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5 Tricks To Make Your Small Living Room Look Larger

As someone who has lived in a crowded city like Mumbai before, I can relate to people who think that smaller rooms and houses are uncomfortable. Even though today I have shifted to Bangalore and living comfortably in my house in Provident Sunworth, I still remember the good old days when I used to find newer ways to make my small living room look larger. I thought many people; especially first time homeowners might be looking for some living room tricks that will help them elevate the room so here are my favorite ones.

  1. Scale the Furniture Down

One of the most logical, yet still unpopular tricks for living room is to simply conservative about the amount of furniture you put in the room. In any living room, it’s the furniture that takes up the most space with different items such as sofa set, coffee table, TV cabinet, etc. One of the things you can do to make the room look larger is to place the furniture strategically to ensure the room gets enough space to breathe. More living room tricks are to avoid unnecessary weighty and heavy furniture and opt for minimal and modern style.

  1. Play With Color Schemes

When I got the perfect studio apartment through the Nobroker mobile app, the first thing I learned is that colors play a huge role in setting the mood and feel of the room. One of the cheapest ways of ensuring the living room can get lit is by letting the natural light enter through windows. When the atmosphere is airy the room tends to look bigger than it is. Many tricks for living rooms also point towards using contrasting colors to bring out the depth of the living room.

  1. Prioritize Low Seating

One of the best modern interior design trends is the use of low seating in the living room. Many items of furniture these days come with an option of lowering their center of gravity. These living room tricks help to create a feeling of openness and make small living rooms look larger than they are and also offer more special options for other items in some ways. A fun fact: many houses in the 19th century were big on furniture that had an overall lower profile.

  1. Remove Drapes and Alike

One of the life-changing tricks for living rooms that are smaller is getting rid of the drapes and rugs in the room. Drapes and curtains block the view of a person when they enter the room thus making the living room look smaller than it is! Rugs are widely used in living rooms but they often define the area of the living room that is not used for other furniture thereby indirectly showing how small space is.

  1. Keep a Clear Pathway

For smaller houses, guests will likely enter the living room immediately as they are at the door. To tackle this issue, one can ensure the furniture is pushed to the sides of the room so that there are no visual or physical hurdles that the guest will bump into as soon as they enter the house. These living room tricks will ensure that there is no claustrophobic feel to the living room despite it being smaller than the usual size.

I hope that the above mentioned 5 tricks for living room are informative and help you get your living room situation fixed, especially if it is on the smaller end of the area!

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