Wolf Beats Barnett in House Race, Virginia Referendums Approved

With all of precincts reporting, 10th Congressional District incumbent Congressman Frank Wolf has handily defeated Democrat challenger Jeff Barnett by a wide margin.

Perhaps more surprisingly, despite the weak economy, Virginia voters have approved three ballot referendums that endorse additional spending and taxation by the Commonwealth of Virginia and local governments.


  1. Here go property taxes

  2. Virginia was already having revenue issues for the past couple years due to the economy and now these referendums will make it even more challenging. This is not the best time to even consider referendums such as these. I’m very disappointed they passed. Now it will be up to the citizens who don’t fall in the discounted categories to pay for the new revenue shortfalls.

    • Exactly right. While they all sound good, help veterans, save more money, when you look a little deeper they all require tax increases

      Not good in these times

  3. Dmaxnjackson says:

    people should actually read the whole referendums before they vote. More taxes = less in my paycheck 🙁