Work on Senseny Road Bridge Begins This Week

The Virginia Department of Transportation will begin bridge deck replacement work on the Senseny Road Bridge (Route 657) over Interstate 81 in the Winchester area beginning the week of Feb. 27.  Traffic will be limited to one lane on the bridge and managed with temporary signals. The single travel-lane will be 10.5-feet wide.  Motorists should expect delays in this area.

This bridge crosses I-81 between exit 313 at Millwood Pike (Route 522/50/17) and exit 315 at Berryville Pike (Route 7). On I-81 under the bridge there will be shoulder closures and intermittent nighttime lane closures throughout the project operations. The nighttime lane closures will begin the week of Feb. 20 to allow crews to install barrier for the shoulder closures.

All work is weather permitting. Completion of the work is scheduled for mid-August 2012.

This project is part of a design-build bridge contract to rehabilitate multiple bridges in the region. The contract valued at $8.995 million was awarded to Infrastructure Corporation of America of Brentwood, Tn.  The work on the Senseny Road Bridge is valued at $1,036 million.


  1. Roscoe Evans says:

    $1,036 Million for that bridge?

    It’s too bad my step-father is permanently retired. he’d have got it done by the Fourth of July, for an even $1,000 Million.

  2. Roscoe Evans says:

    $1,036 Million would make this bridge more than twice the cost of The Bridge To Nowhere. A little fact checking might be in order here. But, hey! These days, any local news is good news. I just don’t want to hear some knucklehead claim the cost of this bridge was inflated to a billion dollars or two on account of Obamacare, Romneycare, or posit some other ridiculous political hyperbole. Good, safe construction work costs money. I question, though, whether it costs this much.