Wolf Seeks Consumer Protection From Greenway Tolls

Washington, D.C. (July 18, 2012) – Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th) today asked the Virginia Attorney General to have his consumer protection office examine the toll structure on the Dulles Greenway.

“I believe you have the ability to give these residents a way to fight what I call ‘highway robbery,’” Wolf wrote in a letter today to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  “If there were ever a group of consumers in need of protection, it is those who pay the Greenway tolls.”

Wolf, a longtime critic of the TRIP II, the firm that operates the Greenway, and its foreign-based parent company, Macquiare Ltd., believes the original state law allowing a private corporation to own and operate the Greenway is flawed because it fails to protect the consumer.

“When I am in Loudoun County, the tolls on the Greenway are a recurring issue and a continual source of aggravation,” Wolf said. “Peak tolls on the Greenway are as much as $4.80 for a one-way trip. When this is combined with the tolls on the Dulles Toll Road and the new Beltway Express Lanes, Loudoun residents are going to face dramatically higher transportation costs than most other residents in the Commonwealth.

“These outrageous tolls cause cars as well as large trucks from most area businesses to divert to side roads and residential streets,” Wolf continued.  “Route 7, often the only available alternate route, is at capacity around the clock, including weekends. When large trucks divert from the Greenway, they clog local roads and often use neighborhood streets. This puts additional stress on these roads, adds to congestion and puts the public at risk. No one wants their children playing in the front yard or on the sidewalk when a large truck rolls through their neighborhood all to avoid a toll.”

Wolf has been vocal in calling for distance-pricing on the road similar to other public and private toll roads in the county and has worked with Virginia Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton to establish a Dulles Greenway Advisory Committee to study ways to make the road more user-friendly.

In May, the design for new signs clearly stating what tolls will be prior to users committing to take the road were approved.  One sign will be placed on the west-bound Dulles Toll Road prior to the Route 28 exit, while two more will be placed on Route 772 in both the east and west-bound directions.  Wolf requested that the signs be erected.

Below is the complete text of Wolf’s letter:

The Honorable Ken Cuccinelli
Virginia Attorney General
900 E Main St
Richmond VA 22319

Dear Attorney General Cuccinelli:

You and I have had past discussions about the Dulles Greenway and the fact that Loudoun residents have no voice over the ridiculous tolls they are forced to pay if they want to use the road. I believe it is very important to provide Loudoun residents with consumer protection from these tolls.

When I am in Loudoun County, the tolls on the Greenway are a recurring issue and a continual source of aggravation. Peak tolls on the Greenway are as much as $4.80 for a one-way trip. When this is combined with the tolls on the Dulles Toll Road and the new Beltway Express Lanes, Loudoun residents are going to face dramatically higher transportation costs than most other residents in the Commonwealth. These outrageous tolls cause cars as well as large trucks from most area businesses to divert to side roads and residential streets. Route 7, often the only available alternate route, is at capacity around the clock, including weekends. When large trucks divert from the Greenway, they clog local roads and often use neighborhood streets. This puts additional stress on these roads, adds to congestion and puts the public at risk. No one wants their children playing in the front yard or on the sidewalk when a large truck rolls through their neighborhood all to avoid a toll.

I have been openly critical of the cost of the tolls on the Dulles Greenway for several years and the increase that went into effect on January only added fuel to the fire. During rush hours, it now costs $4.80 to use the road, and if drivers are coming from or going onto the Dulles Toll Road the rate is $5.55. That means a daily round trip would be $11.10. Over the course of a month, a daily commuter could spend the equivalent of a car payment. If you live in one of the communities just off the Greenway, you could easily get on and off the road multiple times a day taking your children to soccer practice, day care, or to take your family out for dinner. In fact, it costs $4.80 to go approximately 1.1 miles during rush hour; the same cost to travel the entire road. To charge such high tolls to go such short distances significantly reduces the number of options for area residents. They must either change their route to avoid the Greenway or change their plans altogether.

If there were ever a group of consumers in need of protection, it is those who are forced to pay the Greenway tolls. I am writing today to ask that you refer the Greenway toll structure to the consumer protection section in your office and work with the Loudoun Board of Supervisors and Loudoun residents to address this serious and growing consumer abuse.

As you know, I have been a long-time critic of the owner of the Greenway and the state law that allows it to operate the road. Even though the Greenway insists these tolls are necessary, the company that operates the road, Toll Road Investors Partnership II (TRIP II) and its Australian parent company Macquarie Ltd spends liberally on many other things. TRIP II pays former Virginia Secretary of Transportation Whitt Clement to lobby the General Assembly against changing the state law that permits the outrageous tolls. Not to be outdone by its subsidiary, Macquarie threw a lavish Christmas party in 2008 at the height of the world-wide financial panic. News reports stated the company spent between $500,000 and $750,000 for the year-end bash. Simply put, this is money ill-spent; money that could have been used to pay down the debt on the Greenway and reduce tolls.

You may also be aware that I worked with Virginia Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton to establish a Dulles Greenway Advisory Committee to study ways to make the road more user-friendly. While I wanted the committee to address distance-based pricing, its parameters were limited to new signs. After working with my office, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, and area residents and business owners, new signs were designed and are currently under construction. Despite being included in every stop of the process, it took a Herculean effort to get TRIP II CEO Tom Sines to agree to pay for signs that are designed to provide his customers more accurate information.

As you know, I have asked the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to address this appalling oversight in state law. But to date, nothing has been done. When the Greenway operators submitted their 2007 request for toll increases, the SCC stated, “the Commonwealth made a series of policy decisions that leave us little choice but to make the decision we make in this case.” They are basically saying their hands are tied. In my opinion, the current law protects the interests of the owner of the toll road rather than the customers of the road.

As you can see, this is an issue that cries out for action. I believe you have the ability to give these residents a way to fight what I call “highway robbery.” If there were ever a group of consumers in need of protection, it is those who pay the Greenway tolls.

Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to working with you to resolve this important issue.

Best wishes.


Frank R. Wolf
Member of Congress


  1. I never understood why the Commonwealth wasn’t directly involved with that road.

    • Mr Mister says:

      It’s called a pay off. How do you the rich stay rich. They have “friends” in high places.

  2. Sam Card says:

    I am glad that Frank Wolf pointed out to the Virginia Attorney General that the company spent between $500,000 and $750,000 for the end of year bash. The federal GSA (General services Administaration) has had expensive bonus parties for their employees at taxpayers expense. It is grandious spending of other people’s hard earned money. They forget that our nation is in economic recession, with high unemployment and debt. Frank Wolf is right that the Greenway tolls are highway robbery.

  3. Roscoe Evans says:

    I think we can thank the Byrd Machine for the lack of an efficient transportation system in Northern Va, along with a slew of other state problems.

    Their penny-pinching, coupled with their “massive resistence” to all matters smacking of the 20th Century, has been ingrained in all state politicos, to the point that nobody who can’t hold himself up as a 19th Century conservative has a snowball’s chance at running for state-wide office; and no candidate will ever propose that state taxes be used to solve regional problems. Even our “liberals” are conservative in Va.

    • Another View says:

      You are so right! If only we spent money like DC, or Sacramento, or Springfield, Illinois! Then we’d have out of control government and could go broke too. Like Greece.

    • Sam Card says:

      Toll payers socialize the costs and the Greenway owners privatize the benefits. I thought it was suppose to be a partnership with the state. The Greenway is also numbered as state route 267. If there is ANY funding from the state or if the Virginia Department of Transportation does any maintenance, than the toll prices are a public concern. The purpose of the Greenway was to reduce traffic congestion as a public service, which benefits commerce.

  4. Sounds like a good opportunity to exercise immenent domain

  5. Another View says:

    This is the problem with Republicans. They act like Democrats.

    First, the Greenway is not a federal issue. It is a Virginia issue. Representative Wolf should mind his own business.

    Second, there is no “right” to use the private Greenway. If you don’t wish to pay the tolls, use Route 7.

    Third, the problem with road capacity in Northern Virginia is a byproduct of federal interference and obstruction, coupled with the NIMBYs’ opposition to everything associated with growth. If the Commonwealth had been permitted to act, and had acted, there would be plenty of road capacity today. But you cannot sit on your hands for over twenty (20) years and then act surprised when there is congestion.

    Fourth, the reason that the Dulles Toll Road tolls are going to rise dramatically is government’s ill fated decision to build the Silver Line, and Tim Kaine’s S T U P I D decision to turn that road over the the Airport Authority. You cannot blame the rise of tolls on the Dulles Toll Road on the Greenway.

    Fifth, all the toll increases on the Greenway have been made within the law. It has done nothing wrong or untoward.

    Sixth, the Greenway fulfills a very important function. Government was never going to build that road; if we had waited on government, we would still be waiting. BUT allowing private business to construct the Greenway has permitted commuters to move swiftly between Dulles and Leesburg. I drive it regularly, and cannot imagine what life would be without it.

    Seventh, it does not matter what the company which owns the Greenway spends its monies on; it is that company’s money. That company earned it through voluntary transactions with the consuming public. Representative Wolf’s comments on the Christmas party expense was demagoguery befitting Barack Hussein Obama. The expenses are NOT comparable to the GSA, which is entrusted with taxpayer dollars–BIG DIFFERENCE.

    If the Greenway did not meet consumers’ needs, no one would use it. If the Greenway raises the tolls beyond what consumers are willing to pay, no one will use it. This is how the free market works, and it works well.

    • off the cliff says:

      BIG mistake trusting the GSA with anything, certainly not taxpayers dollars.

  6. Bob's Sporting Goods Wholesale says:

    Spoken from a True Republican!!!!!!! All about the money!

    • Another View says:

      No. Did you read my post? Hardly the response of a “Republican”!

      Indeed, it is all about individual rights and freedom. Who are you or anybody to demand that you be permitted to take another’s product, for your use, at a price you determine is “fair”?

      If you do not wish to ride on the Greenway due to price, do not do so. There are “free” public road alternatives.

      But you are not permitted to demand that the Greenway give way to your price requirements. Property rights are human rights, and basic fundamental rights at that. If you have no respect for others’ property rights, perhaps others will lose respect for your property rights. And then where will you be?

    • Another View says:

      And by the way; who determines the price of goods sold by you? Isn’t that about “the money”? Or do you give your products away? HMMMM????

  7. Roscoe Evans says:

    There’s no constitutional impediment to Frank Wolfe’s working on this matter. It’s called constituent service. Unfortunately, I have found Frank is too oten ineffectual.

    In terms of getting to DC, I do what’s necessary and appropriate, consistent with my business: I’ve taken the train from Harper’s Ferry, and enjoy it. I take the Greenway as necessary, otherwise, get up at 4AM and zip down Rt 50. In the past, it’s often been cost-effective to take a hotel or a pied a terre, and make DC my short term home. It’s all very constitutional.

    Unfortunately, instead of doing what works, Virginians have been tied up with practicing politics as though its religion. It’s no wonder the schools, like the roads and every other governmental activity get tied up by the crackpots.

    • Another View says:

      Virginia’s roads are NONE of a United States representative’s business, be it Wolf or someone else. Constituent service would apply to something that would properly be Rep. Wolf’s concern; this is not. Additionally constituent service is most often sucking up to the voter. That’s not public service, that is job preservation.

      Rather than annoying the Va. Atty. General, grandstanding, and preening for his constituents, Rep. Wolf ought to be conducting the business he was sent to Congress to do. Instead of worrying about the price of the Greenway tolls, how about addressing out of control federal spending, imminent tax increases, entitlement reform, and the planned gutting of our military? Those are issues he is elected to address, not the petty worryings of a soccer mom who cannot be bothered to spend an extra few minutes on the local roads.

      Finally, the only congestion in Virginia caused by “crackpots” is that caused by the cowards elected in Fairfax, Loudoun and Arlington Counties, who refuse to push for more road construction, but squander billions on a metro system that is unsustainable, unworkable, and unnecessary.

  8. goodgracious says:

    “Petty worryings of a soccer mom”

    They vote too you know?

    • Another View says:

      “[Soccer moms] vote too . . . .” Fine.

      Then they should know that state roads and the congestion they encounter ferrying their children around town are not the concern of the United States Congress. Then they should know that the persons to contact concerning local road congestion are their state and local elected officials. Then they should know that the Greenway’s property rights trump their personal outrage at the tolls’ cost.

      If they know all that, then they should vote. But since they are complaining to Frank Wolf, my guess is that they do not know it, in which case they should not vote. Ignorance is already well represented in this country, thank you.

  9. Bob's Sporting Goods Wholesale says:

    Dang AV, is your 6 digit salary going to take that big of a hit? Might have to shop at Wal-Mart like the rest of us poor peeps!!!!

    • Another View says:

      I am not complaining about the cost of the tolls (which I pay regularly). You, Frank Wolf and others are.

      If I could not afford the tolls, I would not drive the Greenway. Does that not make sense? Is that not the solution for those who cannot afford the tolls?

      And I assume you meant my seven (7) digit salary.

      • goodgracious says:

        Lots of money in Tea then is there?

        • Another View says:

          Do you have any substantive response? Or are “clever” quips the best you got?

          I pointed out the function of free markets and the importance of property rights. In response, you call names. How about a substantive conversation?

          • goodgracious says:

            I try, emphasize try, to NOT converse with someone who has an advanced case of narcissistic personality disorder as I realize how fragile that person’s self esteem is.

            I’ll stick with clever quips; there are many that apply to a person like you.

          • Another View says:

            In other words, insults are all you have; you cannot make any substantive points because a) you have none; b) you are not confident of the strength of your beliefs; c) you prefer rude discourse to substantive debate; and/or d) you are a Leftist.

            I guess e) all of the above.

      • AV, your elitist attitude is what is wrong with the top 1%. So the Greenway should be available only to those that can afford it, screw the middle class that is doing it’s level best just to get to their jobs everyday.
        I used to work in Arlington and used the toll road because it was the fastest way to get home so I had more time to spend with my kids, which was very important to me as I’m sure it is for most people with families.
        The new toll rate would cost a person $222 a month if they work five days a week. We realize this is a drop in the bucket for you but to some that money could go a long way for groceries, insurance and childcare.

        • Another View says:

          The Greenway should be available to only those who can afford it–yes. Just as as Tiffany’s, American Airlines, the Ritz Carlton, the Metro, Martin’s, the Holiday Inn, and McDonald’s should only be available to those who can afford it.

          If you cannot afford to drive the Greenway, don’t. If you want more time with your children, take a job closer to home, or move to Arlington.

          It is absolutely incredible the entitlement mentality that pervades the majority of those who comment on this site. It is nothing but pure greed and envy; a desire to have what one wants without seeing any need to earn or pay for it. It is despicable, and more fitting to a communist mindset. It is certainly not emblematic of the American spirit.

          How would you like it if folks came over to your house, browsed through your things, taking what they want, and paying you or not, as they see fit? I doubt you would like it very much, no matter how much those folks protested that they needed your things.

          Yet you propose to do the same thing to the Greenway’s owners. You demand that you should be permitted to drive on the Greenway at a price you determine. News flash: the Greenway does not belong to you. What you are really proposing is stealing. And that is a sin.

          It is not I who is elitist. I respect others’ rights. It is you and your compatriots who are elitist, demanding the power and special treatment to mistreat others. Shame!

          • I said I “used to” drive to Arlington. Thanks for the advice but I am able to make job decisions for myself and have been working from home for many years now. I am truly middle class and make no apologies for it. We have two decent cars to drive that are paid for, that doesn’t make me insensitive to those that don’t have that. We have equity in our home, just because we happened to buy before the relaxed regulations and greed fueled the whole housing bubble, that doesn’t make me insensitive to those that bought houses that are now worth hundreds of thousands less than what they paid for them. I have good health insurance but again that doesn’t make me insensitive to those that can’t afford any. I am fortunate enough to be able to take one or two family vacations a year but it doesn’t make me insensitive to those that are doing all they can just to keep their children fed.
            You have called me and others on this site, takers, communists, thieves, sinners and elitists. Your words mean nothing because I am a happy and grateful person. Grateful for what I have but more so for the people in my life. I have no greed or envy for the rich, only pity for them that the almighty dollar is their god.
            Your comments made me think of a Don Henley song from long ago so I’d like to share a verse from it.
            “You spend your whole life
            Just pilin’ it up there
            You got stacks and stacks and stacks
            Then, Gabriel comes and taps you on the shoulder
            But you don’t see no hearses with luggage racks”

      • Clarke Life says:

        WOW! You make 7 digits and work real hard as you mentioned in a previous post. Somehow, you seem to be on Clarke Daily News ALL day. Not sure who your boss/superior is but I don’t think they would appreciate you playing around on message boards all day when they are paying you such a wonderful fat salary. Integrity? Get some.

        (Oh but I guess your superior will never know, since you spew all of this stuff under an alias. I hope he/she dosn’t find out….that would be a shame. Then you would be “poor” like the rest of us.)

        • Another View says:

          How dare you attack my integrity without any knowledge of who I am or what I do! For your information, I am my own boss. For your information, I earn everything I have, in honest and diligent fashion. And for your information, you are a sad excuse for a human being to so casually throw around such a defamatory remark. You should be ashamed.

          Apparently you think your “poor” circumstances permits you to act as poorly as you wish. It might surprise you to know that when I grew up, poor folks had just as much pride and dignity as anyone else, and would never behave in such a rude, boorish fashion.

  10. Roscoe Evans says:

    The digits to the right of the decimal point don’t count, you know.

    And, at that, you must be paid by the word.

  11. Clarke Life says:

    Sweetie, I am in no way poor. I put that word in quotes because that seems to be the term you use for everyone that is NOT making 7 digits. Also, I am in no way being defamatory. You are the one that spends countless hours on here commenting on every single article, getting rise on arguements, yet you boast of your 7 digit salary. So I simply pointed out the obvious, how are you doing all this hard work and money earning while you on discussion boards all day. It’s ok you don’t owe anyone an explanation. However, if you own your own company than somebody is giving money out of their pockets to pay your wonderful salary. So, if you are spending all day on Clarke Daily News how is that having integrity? Shouldn’t you be doing what you are getting paid for (with $ out of those “poor” people’s pockets, might I add)

    You know, before I met my spouse I was pretty conservative. I voted republican. I still do have conservative views on some issues. However, you are the exact type of person that I used to swear to my spouse did not exist- and yet, here you are. I am sickened and to answer you back, yes I am ashamed, but of people like YOU in our great America. I am ashamed that I ever considered myself a strict Republican because of people like you- with close minds and only out for yourself and your $.
    My friend, you give Republicans a bad name.

    Besides, a smaller toll would equal more of your precious $ in your pocket wouldn’t it?

    Although, I would love to sit and banter all day with you, as I am sure it would stroke your ego wonderfully…I have a family and a wonderful life to live outside of Clarke Daily News.

    And to the editor: People that hijack every single article on CDN constantly, is the reason a lot of good people with varying views don’t get on here anymore.

    Another View: Have a great time trolling! Until next time my friend….

    • Another View says:

      I actually spend very little time on this site. I think and write very quickly.

      I have never referred to any particular person as to their circumstances. I have treated all equally.

      And I do not comment on every article; if you truly read more often, you would know what I comment on.

      Indeed, if you truly read more often you would know that I am not a Republican. My guess is that you not only do not read that often, but that you were never a Republican or conservative. My guess is that you are one of society’s takers who wish to live off of others. Your post reeks of envy and entitlement.

      Good luck to you. You shall need it.

      • Anonymous says:

        1) Ha! Actually, every single one of your guesses are ALL wrong, sorry to tell ya. Imagine that..you..wrong?

        2) Yes, you have referred to people and their circumstances, which is actually untrue.. and I quote:

        “Apparently you think your “poor” circumstances permits you to act as poorly as you wish”

        AV: I never said I have “poor” circumstances..please stop the nonsense. I have absolutely wonderful circumstances!

        3) It’s funny you make a 7 digit salary but you call me a “taker” and I quote again:

        “My guess is that you are one of society’s takers who wish to live off of others”

        AV: Isn’t that exactly what you are doing, by making a 7 digit salary and sitting on this website all day?

        4) I don’t believe in luck. I am extremely blessed and have earned everything I have today!

        “Good luck to you. You shall need it”

        AV: I don’t need luck at all. I have everything I need. But you know, you can’t take those 7 digits with you!

        5) You say I have envy and feel entitled, I quote:

        “Your post reeks of envy and entitlement”

        I called you sweetie and my friend..how is that envious? I would in turn say that it is your negative perception of my comment. I am sorry you misunderstood.

        In conclusion, I will leave you with a definition you should ponder:

        Trolling- One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

        And since it seems you must always have the last word..I will gladly let you have it!

        Life is way too short to be bantering on a message board with someone that is simply TROLLING.

        • Another View says:

          How–please explain this to me–is it “provocative” to advance the notion that property rights should be protected in this country. It is in the Constitution.

          How is it “provocative” to react negatively to folks demanding that they be permitted to acquire a good or service from another, at a price that they determine? Old Bob’s Wholesale Sporting Goods took great offense at the tolls, but declined to state that he allowed his customers to name their own price.

          How is it “provocative” to advocate self reliance and individual liberty and freedom?

          How is it “provocative” to advocate and celebrate individual achievement and success?

          How is it “provocative” to chastise folks for demonstrable greed and envy at others’ success? For example, it is no one’s business how much money a company spent on a Christmas party, other than that company’s owners. For one to decry that spending, and insist it should have been spent on their needs is purely sinful.

          I would love to have this explained to me. As opposed to the name calling favored by you and others.

          • Clarke Life says:

            It is provoking when you say people are “name calling”. Nobody has name called here.

            It is provoking when you say to someone “good luck, you will need it”.

            It is provoking when you call someone a “taker” because they have an opposing view.

            It is provoking when you suggest “soccer moms” are ignorant because they have opposing views.

            It is provoking when you call someone “envious and entitled” just because they have opposing views. Nobody on here said they were envious..where did that come from? Outraged over literal highway robbery yes! Nothing to be envious about on this topic.

            It is provoking to call someone “rude and boorish” because they have a different opinion.

            You could use a real lesson in Internet etiquette. Just because someone has opposing views doesn’t mean you should call them all of these quoted terms- that you have in your posts above. Those provoking terms listed above is why it seems like trolling to me. Like you are trying to illecit emotional responses from other people for no reason. I have pointed out only what is obvious, and given my opinion, no name calling here (except sweetie and my friend in a former post)

            Nobody here wants anything for free. If I go to the store and the price is too high, I don’t buy it. Eventually it goes on sale. The same with this road, I can afford it, but I won’t use it because I think it’s too high. But there are people that have to use it and it’s not fair for them to pay an inflated price compared to other tolls in Va to a private company no less!! This money isn’t even going back into our roadways? Perposterous!

            I really hope the price goes down! That would be wonderful for everyone….even YOU AV!

            Maybe we should exchange emails and discuss further instead of taking over this site! haha

          • Another View says:

            My dear Ms. Lambert:

            Surely you are a new reader if you have not noticed that I have been called names. Indeed, in your own post, you call me a troll. Hardly a term of endearment.

            I call people “takers” because they are; that is, they expect to live off others’ labors, be it through Obamacare, unemployment, food stamps, or subsidized housing.

            I did not call soccer moms ignorant. Rather, I stated that if they did not understand certain basic things about our government system, they were ignorant. And it was not because they held opposing views; rather, it was because they were ignorant. Please reread that post.

            I have never called anyone “envious and entitled” because they have opposing views. I have called folks who demand that the “rich” pay higher taxes, and that they be given certain benefits–paid for by others–“envious and entitled”. Under the circumstances, that is an accurate, but benign description of those folks.

            I call people “rude and boorish” because they are, not because they have opposing views.

            I need know lessons in etiquette. And I do not need to use provocative terms to elicit emotional responses from knee jerk leftists who are seemingly incapable of reason, but operate solely on emotion; that is, they want what they want, and who is anyone to disagree with them.

            In your second to last paragraph, you reiterate the point I have made from the beginning. If you don’t like the Greenway price, drive somewhere else. For that viewpoint, I have been vilified.

            I am all for lower prices.

            And I am all for serious discussion. Sometimes even frivolous, but polite, discussion. I am not that hard to find.

          • Lambert says:

            Hi there! This is Mrs. Lambert,

            I am not sure why you are addressing me. I do have a friend that visited my house today, that apparently posts under “Clarke Life”. However, that is NOT me! I promise!! I want to make that very clear to you.

            That person posted on my computer without removing my name from the boxes first because I often comment on here under my name..So I notified the admin and had them correct it. It now reads “Anonymous” I think. My friend just texted me to read this, because she saw MY name on YOUR post. Sorry about the mistake- but I have absolutely no care in the world about the Greenway thing. Thank you for your understanding. Please address your concerns to her Clarke Life. I am just happily reading the chaos!! Sorry to have confused you.

            Thank you!

          • Another View says:

            Sorry to have wrongly addressed you.

          • Clarke Life says:

            Hello. here I am.

            It’s me you want. I never called you a troll..I said you were “trolling”..its a verb/action that happens on the internet today, look it up. I visited a friend and we were laughing about the heated posts. I did use her computer but it was me, not her!

            My point was that you accused everyone of name calling. That was never done, except by you. You asked for an “explanation” so I gave you one- using your own quotes. And my friend’s name was taken off within like 5 minutes how very honorable of you to post her name when she has nothing in this debate. So gracious of you and you have truely showed your integrity for sure!

            The prices of the Greenway are ridiculous. Somebody below just posted a link to all the tolls in VA. Take a look..the Greenway really is too high! Period. Are you heavily involved with this company, is this money coming out of your pocket? Must BE!

          • Another View says:

            I have been called an elitist, a racist, a seditionist, dishonest, a thief, and, by you, a troll (sorry, but your dissembling explanation won’t work). Those were all directed at me personally.

            If you did not wish Mrs. Lambert’s name to be posted, you should not have used it. That is your fault, not mine. And I apologized to her.

            I have already addressed the point that comparing the Greenway to other tolls is apples to oranges. It is not a valid comparison.

          • goodgracious says:

            Regarding your first two sentences, further evidence of narcissistic personality disorder. You’re making yourself some kind of pitiful victim here. If you are not what you have been “called”, you’ve only yourself to blame for how you word your posts.

            Why not take a sticks and stones attitude?

            Big whoop you apologized for using a name that was up for a few minutes. Says something about you, hovering for every post.

          • Another View says:

            More rudeness and name calling.

            I did not refer to myself as a victim, I was responding to Clarke Life. Again, if you read what was written, instead of projecting your own beliefs, you would know the difference.

            And I do not “hover”; I read the name, and responded to that name. It is not my fault that Clarke Life misappropriated her friend’s computer and exposed her name. That is Clarke Life’s fault.

            Why don’t you engage in a substantive discussion? You claim that you do not wish to engage me, but yet you continue to do so; in full attack mode. Why not expend that energy on intelligent discourse? That you do not says “something about you”, looking for every opportunity to engage in name calling.

          • So CDN, how is it AV was able to obtain the name “Lambert”? The name was not published and the email is supposed to not be published. What’s up????

            CDN Editor: CDN posts comments in the same form as received with exceptions for redacted portions if required. If you read “Lambert’s” subsequent response you will see that someone used her email account to post a response which contained her name. The comment was approved, however, when “Lambert” saw the comment, she quickly requested that CDN remove her name from the comment. Although the post was only online for a few minutes before being removed, some readers were able to see it in its original form which included the name “Lambert”.

          • Right Winger says:

            How bout you guys limit the IP addys to only allow for one name? Might shorten up the comments section. Just sayin…

            CDN Editor: CDN strives to provide a place for our community to express its views and strongly supports the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Actively attempting to “shorten” the comments section is not consistent with our editorial goals or the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of the press and speech. Over the past two hundred years many have given their lives in service to our great nation in support of these values that we hold as self-evident. CDN welcomes opposing views in as many forms and from as many monikers as our community may choose to use. “With freedom and liberty for all” – wise words from a great document.

          • So you have no problem with different “monikers” arguing with themselves from the same IP addy?

            There’s freedom of speech, then there’s faking.

          • How are you so certain this is the case? “Arguing with themselves” I mean?

          • Another View says:

            The Federalist Papers were written under pseudonyms.

  12. I remember when it first opened and hardly anyone used it – it was 35 cents!! I do think that if the cost was lower, then more would use it and it would offset the decrease – but at a cost – more traffic, more traffic jams. I’ll take 7 even with it’s lights and 66 is a nice scenic route if you have the time…

    I don’t have a problem with Wolf taking up the topic. He is a Virginia citizen and rides the roads just like we do and has a right to do it. It is no different than knowing someone in a corporation (or gov’t position) about a situation. The difference is, everyone knows what he did.

  13. Good Sense says:

    Wolf has a point. His point is about large trucks and large amounts of traffic diverting through residential neighborhoods to avoid the tollroads. If I lived in that area, I wouldn’t want my kids playing in the front yard, with a large influx of traffic. I also wouldn’t want to hear and see all that traffic diverting around the toll road. It’s really not fair to those people living in those areas and doesnt’ seem safe. I actually wasn’t aware of any ways to get around the toll road from the direction I access it. It must be something more and more people are catching on to.

    I will say that I often use rt 7 instead of the toll road because the rates have seemed to rise substantially over the years. I only use the toll road when traveling, to access the airport. Of course, I would use it more often if it were less expensive, we all would!

    It would save everyone a few cents wouldn’t it? Major corporations pay for Easy Passes for their employers, they would save money too. It’s obvious somebody is making way too much money on this.

    I always thought VA tolls went to pay for the VDOT budget for road repair ect.WOW! I didn’t realize it was going directly to some “owners” (TRIP II) and their Australian parent company. Now, I definitely will NOT be using it anymore. They won’t be making anymore of my hard earned money.

    Wolf seems to have a good point. I don’t know why everyone is upset, the only people that should argue this, are the people directly making money from the Toll booth. If you are someone who uses this toll booth, then you should be outraged at the high prices- they are price gauging. It’s definitely not a competitive or consistent rate as compared to other tolls in Va.

    Way to go Wolf! And thank you, for all of those people who use it several times a day.

    • Another View says:

      How is it obvious that “someone is making too much money on this”? Have you any idea the company’s capital costs? Have you any idea the company’s costs of operation? How about maintenance?

      The company is not price gouging, and it is competitive. The best evidence that this is so is that many people do use this road, and they use it regularly.

      As for the traffic on the other roads, whose fault is that? It is not the fault of the Greenway’s company. It is the fault of politicians’ failure to build adequate infrastructure.

      Wolf has no point.

      • Good Sense says:

        Not competitive.


        On this site I see tolls as little as .75 – .85 up to 3.00. As compared to 4.80-5.00?

        I am looking at the average person 2axl or communter rates. Rest my case.

        • Another View says:

          Name another road between Leesburg and Dulles that is quicker and cheaper.

          You cannot. Ergo, the toll road [Greenway] is competitive.

          You are comparing apples and oranges. I never argued that the Greenway was the cheapest. I suggested that its use indicated the the market vindicated its pricing.

          It is competitive. And favored by many.

          • Bob Brawley says:

            Thankyou AV for supporting me. . Those people that complain about the cost must be referring to the Leesburg to Rt 28 cost. . So if the toll road ended at or started at Rt 28 how long would the back up be in the morning rush for east bound traffic backing up at Rt. 28 ? With the toll road it backs up to the Western most Landsdown exit. . Something ridge road. Not Arlington Ridge Road . Whats the name of that road east of the Wegman’s turnoff…

            If i can get to RT. 7 at Tyson’s corner before 4:30 on a Friday afternoon I can make better time to the Leesburg Wegman’s turn off than on the Toll road. Thats in a Big rig. That’s was before they started construction for the Toll 5th lane on the beltway.

  14. traveler says:

    As a working class (NOT in the middle, I only strive one day to become middle class) person who has worked my ass off since high school to get to anywhere in life, I thank Wolf for making the argument.

    I commute every weekday from Berryville to Fairfax County, commuting with 3 people in the car, putting in 2+ hours a day on the road, jeopardizing my own physical health for the financial health that is required just to be able to afford a home in Clarke County (because one day I *will* afford to live to closer to my career, so help me god).

    Doing all of this because of the American Dream for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Honestly, I no longer complain about it ( I did 5 years ago after being so through with commuting because there are very few high paying jobs in my field in the Western District of Virginia), and I am grateful to have a job that I love and to get a steady paycheck. To be a success!

    If Wolf, Cooch, Romney, Palin – let them all join in – if anybody wants to make it possible for us to have free roads with Zero stoplights that go from East to West and/or lower the cost of the toll road ? Go for it! Please ! I’ve been begging for this for over a decade.

    It costs an arm and a leg to pay $9.60 per weekday in tolls, plus 2 tanks of gas a week. This is the reality. We can only make it work because there are 3 of us helping each other out to afford these costs. Route 7 and Route 50 are the only roads nearby that are accessible and they are a nightmare. Even on the weekends, like Wolf said, they are congested and packed.

    Not only could it help with the truckers and getting them off of Routes 7, 50, 28, and 15; but it can help us! The common people who do everything they can do to keep a roof over their head and their children fed and clothed. Plus if we can spend more time with our families and less time in cars, it would help socially and environmentally.

    But then, I am a dreamer and also advocate having a rail system from Winchester into Fairfax County…. that’ll be the day. Not!

    A commenter above makes a very good point about the Dulles Greenway being an Interstate. The signs state that it is I-267 … if that’s the case, then VDOT and the Commonwealth of Virginia could have something to say.

  15. Bob Brawley says:

    Yea , that sound right . Wolf wants a free ride like the liberals . He wants other people to pay for his commuting cost. He wants to eliminate the efficiency of private enterprise and place the burden on the Federal and State government. He sounds like a liberal to me.

    • Another View says:

      Wolf is a liberal. He is a creature of Washington, who loves spending other people’s money.