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Ceiling Fans Your Outdoor Area Needs This Summer

Summer is great for so many reasons. After spending all winter indoors, we can finally get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine! Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done thanks to ridiculously high temperatures and humidity levels. One thing that can help solve this problem is outdoor fans. They are essential to help you truly enjoy your outdoor spaces during the hot summer months. So here are some of the best outdoor ceiling fans that you need this summer:

Casa Breeze Oil-Brushed Bronze Ceiling Fan

This first ceiling fan is great if you are looking to create a tropical-feeling outdoor space – even if you aren’t necessarily near the tropics! The blades on this fan are extremely large and made to resemble real palm leaves! However, the classy bronze finish gives it a fresh look that differs from many of the other palm-inspired ceiling fan options out there. This fan also includes a LED light and a handy remote so that you can relax and enjoy it even when it’s dark!

Monte Carlo Prairie Brushed Steel LED Ceiling Fan

On the other hand, if you are far away from the ocean on an inland farm and are looking for the perfect outdoor fan for your outdoor patio – this fan is definitely a perfect fit. This huge fan boasts 14 blades that span 72 inches so that it can really get the airflow going – perfect for spending summers outdoors no matter how hot the temperature is! It offers six speeds, a remote control, and a bright LED light to easily light any nighttime s’more sessions by the campfire.

Minka Aire Simple Flat White Ceiling Fan

This simple yet functional outdoor ceiling fan has literally been created for hot and humid locations that experience frequent rainstorms and high levels of humidity. It can be hard to find a fan that can survive in conditions like this – even when they are clearly so necessary! This minimalist fan has three white blades and is the perfect addition for your beachside retreat. It can help make even the hottest and wettest places enjoyable – which obviously you’ll want to do since you’re so close to the water.

Monte Carlo Maverick Matte Black Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a more rustic fan for your outdoor space – look no further than this Monte Carlo Maverick Matte Black Ceiling Fan. Its dark walnut wood blades have a unique shape that will instantly draw your eye to the piece. The matte black hardware gives a dark and modern touch to this piece that makes it great for anyone looking for a conversation-worthy ceiling fan for their outdoor space.

Vintage Breeze DC Bronze-Black Cage Ceiling Fan

If you love modern and industrial looks and are looking for a high-powered fan to cool your outdoor area, this cage ceiling fan is the piece you’ve been looking for! This fan can even function in damp outdoor areas as well. This beautiful piece has an oil rubbed bronze finish with a black finish cage surround. This outdoor fan is perfect if you want to transform your outdoor living space into a cool and vintage loft-inspired oasis.

Casa Vieja Veranda Bronze Amber Glass LED Ceiling Fan

This fan is a great fit if you have a traditional or vintage style. With its elevated design, this outdoor ceiling fan features five veranda bronze molded APS blades with an LED light enclosed in hammered amber glass with a bronze frame. Even though this fan might look like it belongs in the olden days – its efficiency and functionality say otherwise! Clearly, this stylish and ornate piece is the perfect fit if you love vintage character but still want to enjoy the modern conveniences of cold air!

Modern Forms Vortex Gloss Black Wet Ceiling Fan

Finally, the last outdoor fan that you need to see is this Vortex Gloss Black ceiling fan. This fan features a gloss black finish with angular-shaped blades that really give it a 3-D effect. It’s the epitome of a contemporary piece that will fit perfectly in any modern space. It can even survive in wet locations! Not only that, but it’s also a smart fan that can be controlled through an app on your phone. Talk about modern – not only are we ditching old pull chains but traditional remotes as well. This is great because we always have our phones on us, but might not always have our fan remote. This way, you can change speeds, turn it on or off without even having to get up!

Clearly, outdoor fans are essential during the warmer seasons to make any outdoor space livable. However, there are so many options and styles out there that it can really be overwhelming. Thankfully, we have compiled this diverse list of amazing outdoor fans that will fit any space, style, and geographical location!

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