinances.

“I’d like to see the County move forward in a manner that can enhance our tax base without sacrificing the lovely county environment that we all appreciate and enjoy,” Bouffault said.




  1. Of COURSE he nominated her…

  2. She’s Baaaaaaaack! That didn’t take long!

  3. This is a perfect position for Robina. I am sure she will do it justice.

  4. clarke conservative says:

    Congratulations to Robina, and Bev for nominating her!

  5. Tony Parrott says:

    I actually think this is the perfect position for Robina. I never felt her skill sets were conducive to a functional school board but they are a perfect fit for this roll.

  6. n3utr0nRU says:

    Firstly, I have to commend Robina on continuing to find ways to try to be of service to our community. I also agree with Tony that this job is a **perfect** fit with the skills and experience that Robina brings to the table. Bev McKay made a great call with this nomination, and If White Post would be well-served to keep Robina in this position so long as she is willing!

    “I’d like to see the County move forward in a manner that can enhance our tax base without sacrificing the lovely county environment that we all appreciate and enjoy,” ~RB

    That’s a sentiment I believe we ALL can agree upon – Good luck in your term Robina.

  7. My 2 Cents says:

    Go figure! Who didn’t see that one coming????