WOLF Reiterates Support for Extending Metrorail to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County

Washington, D.C. (June 6, 2012) – Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th) today reiterated his support for extending Metrorail to Dulles airport and Loudoun County in letters to state and local officials following the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s decision to abandon a labor agreement on Phase 2 of the project.

Wolf also reiterated the importance of the project’s stakeholders doing everything possible to ensure that the tolls on the Dulles Toll Road remain affordable.
Below is the text of the letter he sent to Scott York, chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. Wolf sent identical letters to Sharon Bulova, chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, and Sean Connaughton, Virginia’s

Secretary of Transportation.
The Honorable Scott York
Loudoun County Board of Supervisors
1 Harrison St. SE Flr 5
Leesburg, VA 20175

As you know, I have and continue to support Dulles Rail. It is perhaps the most significant transportation project in the region since the construction of the initial Metrorail system. The benefits of extending the system to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County are too numerous to list. Can anyone imagine what the Metropolitan Washington region would look like without Metro?
Today’s decision by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Board of Directors to abolish the 10-point contracting preference for companies that agreed to sign a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) is a positive step in making Phase 2 a reality. I believe that the board’s decision to drop any preference for a PLA will open up the Phase 2 bidding process to more competition and comply with Virginia laws. It should also lead to lower costs on the project and lower tolls on drivers.

Like you, I have lived in northern Virginia for many years and remember when Fairfax and Loudoun counties were not the centers of commerce they are today. The growth throughout the Dulles corridor was made possible by the transfer of Dulles International Airport and the then-Washington National Airport from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to MWAA. The transfer allowed Dulles to be marketed as an international hub and permitted bonds to be issued to support expansion of both airports.

Before the transfer, Reagan National was in a state of disrepair. Dulles sat in a remote and sparsely populated Loudoun County and serviced approximately 2.1 million passengers per year. It was clear that a successful Dulles airport would benefit the entire region and spur job growth in the Dulles corridor. I worked with federal and state officials in the 1980s to transfer control of the airports to MWAA. Today, Dulles services over 20 million passengers per year. The success of the airports in the 25 years after the creation of MWAA is testimony to the importance of the initial transfer.

Just as transferring control of the airports was critical to the success of the region 25 years ago, the critical step now is extending mass transit to Dulles and Loudoun County. After Loudoun County, Fairfax County and the Commonwealth Transportation Board elected to extend Metro, I worked with state, local and federal officials to ensure federal funding was secured for Phase 1.

Today’s decision guarantees a $150 million contribution from the Commonwealth of Virginia, which will help reduce tolls on the Dulles Toll road. I have long said everything must be done to control costs on this project to keep tolls on the toll road as low as possible.

I believe you all share my goal of extending rail to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County. The economic benefits for all those living, commuting and working in the Dulles corridor will benefit from this critical transportation project. I stand ready to work with you and all stakeholders to make the decades-long goal of rail to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County a reality.

Best wishes.

Frank Wolf
Member of Congress


  1. traveler says:

    It astounds me that there are people in Leesburg who are so dead set against the rail moving into Loudoun County. My assumption is that these people enjoy sitting in gridlock traffic, then arriving in Fairfax or Arlington or Washington to find only parking at $25 a day. More likely, they are representatives of the Dulles Greenway, a rip off in every sense of the word. “Stop the rail, it’s going to destroy the world” is basically their message. I believe they really mean “Let’s keep raising the toll road rates twice a year so that by 2015 it will be $20 each way because it’s making me millions of dollars for doing nothing.”

    Bring it on and swiftly. I cannot wait to be able to drive to Herndon, hop on the metro, and get into DC to see the sights and enjoy some culture. That is worth my money, not sitting in traffic watching my gas tank deplete, and wasting time …. all because there are so few roadways coming out of Clarke County and heading East that are free and that keep the flow of traffic moving.

    • You can do that today. Drive to the Herndon Monroe Park and Ride, which is conveniently an exit on the toll road, take a short bus ride to West Fals Church, voila!

  2. Some of the concerns I’ve heard know are the reverse of what you are worrying about, namely the undesirables from DC having easy access to the suburbs and being able to be back in Southeast before you realize all the goodies in your car have been stolen

    • So they will take the Metro to Ashburn, and then ?

      • I guess they will get rental cars and limos to come specifically to your house. According to all the paranoid experts. 🙂

    • Really, Sarge? That’s a new low, even by your standards.

      • Hardly. I work with a few folks in DC and they are the ones that talk about the increase in crime associated with expanding the metro. I can’t remember what line it is, but they said as soon as it was completed, crime went up.

        Imagine that.

        And since some folks thought I was beating aroud the bush an/or using euphemisms, I’ll stop doing that, starting right now. When metro expands, it allows the homies from Southeast to get to your area cheaply, do what they are going to do, and be back in Southeast with your stuff before you can make a police report

        There. All better?

        • No, Sarge…you’re no better than the security guard I once worked with in college who told me, as he was following a group of Black teens thru the store on the cameras while ignoring the White teens completely – “If you’re Black, you steal.”

          Race-based ignorance cannot be dressed up to appear as anything but what it is: race-based ignorance. The fact that you glibly trot it out reflects far more on you than anything else.

          • Another View says:

            Is it race based ignorance to note that as a matter of FACT, Anacostia is the deadliest, most dangerous part of Washington, D.C.? Is it race based ignorance to note that D.C. crime statistics demonstrate that 1) blacks commit the vast majority of violent and property crime; and, 2) the victims of black crime are almost always black? Or as I noted earlier today, that as a matter of FACT, DC criminal elements do use the metro as a transportation system to expand into suburban Virginia and Maryland?

            We’re not talking about security guards in suburban malls. We are discussing serious crime issues.

            It is easy to sit in white bread, rural Clarke County and accuse someone of being racist. It is quite another to actually work in the DC system–as I have–and look at the faces of the victims and the perpetrators of crime.

            Please; keep your white guilt to yourself. It has no place in the real world. Sarge said nothing racist, and your accusations of racism is a grave offense. Indeed, you trivialize actual racism when you make such silly and false accusations.

          • Mr Mister says:

            It is also a FACT that the kids bringing guns to schools and committing mas murders are white. Also a FACT that most serial killers are white. What is you stand on gun control? Or do you only want to control Anacostia?

          • Another View says:

            I believe in controlling my guns. And I believe you should control your guns.

            Crime knows no racial boundaries, and folks should not try and make it so.

          • “It is also a FACT that the kids bringing guns to schools and committing mas murders are white. Also a FACT that most serial killers are white.”

            Most of them don’t ride the metro either, so your point is………………………

          • No there is no such thing as disproportionate racial crime. Nope. Just as many Whites as a percentage commit crimes as a percentage of Blacks. And Obama balanced the budget with money from the Easter Bunny

          • Georgetown is actually worse with the crime rate.

            Poor Sarge, and the “grave offense” of accusing him of racism, which, well, was pretty much a right on opinion, I do think.

          • Lonnie Bishop says:

            Got some statistics to back up your “facts”?

            This report seems to undercut them.

            Then, there’s this one, for DC proper. Note that Adams Morgan, near the Zoo, has a higher rate of crimes than “SE DC.” That’s from DC’s own police stats.

          • Another View says:

            The MPD regularly patrol Adams Morgan. The MPD is afraid to venture too deep into Anacostia.
            Wonder why that is?

            As a long time DC resident, I would take my chances in Georgetown and Adams Morgan, as opposed to Anacostia. Any time, any day.

        • Lonnie Bishop says:

          Sarge, you need more than hearsay to back up that ridiculous claim.

  3. Roscoe Evans says:

    “Undesirables” is such a delightful euphemism, no?

  4. Some of the concern is also about the millions upon millions being spent on this when there is so guarantee it will actually be able to support itself and also that Metro is still mismanaged. It’s going to take millions to fix all the problems in the existing system. Maybe the money should be spent there first and get that part up to grade before adding on to a weak system. And where is all this money coming from? For repairs and extension? Well it’s coming from the Federal Government and the Commonwealth of Virginia. And where does there money come from? You and I. And just wait for the cost overruns. There was a certain group that wanted this done and they are forcing it through. Metro needed to get its house in order before taking on anything new.

  5. Mr Mister says:

    I’m betting that CDN would publish my comment, but it was intended to point out that there is way too many opinions here when it comes to other people who don’t look like us. I think it is a total shame that people are here basing their comments from last names and regions. Just look around, there are bad people in Clarke also and they are white. Imagine that!

    • Yeah, because soooo many whites live in Southeast DC. And it just so happens that that area has the highest crime rate in the city.

      Imagine that

    • Another View says:

      It is not a matter of “other people who don’t look like us”. It is a fact that the DC criminal elements use the Metro to expand their activities into Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax. F A C T. So when Sarge makes his comment, he is speaking from a solid foundation.

      Sure there are bad people everywhere. But why would you make it easier for more bad people to access your house?