Wolf Trap Takes on Small Town America and Comes Away with Black-eye

The Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville Virginia. Photo credit Mike Dowling

What started as an accusation of trademark infringement has morphed into a grassroots fight for the heart of a small town against a multi-million dollar foundation. The struggle is pitting The Wolf Trap Foundation against a little arts center in Berryville known as The Barns of Rose Hill. In what is shaping up to be a classic David and Goliath fight, the small town giant killers aren’t using a sling full of rocks, supporters are instead taking the fight to social media.

It all started when The Wolf Trap Foundation which has a trademark on the name of one of its venues, “The Barns at Wolf Trap,” brought suit against the Barns of Rose Hill claiming that the small rural arts center two counties away is infringing on their brand and doing them damage by using the word “Barns” in their name.

The accused are a pair of restored dairy barns fifty miles away in the tiny town of Berryville, Va. “Rose Hill” was a dilapidated mansion in the 1970s when civic leaders in the rural community first proposed that it be turned into an arts center.  In 1978 the mansion burned, so the plan focused on the property’s two dairy barns.  During the next forty years, the barns fell into increasing disrepair and the project lost momentum. In September 2004, the present group of local volunteers organized The Barns of Rose Hill as a nonprofit. In a six-year effort, they raised the $2.4 million necessary to transform the old barns into a 21st Century arts and visitors center. It represents the largest private undertaking in the history of the a rural community of 14,000.

Paver at the entrance marks the community’s accomplishment. Photo credit Mike Dowling

The problems with Wolf Trap arose one week after the Grand Opening of the new facility. On September 6, 2011, despite the distance and the fact that the town is literally over the river (the Shenandoah) and through the woods, Wolf Trap’s 28 million dollar a year foundation leveled its legal team’s sites on the bucolic outpost for the arts. Wolf Trap attorneys sent The Barns of Rose Hill a letter asserting trademark infringement based on their trademark on “The Barns at Wolf Trap.”

Then on October 7, 2011, in a move that has drawn the severest criticism from supporters of the Berryville arts center,  Wolf Trap filed for a new trademark on the words, “The Barns.” It appears that this trademark has not yet been approved.

The culmination of these moves by Wolf Trap led to the current lawsuit which was filed by the DC law firm Arent Fox, LLP  on December 14th 2011 in U.S. District Court. It states that this tiny rural arts group will, by the use of its name, cause Wolf Trap Foundation clients confusion and do Wolf Trap harm.

This is not the first time the mega-arts foundation has gone after small town America. When another barn conversion to arts center opened in Purcellville, Va in neighboring Loudoun County, the Wolf Trap Foundation exerted pressure under threat of litigation, to get the emerging venue to drop the word “Barns” from their name and succeeded. That organization is now called The Franklin Park Arts Center.

In this case, despite Wolf Trap’s substantial resources to litigate, small town America is fighting back with the tools they have available to them and they are succeeding in creating a public relations disaster for Wolf Trap. Residents have turned in force to social media outlets and online tools to publicize what they characterize as bullying and injustice at the hands of a wealthy foundation.  As a result, The Wolf Trap Foundation’s Facebook page looks like a war zone. Hundreds of posts and comments have poured in deriding the foundation for their actions. But, the fight has extended well beyond their page. Supporters have started posting comments with performers who are scheduled to perform at the Wolf Trap venue. Acts like Red Molly and Joan Collins have seen comments and posts on their Facebook wall’s asking them to consider the actions of the venue where they will be performing. One resident even started his own Facebook page devoted to publicizing the foundations actions calling it, “The Big Bad Wolf Trap Bully,” and has gathered over 600 followers in two days.

Reviews are also appearing on Google Local pages, Yelp pages and the list goes on and on. Articles published in online news outlets have also received hundreds of comments rebuking the foundation for their actions.

The efforts appear to have at least caught the attention of officials at the Wolf Trap Foundation. After near silence in social media, representatives have started to interact with angry posts on Facebook. Yet, even their attempts to calm the storm seem fraught with missteps. In one exchange the Wolf Trap moderator mistakenly refers to the the Berryville organization as, “The Barns at Rose Hill,” when it is actually “The Barns of Rose Hill.” While this is a small misstep, when the argument is over semantics it is an epic blunder. Wolf Trap was immediately called out on the mistake and quickly corrected it.

While it seems it will be an uphill fight for the small organization in Berryville, the community support seems to be having an effect. According to Ann Lesman, Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Barns of Rose Hill, The Wolf Trap Foundation failed to respond to inquiries to meet over the issue. However, two days after the news broke and the storm rose in social media, a call went out to set up a meeting scheduled for Monday.

Regardless of the outcome of the pending litigation, this entire incident may very well end up in a textbook someday as a case study of an epic failure in public relations by a major foundation.


  1. Nice article. Good luck to the Barns of Rose Hill!

  2. The Barns at Rockdale says:

    Your article states, It all started when The Wolf Trap Foundation which has a trademark on the name of one of its venues, “The Barns at Wolf Trap,”
    Wolf Trap Foundation has a PENDING APPLICATION for a trademark which has yet to be approved.
    Documentation can be found at http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=85442316.

    Please Wolf Trap,let us again live our peaceful culture and heritage here in Clarke County without destroying what generations have created!

    CDN: As we stated in the article, The Wolf Trap Foundation does own a trademark on “The Barns at Wolf Trap.” We are in possession of the lawsuit and on line 38 it clearly states, “The PLAINTIFF is the owner of an incontestable federal trademark registration for the mark THE BARNS AT WOLF TRAP

    As we stated in the article there is a second trade mark Wolf Trap has applied for that is pending for the phrase “The Barns.”

    • Richie Blick says:

      I was informed by a fellow activist that WT own “The Barns at Wolf Trap” trade mark but not “The Barns” which is in their current application. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Overtheriver says:

    This is an unprofessional article. It’s totally biased, and incorrectly labels wolf trap as the party “fraught with mistakes”, when in fact it is actually this small band of social media activists that are shooting themselves in the foot by making dozens of incorrect statements and assumptions about wolf traps intentions and glorious history. Who wrote this article? This belongs on a blog since it’s all opinion and misrepresentation.

    • Richie Blick says:

      OVER THE RIVER, come on over to Big Bad Wolf site on Facebook and make your point. Seriously, if anything is incorrect, correct it! Everything on there is100% unedited, not professional, nothing is deleted, all comments welcomed. Just be sure to click on (most recent) at the top right side under the blanks where photos would go to see all of the comments. I see a vast majority of what has been posted does have factual backing to it and is not opinion. Prove me and the 644 others incorrect. By the way, I am an individual, one person, waging my own social network fire due to my love of community and pride of heritage. Not a small band. I am self employed with a full time career with a wife and family here in Berryville. I have devoted precious valuable time mostly using my cell phone to light and stoke this social network fire. I am proud of my community for fighting and so far winning in the court of public opinion. For the record I posted an article about the uniqueness of what Wolf Trap offers the WORLD and how sad this was for their artists and for the arts community just yesterday. I am NOT affiliated in any way with either organization and not once have I called for any action or reaction other than social media, contacting Wolf Trap’s Facebook page and Public Relations office or contacting our own government representatives.

      • The problem is that, in the heat of “battle,” ridiculous or incorrect counter-posts can undercut the message of this merry band of social media warriors. Regardless if this cause is just (which I believe it is, BTW), to bemoan WT posts for incorrectly calling our group “The Barns at Rose Hill,” only to see our friends call them “The Barns of Wolf Trap,” makes us look silly. You, Richie and Mike, asked folks to be respectful…yet a lot of your posts veer close to the line.

        The fixation with the property the venues sit on over there is also moot. The Barns of Rose Hill has been sued by the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, which raises the majority of funds for The Barns at Wolf Trap, The Filene Center, and other efforts. The National Park Service owns and maintains the land upon which the large amphitheatre, The Filene Center, sits.

        This is an important fight, but we need to keep posts on the high road. The best route is to contact the WT Board directly, contact US Senator Mark Warner (his wife sits on that board), and work the right channels appropriately. Turning this into a digital “Occupy Wolf Trap” might not be in the best interests of anyone involved. It is encouraging that WT’s president and The Barns of Rose Hill’s president will meet on Monday. Here’s hoping for a good report.

    • Interestingly enough you have once again been unable to transpose an argument correctly. In your comment you say “fraught with mistakes”, when the article clearly says “fraught with missteps.” However I can see where you might misquote because you missed the point.

      The point is that Wolf Trap has a sophomoric approach to social media that has left them vulnerable in a pr crisis and their continued MISSTEPS worsen their tenuous position in the public eye.

      It appears they have left their social media in the hands of a bunch of music bloggers who write nice articles but don’t have the first clue about running a professional Facebook presence or any other social media property for that matter.

      Here’s a freebie. No business bigger than Bob’s Sporting Goods allows visitors to post on their wall. Visitors can comment on posts made by the wall owner, but are never allowed to free form post on a business wall unless there is a rock-hard strategy outlining the rules of engagement in place. Almost any college (probably even high school) student could have pulled off a better approach than the disaster you are sitting on.

      But the real issue is that Wolf Trap obviously thinks it is more important to invest in lawyers to pursue litigation than it is to invest in real promotional strategies. ” For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

      The investment shows the real heart of the matter.

      • overtheriver says:

        Point well taken and understood. It’s just a bad point. Wolf Trap has done nothing but stay professional and calm under fire. They could delete posts if they choose and even go as far as to ban them from their FB page, but they are hanging in there listening to each and every viewpoint, even though many are shockingly irrational and accusatory. The lack of judgement lies with this small, aggressive community that are fueling anger under the fire of what can still hopefully remain an amicable meeting this coming Monday.

        • Indeed you can eliminate the posts that have been allowed thus far and ban users but it will not help your position it will just continue to make you look like a foundation that is out of touch and off mission.

          We too hope for an amicable resolution but no one thinks honest discussions can be carried out at the end of the barrel of a legal shotgun.

          Here’s hoping the foundation comes up with a better offer than “Do as we demand with high price lawyers, or else we will sue you.”

  4. UNBELIEVABLE> But one good thing, the Barns of Rose Hill are sure getting a lot of free publicity and a host of new friends!!

  5. Richie Blick says:

    So many facts and accusations have come to light over Wolf Trap like who pays for what and who gets tax dollars. Our barns are native, historicly accurate, local heritage, been knows as The Barns of Rose Hill since they were built (when was that??). Whereas theirs was moved to their site from New York and reassembled in 1981. Someone asked if we could register our barns on the Historical Registery! I bet we can!!! Others called for an audit of Wolf Trap and it’s Foundation to see how these tax dollars are spent and applied and conveniently separated within the same management.

    I want to point to Wolf Trap’s 2010 law suit against Educational Corp… get this… for trademark infringement. Face of America I think. Really? So this current suit is at least the 3rd. Who is paying for these attorneys – federal tax dollars?

    It was discovered that not only does Wolf Trap NOT have the trademark “The Barns” they applied for it in October, after Barns of Rose Hill opened! AFTER they initially sent letters to BRH asking them to stop using the name “The Barns”. The trademark has NOT been approved, and after this outcry if the Trademark office gets wind of this it may never be approved. What sweet justice if this gets denied, later! I have been told that groups can sue even without a trademark in place, but BRH clearly was using their name wayyyyy before Wolf Trap Barns existed.

    Last night they went further by claiming on their site by saying that their suit did not seek monetary compensation! I am serious. Obviously it did. And more. Plus 3 times the attorney fee’s.

    Another point to take on Monday is Wolf Trap does not even have a web site remotely similar to BarnsofRoseHill.org. Theirs is wolftrap.org/barns. BRH’s web site does not even include the word “The”! But the name does and hopefully it will forever.

    I asked but Wolf Trap has not provided 1 single customer that was as they say were “confused” as their suit claims to have happened. To my knowledge they have no proof of damage by BRH, loss of business to WT, or anything else in their claim. Their venue is international, 108 acres. BRH is community and does not even have it’s own parking lot!

    Great reporting Mike! You were the first, now it has hit prime time Friday 6 o’clock news on WUSA9 & TV3 and maybe others! Thousands of web sites linking to these stories and HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS of supportive comments from all over the WORLD! Hopefully some donations to the Barns of Rose Hill too. Without a doubt, they have more attention than anyone anticipated. I received some thumbs down marks from when I announced on CDN the start of the Facebook page. the Big Bawd Wolf Trap Bully made WUSA 9 news and has 644 “likes” in 2 1/2 days!Mind boggling why Wolf Trap has allowed this to continue into the weekend. People are calling for an Audit of Wolf Trap’s Foundation, calling Mr. Frank Wolf, Calling Mr. Warner since it is ON National Park lands and Wolf Trap gets millions in tax dollars each year yet they spend it suing others over trademarks. Countless people have said they will never return to Wolf Trap (so sad for the arts and the artists) based on this suit. People also are hoping Wolf Trap is coming to Berryville for this meeting since in the overwhelming court of public opinion, they should come TO US, crawling! Keep it up folks, it is working! Thanks again Mike/Clarke Daily news!

  6. Berryvillian says:

    Great article Clarke Daily News. You continue to provide our county with a reliable and quality online newspaper! Keep it up!!

    Wolf Trap has disgraced their name with this lawsuit!! Utterly unacceptable on their part!

  7. Laura Stevens says:

    Stellar article, Mike. I’m still shaking my head in dismay at Wolf Trap’s ferocity towards our sweet little Barns. How could they have ever seen us as a threat to their multimillion dollar organization? I believe they have publicly shot themselves in the foot when it was so unnecessary.

  8. overtheriver says:

    Good for you, Realtor guy. So you’re the eloquent fella that’s been going completely insane all over Wolf Trap’s Official Fan Page. You’re lucky they have been giving your comments enough credibility to not delete them.

    I have no interest in being part of your Facebook page since it’s all a lot of ranting and impossible to make any sense amongst that noise.

    You’ve got to stop saying that The Barns is on National Park land. Multiple people have tried to correct you on this but you insist on saying that The Barns at Wolf Trap and the Wolf Trap Foundation are funded by tax dollars. You’re making yourself look maniacal and it’s not an argument that holds any water. Visit their website and do the minimum amount of research. I know it’s hard for you since you blindly hate them so much, but it’s probably a good idea to get the facts before you say something you might regret or that could potentially damage the proceedings on Monday.

    Wolf Trap’s legion of supporters are very loyal and understand that Wolf Trap does a tremendous amount of good in the Northern Virginia region. Contrary to what this small band of protesters thinks, Wolf Trap is also a small non-profit, not a big bad corporate bully, with a mission founded on affordable arts for the masses and early childhood education. It’s not an international organization, who knows why you keep harping on that. Wolf Trap will come out fine in the end. It’s going to be a great meeting on Monday and I’m sure both sides will be appeased.

    • goodgracious says:

      So, you their lawyer or what?

    • Richie Blick says:

      I have hundreds of communications and information to sift thru coming in from countless people. The only fact that has been unclear is the ownership and what role of support NPS plays in the property. I communicated with Wolf Trap tonight and they verified the info that #1635 Trap assessors info states there is a circa 1900 Log Cabin on the property, tennis courts, a patio, and barn. No reference to it being a large venue like it is. And it took time to research and find this out. Someone else comments that the NPS does provide services during events at the Barns. But how would I know? Their web site does not clarify and the mapo attached shows it all as on. Here it is: http://www.wolftrap.org/Plan_Your_Visit/Directions_and_Map.aspx . So it is not as clear cut as you say and that is what I started with. At that time Wolf Trap would not answer the question yesterday. And keeping this up is harder than you can possibly imagine. Facebook and social media comments are not intended to be eloquent. Nor am I a professional writer or computer person.

      I have been to Wolf Trap plenty of times. As stated before I funny appreciate what they do for the arts and larger venues. I don’t really call $300 tickets affordable to most. I highly respect what they have done for DELMARVA for the Arts! That will never change. I do see than as international venue since I met folks from overseas there at a Riverdance concert and the dancers were from Ireland.

      What they did to BRH is wrong, when they did it is wrong, and how they did it is wrong. I for one cannot sit idle and write eloquent handwritten letters with a wax seal and mail them in. I am using a small cell phone to post a lot of times.

    • “Wolf Trap is also a small non-profit, not a big bad corporate bully, with a mission founded on affordable arts for the masses and early childhood education”

      “Small” and “Affordable” are obviously relative, and the word “Barns” should not be considered the property of an entity no matter what size they are. If I renovate an old train station and make it into a restaurant, should I be able to own exclusive rights to the word “station” for a restaurant? No. What about “___ town center”, or “___ warehouse”. No.

      Face it, this is a stupid lawsuit based on a ridiculous claim and the only right thing to do is to drop it and move on. People make mistakes. This is one of those times.

      The only acceptable resolution for Monday would be for The Barns of Rose Hill to keep their name. Perhaps we could (proudly) attach some fine print saying “not affiliated with Wolf Trap.

  9. ElinorDashwood says:

    goodgracious, you may have hit the nail on the head or very near and Mr. Blick, I believe that was a thinly, veiled threat directed at you by overtheriver. Of course, I’m just a country bumpkin so I may be wrong.

  10. Mary L. C. Daniel says:

    Thank you to the credible people who use their names here! Obviously I’m simple, since I thought a $28M budget and being #3 amphitheater ticket sales In The World was the definition of not a small non-profit. Wolf Trap is big business, and the phrase “The Barns” is not a drop in the bucket of their success. I will miss going there if they don’t drop this silliness, but I don’t believe they will miss my 3 – to – 5 attendances a year. Still not going though.

  11. Shaun Broy says:

    In this “classic David and Goliath fight,” it seems that Wolf Trap may have bitten off a bit more than they intended to chew and now they are rightfully forced to chew it. I am not much of a betting man… BUT… My money is on David.

    • Barns Supporter says:

      Email Terrence Jones, President and CEO of Wolftrap and ask him to “Drop the lawsuit!” I believe his email is terrencej@wolftrap.org At least the email that I sent has not be returned unavailable as of yet! Everyone should email him every day until they drop this silly lawsuit!

  12. Jacob Bixler says:

    Better is the poor who walks in his integrity, Than he who is crooked though he be rich.
    Proverbs 28:6

  13. Wolf Trap and Barns on Rose Hill share a common goal of promoting the performing arts. Barns on Rose Hill did local fundraising, while Wolf Trap received some National Park Service funding. SHAME on the Wolf Trap Foundation for their PETTY lawsuit as Barns on Rose Hill has a small budget and seating capacity. These barns in Berryville were never relocated and use to shelter farm animals on the Smithy property. For over 30 years, a sign has called the property Rose Hill Park. The mansion, land and barns were donated to Berryville back in the 1960’s. Wolf Trap is a non-profit organization with SMALL MINDS and greedy lawyers. BIG BAD WOLF is a bully! Because of their absurd lawsuit and despicable, outrageous attitude, it is a guarantee now that many disgusted people will never spend money to attend their expensive events.

  14. I say threatening to sue is pretty aggressive.

  15. overtheriver says:

    People love Wolf Trap and will still attend in hordes. That’s just the way it is.

    • …and we don’t care what any of you backwoods cretins think about it.” Right overtheriver?

    • Richie Blick says:

      Someone on Wolf Trap’s Fan Page pointed attention to what just happened with Nissan Pavilion, now Jiffy Lube Live. They forgot about the folks supporting them and suddenly dictated “No Tailgating Allowed!” Within a year give or take they are rumored to be nearly belly up. Just weeks ago they reversed their decision.

      Let’s keep the focus, keep the pressure. If we were able to stir up this much funk since Wednesday evening, taking it to prime time DC news, 675 online supporters just on the protest page, hundreds if not thousands of postings on WTF’s fan page… imagine what we can do streamlined and focused with overwhelming public outcry and support. Oh, toss in regional and national media attention.

      • Dear Rich and all that are watching this unfold….. If you go to Wolf Trap’s website and look up the artists on the schedule, most if not all have a PR and Marketing link w/ an email address. Please look for that link, not tickets or merchandise etc… I have copied the article to Garrison Keillor, (my fav) George Winston, Celtic Thunder, Mountain Heart and BuckWheat Zydeco thus far…… Not my opinion just a guick message asking them to spend a moment reading and hopefully we can get some push back there as well……..I am hoping artists will take a moment and support the arts regardless of how small we may be in Berryville. PEACE!!!!
        feel free to post and repost and repost

  16. ChickenMan says:

    This site or your (50 or so) followers will not make any difference on the outcome to this matter. If everyone,from Clarke County, that has ever attended the Wolf never comes back, it will make no difference. They don’t care if you never come back.

  17. AJ from White Post says:

    To M and ChickenMan…. I am surprised that people with your integrity, or more aptly put, lack thereof, would even be interested in the arts, as is made evident by your lack of empathy and choice of aspersions cast upon our small community of high-caliber people. Your criticism speaks volumes and I am not at all surprised by your comments. YOU make no difference to ME or to the (50 or so) OR MORE people of our community.

  18. clarke conservative says:
  19. GetDownBall says:

    What does the fact that Wolf Trap thinks its potential consumers may be confused to its detriment by a little old barn in the country say about Wolf Trap’s opinion of its consumers’ intellectual capabilities?

  20. n3utr0nRU says:

    Overtheriver – Who are you kidding here? What world do you (or WT) live in where engaging in dubious, petulant litigation is what passes for professional, calm, and amicable behavior? These structures at Rose Hill are in fact “BARNS!” They’re our barns, we’re proud of them, and they’re not going anywhere. Grow up and get over it! Next, WT will be trying to stop people from using the word “amphitheater.” There is an abundance of precedent for abusive claims like this being thrown out of trademark status and out of court. The people that launched this ill-advised suit can look forward to both happening! Despite WT’s intentions, you cannot simply litigate a community’s heritage away from it, and expect them to sit by quietly.

  21. Nice article from WTF’s peers:


    Makes it a little tougher to paint us as a bunch of bumbling hicks who do not understands the way of the world.

  22. George Archibald says:

    The lawsuit by the heavily government and corporate-subsidized Wolf Trap Foundation against the Barns of Rose Hill over use of the term “the barns” is as arrogant and wrong as Washington-area know-it-alls can get. Historically, “the barns of Rose Hill” is what everyone called the barns back in 1906, when Rosalie McCormick stabled her horse Nubbins there with the dairy cows owned by her father, Marshall, whose 100-acre farm was bigger than the town of Berryville when he was mayor for six years after the Civil War, Commonwealth’s attorney for Clarke County another nine years, and then our state senator from 1883 to 1887 when he also was a Virginia delegate to the 1884 Democratic National Convention that nominated Grover Cleveland for president almost 100 years before Wolf Trap Park was even a gleam in benefactor Catherine Filene Shouse’s eye. It’s been “the barns of Rose Hill for more than a century, so the Wolf Trap latecomers can take a hike with their idiotic trademark lawsuit.

    • I appreciate and thank Goorge for the interesting local history of “Barns on Rose Hill”. I enjoyed reading “Journalism is War” by George Archibald. For over 20 years, George was a senior investigative newspaper reporter In Washington, D.C. Barns of Rose Hill has a powerful advocate with George on their side.

  23. chip schutte says:

    The rhetoric has gotten a little overheated, so let’s just let the parties involved see if they can work it out. Representatives from the 2″Barns” had what i gather was a productive meeting today-let’s see if the 2 Boards can come to an amicable compromise. No one is saying Wolf Trap is evil-they’ve been the cultural mecca in NOVA for 30 years, and continue to great things! We at the Barns of Rose Hill simply disagree with a decision they made, a decision to pursue a legal claim. Public outcry on the social networks has caused Wolftrap to schedule a meeting with us, and maybe reconsider, which is what good organizations do if they have indeed made a mistake. I think there is reason to hope for a good outcome. If you support either “Barn” or both, my suggestion is to attend an event to help support it, or make a donation. Hopefully, we’ll find that the parties worked it out and can go back to doing whaT THEY DO BEST-provide a place for art & entertainment; with out that, they’re just a couple of empty “barns”.

    • virginiacop says:

      Well said. I remember watching Peter Pan at the Wolftrap Childrens Theatre in the Woods in the early 70’s. My friends older brother was playing the part of the crocodile dressed in a big green croc costume. In the intervening years I have been to many a memorable event there. I will continue to support both regardless of the outcome.

  24. Clarke Resident says:

    I Honestly believe that “Overtheriver” is a Wolf Trap employee, due to their inexcusable belief that the use of the slogan “The Barns” is really going to affect Wolf Trap’s supposed “Hords of supporters” I on the other hand prefer Jiffy Lube Live over Wolf Trap and always will.

  25. Fairfax Barn Raiser says:

    This story is just getting attention in Fairfax County, thanks to Fairfax Underground. Just a matter of time before Patch and the Washington Post pick it up and then The Foundation will have a real mess on their hands as donors flee with their checkbooks.

    Should not the billion dollar barns be called, “The Barns Imported from New York to Wolf Trap Farm Park, a National Park Service Property?” There are so many other businesses and locations named Wolf Trap in Fairfax County that The Foundation taking of the name “Wolf Trap” is confusing everyone, even the little kids at Wolf Trap Elementary School.

    Maybe the millionaires at The Foundation should look elsewhere for a fight. How about an “Eat More Musicians” campaign just to draw the ire of a fast food chicken place.